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cows also which came up after them are seven years; and the

seven thin and blasted ears are seven years. There shall be 28 seven years of famine. This is the thing which I have said to 29 Pharao, God hath shewn Pharao what he is about to do. Be.

hold seven years are coming of great plenty in all the land of 30 Egypt. But after these there will come seven years of famine.

And they will cause the coming plenty to be forgotten in all 31 Egypt. And the famine will consume the land, so that the

plenty will not be known in the land, by reason of the famine 32 which will come after it: for it will be very great. And in as

much as the dream of Pharao was doubled, the thing which

God had determined will surely come to pass; and God is 33 hasting to do it. Now therefore look out for a man of pru

dence and understanding, and set him over the land of Egypt. 34 And let Pharao appoint and set governors of districts over the

whole land, and let them send in a fifth of all the products of 35 the land of Egypt, during the seven years of plenty, and col

lect all the eatables of those seven good years which are com

ing. And let food be collected under the care of Pharao, and 36 eatables stored in the cities. So shall food be kept in the coun

try, against the seven years of famine which will be in the land

of Egypt, and the country will not be wasted with the famine. 37 And the advice was agreeable in the view of Pharao and in 38 the view of all his servants. And Pharao said to all his ser.

vants, Can we find such a man as this who hath in him the 39 spirit of God? Then Pharao said to Joseph, Seeing God hath

shewn thee all these things, there is none more prudent and 40 wise than thou thyself. Thou shalt be over my household and

to thy command all my people shall pay obedience. Only on 41 the throne will I be greater than thou. Moreover Pharao said

to Joseph, Behold I have set thee this day over all the land of 42 Egypt. And Pharao took off the ring from his own hand and

put it on Joseph's hand, and clothed him with a cotton robe,

and put a chain of gold about his neck; and caused him to 43 mount a chariot next to that of his own. And a herald made

proclamation before him. And when he had set him over all 44 the land of Egypt, Pharao said to Joseph, I am Pharao. With

out thee no man shall lift up his hand in all the land of Egypt. 45 And Pharao called Joseph's name Psonthomphanech and gave

him Aseneth a daughter of Petephres the priest of Heliopolis

to be his wife. 46 Now Joseph was thirty years old, when he stood before Pha

rao king of Egypt. And Joseph went out from the presence 47 of Pharao and went through all the land of Egypt. And in the

seven years of plenty the land produced in vast abundance and 48 he collected all the varieties of food of those seven years, in

which there was plenty in the land of Egypt and stored it in 49 the cities. In every city he stored the eatable productions of

the fields around. So Joseph collected food like the sand of the

sea in great abundance until it could not be numbered, for it 50 was innumerable. Now before the seven years of famine Joseph

had two sons, whom Aseneth the daughter of Petephres the 51 priest of Heliopolis bore to him. And Joseph called the name

of his first born Manasses, because God hath made me forget 52 all my troubles and all my father's family. And the name of

his second son he called Ephraim, because God hath made me

fruitful in the land of my affliction. 53 And when the seven years of plenty which had been in

the land of Egypt were past, the seven years of famine began 54 to come as Joseph said. And there was a famine in the whole 55 earth, but in all the land of Egypt there was bread. And when

all the land of Egypt began to be in want and the people cried to Pharao for bread, Pharao said to all the Egyptians, Go to

Joseph and do whatever he saith to you. 56 As the famine was over the face of the whole earth, when

Joseph opened all his granaries and sold to all the Egyptians,

all the countries came to Egypt to buy of Joseph, for the faXLII. mine was great in the whole earth. And when Jacob

found that there was a sale in Egypt he said to his sons, Why 2 sit ye still? Behold I have heard that there is corn in Egypt;

go down thither and buy us a little food that we may live and 3 not die. So Joseph's ten brothers went down to purchase corn

from Egypt: but Benjamin the brother of Joseph he did not 4 send with his brothers; for he said, Perhaps some misfortune

may happen to him. 5 Now when the sons of Israel went to buy in company with

others who were going, for the famine was in the land of Cha6 naan, Joseph was the governor of the country; he sold to all the people of that land. So when Joseph's brothers came they 7 made obeisance to him with their face to the ground. And

when Joseph saw his brothers he knew them and was reserved and spoke harshly to them and said to them, Whence come

you? And they said, From the land of Chanaan to buy food. 8 Now Joseph knew his brothers, but they did not know him. 9 And Joseph remembered the dreams, which he had dreamed

and said to them, You are spies. You are come to examine 10 the ways into this country. And they said, No, my lord. We ll thy servants are come to buy food. We are all the sons of one 12 man. We are men of peace. Thy servants are not spies. But

he said, Nay, you are come for no other purpose, but to ex13 amine the ways into this country. Then they said, Thy ser

vants were twelve brothers in the land of Chanaan. And lo!

the youngest is now with our father; but the other is no more. 14 Upon this Joseph said, It is as I said, you are spies. By this 15 you shall be proved. By the health of Pharao you shall not 16 depart hence unless your youngest brother come hither. Send

one of you and bring your brother; but you must be con

fined, until your words be proved whether you speak true or 17 not. If not, by the health of Pharao you are certainly spies. 18 So he committed them to prison three days. And on the third 19 day he said to them, Do this and live; for I fear God. If you

are men of peace let one brother of you be kept in confinement. 20 As for the rest, go and carry back your purchase of provisions

and bring your younger brother to me, so shall your words be 21 believed. Unless you do this you shall die. On this occasion

they acted thus they said one to another, We indeed are to

blame in respect to our brother. Because we disregarded the 22 anguish of his soul, when he intreated us and we would not

hear him; for this cause therefore this affliction is come upon us. And Reuben in reply said to them, Did I not speak to

you saying, Do the lad no injury, but you hearkened not to 23 me. Now behold inquisition is made for his blood. They in

deed did not know that Joseph heard; for there was one to 24 interpret between them. On this Joseph withdrew from them

and wept. Then he came to them again and spoke to them

and he took Symeon from among them and bound him before 25 their eyes. Then Joseph gave orders to fill their sacks with

corn and to put every one's money in his bag and to furnish 26 them with provisions for the journey. So this being done for

them they loaded their asses with the corn, and departed thence. 27 And one of them having loosed his bag to give his asses pro

vender at a place where they lodged saw his roll of money, for 28 it was in the mouth of his bag, and said to his brothers, The

money is returned to me. See, here it is in my bag. Where

upon their heart fainted and they were alarmed and said one 29 to another, What is this which God hath done to us? And

when they came to their father Jacob to the land of Chanaan, 30 they told him all that had happened to them and said, The

man the lord of the country spoke harshly to us and put us in 31 prison as coming to spy the country; and we told him, We 32 are men of peace, We are not spies. We are twelve brothers,

sons of one father. One is no more. And the youngest is now 33 with our father in the land of Chanaan. Upon which the man

the lord of the country said to us, By this I shall know that you are men of peace. Leave here with me one brother; and

taking the corn purchased for your family go and bring me 34 your younger brother, then I shall know that you are not

spies; but men of peace. And I will restore to you your bro35 ther and you may traffick in the land. And when they emptied

their sacks every one's roll of money was in their several sacks.

And when they and their father saw their rolls of money they 56 were terrified. And Jacob their father said to them, Me you

have bereaved of children. Joseph is gone. Symeon is gone.

And will you take away Benjamin? All these things are against 37 me. Then Reuben spoke to their father saying, Slay my two

sons, if I bring him not back to thee. Commit him to my 38 charge and I will bring him back to thee. But he said, My

son shall not go down with you. For his brother is dead and he alone is left. If any mischief should happen to him in the way you are going, you will bring down my old age with sor

row to the mansion of the dead. XLIII. Still the famine prevailed in the land. So when they had 2 eaten up the corn which they brought from Egypt their father 3 said to them, Go again and buy for us a little food. Where

upon Judas spoke to him and said, The man who is the lord of the country solemnly protested saying, You shall not see my


4 face, unless your youngest brother be with you. If therefore

thou wilt send our brother with us we will go down and buy

thee food. But if thou wilt not send our brother with us we 5 will not go. For the man spoke to us saying, You shall not see 6 my face unless your youngest brother be with you. And Is

rael said, Why did you do me this ill in telling the man that 7 you had a brother? And they said, The man examined us

strictly touching our family and said, Is your father alive? And have you a brother? And we answered him according to this

examination. Could we know that he would say, Bring your 8 brother? Moreover Judas said to his father Israel, Send thy

son with me and we will arise and go that we may live and not 9 die, both we and thou and all that we have. I undertake the

charge of him. At my hand require him. If I bring him not

back to thee and set him before thee let me be a sinner against 10 thee for ever. For if we had not been delayed we might have 11 now been back a second time. Then Israel their father said to

them, If it must be so, do this, Take of all the fruits of this land in your vessels and carry down for the man presents of

balm and honey and incense both stacte and terebinthus and 12 almonds. Take also double money in your hands and carry

back the money which was returned in your sacks; perhaps it 13 was a mistake. And take your brother and arise and go

down 14 to the man. And may my God grant you favour in the sight

of the man that he may send back your brother with Benjamin.

As for me I am bereaved of children as I have been bereaved. 15 So the men took the presents and the double money in their

hands and Benjamin and arose and went down to Egypt and 16 stood before Joseph. And when Joseph saw them and Benja

min his brother by the same mother he said to his steward,

conduct these men into the house and kill victims and make 17 ready, for these men are to dine with me at noon. So the man

did as Joseph ordered and conducted them to Joseph's house. 18 And when the men saw that they were conducted to Joseph's

house, they said, On account of the money which was returned in our bags in the former journey we are brought in for the

purpose of accusing us and charging us with it, that he may 19 make us slaves and take our asses. Therefore they went near

to the man the steward of Joseph's house and spoke to him at

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