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16 community of the Aggites; from Suni, the community of the

Sunites; from Azeni, the community of the Azenites; from 17 Addi, the community of the Addites; from Aroadi, the com

munity of the Aroadites; from Ariel, the community of the 18 Arielites; these communities of the children of Gad, from the pie review of them, were forty thousand five hundred. 44 The children of Aser, by their communities, were—from

Jamin, the community of the Jaminites; from Jesu, the com

munity of the Jesuites; from Baria, the community of the 45 Bariaites; from Chober, the community of the Choberites;

46 from Melchiel, the community of the Melchielites; now the · 47 name of Aser's daughter was Sara : these communities of

Aser were from the review of them, fifty three thousand four

hundred. 28 The children of Joseph by their communities were-Ma. 29 nasses and Ephraim. The children of Manasses were from

Machir, the community of the Machirites. Galaad also being

a son of Machir, from Galaad, the community of the Galaad30 ites. And these also were Galaadites, from Achiezer, the

community of the Achiezerites; from Cheleg, the community 31 of the Chelegites; from Esriel, the community of the Esriel32 ites; from Sychem, the community of the Sychemites; from

Symaer, the community of the Symaerites; and from Opher, 33 the community of the Opherites. Now Salpaad the son of

Opher had no sons; but he had daughters, and these were the

names of Salpaad's daughters, Maala and Nua, and Egla, and 34 Melcha, and Thersa. These communities of Manasses were, ; from the review of them, fifty two thousand seven hundred. 35 And these were the children of Ephraim, from Suthala, the

community of the Suthalites; from Tanach, the community 36 of the Tanachites; these also were Suthalites—from Eden, the 37 community of the Edenites; these communities of Ephraim

were from the review of them, thirty two thousand five hundred. These were the communities of Joseph, by their com

munities. 38 The children of Benjamin, according to their communities

were—of Bale, the community of the Balites; of Asuber, 39 the community of the Asuberites; of Jachiran, the community of the Jachiranites; of Sophan, the community of the SoVOL. I.


40 phanites; now Adar and Noeman being sons of Bale-of

Adar, was the community of the Adarites; and of Noeman, 41 the community of the Noemanites. These Benjaminites, ac

cording to their communities were, from the review of them,

forty five thousand five hundred. 42 And the children of Dan, according to their communities,

were of Same, the community of the Sameites. These were the 43 communities of Dan, according to their communities. All the

communities of the Sameites were, according to the review of

them, sixty four thousand four hundred. 48 The children of Nephthaleim, by their communities, were

of Asiel, the community of the Asielitęs; of Gauni, the com49 munity of the Gaunites; of Jeser, the community of the Je50 serites; of Sellem, the community of the Sellemites. These

communities of Nephthaleim were from the review of them,

forty five thousand four hundred. 51 This muster of the Israelites was six hundred and one thou

sand and seven hundred and thirty. 52 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, Among these let 53 the land be divided, that they may inherit it, by the number of 54 names. To those who are many, thou shalt enlarge the inhe

ritance; and to them who are few, thou shalt give the less inheritance. To every one, as they have been reviewed, their in

heritance shall be given. Among these names the land shall 55 be parcelled out, by lot. They shall inherit according to the 56 tribes of their patriarchal families. By lot thou shalt parcel out

their inheritance, to the many and the few. . 57 Now these were the children of Levi, according to their

communities—of Gerson, the community of the Gersonites; • of Kaath, the community of the Kaathites; of Merari, the com58 munity of the Merarites. These are also communities of the

children of Levi-the community of the Lobenites, the com

munity of the Chebronites, the community of the Korites, the 59 community of the Musites. And Kaath begot Ambram, whose

wife's name was Jochabed, a daughter of Levi and she bore

these for Levi in Egypt-She bore by Ambram, Aaron, and 60 Moses, and Mariam their sister. And to Aaron were born Na61 dab ånd Abiud, and Eleazar and Ithamar. But Nadab and

Abiud died when they presented strange fire before the Lord,

62 in the wilderness of Sina. From the review of them, they were

twenty three thousand, including every male, from a month old and upwards; for they were not reviewed among the children

of Israel; because there was no portion given them among the 63 children of Israel. Now this was the review of Moses and Ele

azar the priest, who reviewed the Israelites at Arabeth-Moab, 64 on the Jordan, over against Jericho; and among them there was

not a man of those who had been reviewed by Moses and Aaron,

when they reviewed the Israelites in the wilderness of Sina. 65 Because the Lord said to them, they shall assuredly die in the

wilderness; therefore there was not one of them left, save Cha

leb son of Jephonne, and Joshua son of Nave.. XXVII. Then came the daughters of Salpaad, son of Opher,

son of Galaad, son of Machir, of the community of Manasses, 2 one of the sons of Joseph (now these were their names; Maala,

and Nua, and Egla, and Melcha, and Thersa) and standing before Moses, and before Eleazar the priest, and before the

chiefs, and before the whole congregation, at the door of the 3 tabernacle of the testimony, they said, Our father died in the

wilderness, but he was not among the congregation which con.

spired against the Lord, in the assembly of Kore. Because he 4.died for his own sin, and had no sons, let not the name of our

father be blotted out from among his community. Seeing he

hath not a son, give us a possession among our father's bre5 thren. Whereupon Moses laid their case before the Lord. 6. And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, The daughters of Sal7 paad have spoken right. Thou shalt give them the possession

of an inheritance among their father's brothers, and vest in them 8 their father's lot. And thou shalt say to the children of Israel,

If any man die, and hath no son, you shall vest his inheritance 9 in his daughter; and if he hath no daughter, you shall give his 10 inheritance to his brother; and if he hath no brothers, you shall ll give his inheritance to his father's brother; and if there be no

brothers of his father, you shall give the inheritance to one of his house, who is the nearest of kin to him, of his tribe, that he may inherit what belonged to him. And this shall be to the children of Israel a rule of decision, as the Lord commanded

Moses. 12 Then the Lord said to Moses, Go up that mountain which

is on the bank of the Jordan—that mount Nabo, and take a

view of the land of Chanaan, which I give to the children of Is13 rael, by a possessory right. And when thou hast seen it, thou

shalt be gathered to thy people, as Aaron thy brother was ga14 thered on mount Hor, because you transgressed my command

in the wilderness of Sin. When the people resisted the hallowing of me, you did not hallow me at the water before them.

(This alludeth to the water of strife at Kades in the widerness.) 15 Upon this Moses said to the Lord, Let the Lord, the God of 16 the spirits, and of all flesh, look out a man to be set over this

congregation, who shall go out before them, and come in before 17 them; and who shall lead them out, and bring them in; so that

the congregation of the Lord may not be like a flock which 18 hath no shepherd. Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying,

Take as thy associate Joshua, son of Nave, a man who hath a

spirit in him, and thou shalt lay thy hands on him, and set him 19 before Eleazar, the priest, and give him a charge before the

whole congregation, and give a charge before them concerning 20 him. And thou shalt put some of thy glory on him, that the 21 children of Israel may hearken to him. And he shall stand be

fore Eleazar, the priest, and they shall ask him the determination of the manifestations before the Lord. And at his com. mand they shall go out; and at his command he, and all the children of Israel with him, even all the congregation, shall

come in. 22 So Moses did as the Lord commanded him; and hav.

ing taken Joshua, he set him before Eleazar the priest, and before all the congregation, and laid his hands on him, and made

him his associate, as the Lord commanded Moses. XXVIII. Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, Givea charge 2 to the children of Israel, and thou shalt say to them, You shall

observe to bring me my gifts, my oblations, my homage offer3 ings for a smell of fragrance at my festivals. Moreover thou

shalt say to them, These are the homage offerings which you

shall present to the Lord-two lambs, of the first year, with4 out blemish, every day, for a continual whole burnt offering

the one lamb thou shalt offer in the morning, and the other in 5 the evening; and for a sacrifice of flour, thou shalt offer the

tenth of an ephah of fine flour, mixed up with the quarter of 6 an hin of oil. It is the continual whole burnt offering, which

was instituted at mount Sina, for a smell of fragrance for the 7 Lord: and for the libation thereof, thou shalt offer, with the first

lamb, a quarter of an hin of wine. In the holy place thou shalt 8 pour out as a libation the choicest wine to the Lord. And to

wards evening thou shalt offer the other lamb, with the like sacrifice, and the like libation; for a smell of fragrance for the

Lord. 9 And on the day of the sabbaths, you shall bring two lambs

of the first year, without blemish, and two tenths of fine flour

mixed up with oil, for a sacrifice, together with a libation, as 10 the sabbath whole burnt offering, for every sabbath, over and

above the continual whole burnt offering with its libation. 11 And at the new moons you shall offer a whole burnt offer

ing to the Lord, two young bulls from the herd, one ram, se12 ven lambs, of the first year, without blemish, three tenths of

fine flour, mixed up with oil, for each bull, and two tenths of 13 fine flour, mixed up with oil, for the ram, and a tenth of fine

flour, mixed up with oil, for every lamb, as a sacrifice for a 14 smell of fragrance-an homage offering for the Lord: and their

libation shall be, the half of an hin of wine for each bull; and the third of an hin for the ram; and the fourth of an hin for

every lamb. This shall be the whole burnt offering, month af. 15 ter month, for all the months of the year-Also a kid of the

goats, for a sin offering. This, with its libation, shall be offered to the Lord, over and above the continual whole burnt offer

ing. 16 And in the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month, 17 shall be the passover to the Lord, and on the fifteenth day of

the month shall commence the festival thereof. Seven days you 18 shall eat unleavened bread. Now, this first day shall be solemn19 ly set apart for you. You shall not do any kind of sacrificial

service; but you shall bring for whole burnt offerings—for an offering of homage to the Lord, two young bulls from the herd,

one ram, seven lambs of the first year. You must see that they 20 are without blemish. And their sacrifice shall be fine flour,

mixed up with oil, three tenths for each bull, and two tenths 21 for the ram, and thou shalt prepare a tenth for every one of the 22 seven lambs; and a kid of the goats for a sin offering, to make

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