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they pursued the Israelites, and were drawn off from the city. 17 There was not a man left in Gai, who did not pursue Israel. 18 Nay they left the city open, and pursued Israel. Then the Lord

said to Joshua, Stretch forth thy hand, with the spear in thy hand, towards the city; for into thy hands I have delivered it, and the men in ambush will rise quickly from their place. So

Joshua stretched forth his hand, with the spear towards the 19 city; and the men in ambush immediately arose from their

place. They started up at the instant he stretched forth his

hand, and rushed into the city; and having taken it, they hasted 20 and set it on fire. And when the inhabitants of Gai looked

back, they saw a smoke rising from the city, up to heaven, 21 and had no where to flee, this way or that. For when Joshua

and all Israel saw that the men in ambush had taken the city,

and that the smoke of the city ascended up to heaven, they 22 turned, and smote the men of Gai; and the others issued out

of the city to meet them, so that they were in the midst of the army, some being on one side, and some on the other; and

they smote them until there was not one left alive, nor any who 23 escaped. They took the king of Gai alive, and brought him to 24 Joshua, and when the Israelites had made an end of slaying

all that were in Gai, and all that were in the plains, and on the mountain, at the steep, from which at the last they had driven

them, Joshua returned to Gai, and smote it with the edge of 25 the sword. Now they who fell on that day, including men and

women, even all the inhabitants of Gai, were twelve thousand. 27 Over and above the spoils which were in the city, the Israel

ites took all the prey for themselves, according to the command 28 of the Lord, as the Lord commanded Joshua. Then Joshua

burned the city with fire, and made it an uninhabitable heap 29 forever, as at this day. And he hanged the king of Gai on a

gibbet; and he continued on the gibbet till the evening. But, at the setting of the sun, Joshua gave orders, and they took down his body from the gibbet, and threw it into a pit; and

raised over it a heap of stones, which remaineth to this day. IX. When the kings of the Amorites, who dwelt on the border

of the Jordan, and those in the hilly country, and those in the plain, and those along the coast of the great sea, and those bordering on Antilibanus, namely the Chettites, and the Chananites, and the Pherezites, and the Evites, and the Amorites, 2 and the Gergasites, and the Jebusites, heard of these things,

they assembled together to attack Joshua and Israel, all at the

same time. VIII. 30 In the mean while Joshua built an altar to the Lord 31 the God of Israel, on mount Garizin, as Moses the servant of

the Lord commanded Israel, as it is written in the law of Moses, an altar of unwrought stones which iron had never struck,

and offered thereon whole burnt offerings to the Lord, and a 32 sacrifice of thanksgiving. And when Joshua had written on the

stones the repetition of the law of Moses, in the presence of the 33 children of Israel, then all Israel with their elders, and their judg.

es, and their under officers, marched out, some on one side, and some on the other side of the Ark, which was at a distance be. fore them; and the priests and the Levites carried the Ark of the covenant of the Lord; and the proselyte, as well as the home born, attended. One half were on mount Garizin, and

the other half on mount Gaibal, as Moses the servant of the 34 Lord commanded; first to bless the people; and afterwards, as

Joshua read all the words of that law, the blessings, and the cur

ses, according to all that were written in the law of Moses. 35 There was not a word of all that Moses commanded Joshua,

which Joshua did not read in the hearing of all the congregation of Israel, to the men and women, and to the children, and

the proselytes who sojourned with Israel. IX. 3 Now when the inhabitants of Gabaon heard all that the

Lord had done to Jericho, and Gai, they acted with subtilty. 4 They went and furnished themselves with provisions, and

made other suitable preparations, and taking old bags on their 5 shoulders, and old skins of wine which were cracked, and bound

up, and shoes for their feet, the under part of which were hollow, and the upper part old and clouted, and the gar

ments they put on being worn out, and the bread for their 6 journey dry, mouldy, and worm eaten, they came to Joshua,

to the camp of Israel, at Galgala, and said to Joshua and Israel,

We are come from a far distant land, now therefore make a 7 covenant with us. And the children of Israel said to the Chor.

rite, Perhaps thou dwellest near me; how then can I make a 8 covenant with thee? Thereupon they said to Joshua, We are thy

servants. And Joshua said to them, Whence are you? And 9 whence come you? And they said, Thy servants are come

from a very far distant country, because of the name of the Lord

thy God; for we have heard of his name, and of all that he hath 10 done in Egypt, and what he hath done to the kings of the Amo

rites, who were on the border of the Jordan, to Seon king of

the Amorites, and to Og the king of Basan, who dwelt at As11 teroth and Edrain. At the news of which, our elders and all

the inhabitants of our land spoke to us saying, Take for yourselves provisions for the journey, and go and meet them, and

say to them, We are thy servants; make a covenant with us. 12 These loaves we took hot for our journey, on the day we set

out to come to you; but now they are dry, and become mouldy; 13 these skins of wine were filled new; but they are cracked; and

these our garments, and our shoes, are worn out with the length 14 of the journey. Then the rulers took some of their provisions, 15 and did not consult the Lord. And Joshua made peace with

them, and they entered into a covenant with them to save their 16 lives; and the chiefs of the congregation swore to them. But

three days after they had entered into covenant with them, they

heard that they were in the neighbourhood, and dwelt close by 17 them. Whereupon the children of Israel removed, and came

to their cities. Now their cities were Gabaon, and Kephira, 18 and Berot, and the cities of Jarim; But the children of Israel

did not make war on them, because all the chiefs had sworn 19 to them by the Lord the God of Israel. When all the congre

gation murmured at the chiefs, the chiefs said to all the con

gregation, We have sworn to them by the Lord the God of 20 Israel; now therefore we cannot touch them. This we will do.

We will let them live and protect them; that there may be no

wrath against us because of the oath which we have sworn to 21 them. They shall live; but they shall be hewers of wood, and

drawers of water for all the congregation, as the chiefs have 22 said to them. For Joshua had called them, and said to them,

Why did you impose upon me saying, We are far distant from 23 thee, seeing you are our nearest neighbour? Now therefore you

are cursed, and not one of you shall escape servitude—from

being a hewer of wood, and a drawer of water, for me and my 24 God. And they answered Joshua saying, We were told all that

the Lord thy God commanded his servant Moses, to give you this land, and to extirpate us, and all the inhabitants thereof

from before you, therefore we were in great terror for our lives 25 because of you, and we did this. And now behold we are in

your power, deal with us as you please, and as it seemeth good 26 to you. So they dealt with them in this manner, and Joshua

saved them that day out of the hand of the Israelites, and they 27 did not destroy them. And on that day Joshua made them

hewers of wood, and drawers of water, for the whole congre. gation, and for the altar of God. For this cause the inhabitants of Gabaon are hewers of wood, and drawers of water, for the altar of God, even at this day, and are to be so for the place

which the Lord will chuse. X. Now when Adonibezek, the king of Jerusalem heard that

Joshua had taken Gai, and utterly destroyed it; (As they had done to Jericho, and the king thereof, so had they done to Gai,

and its king) and that the inhabitants of Gabaon had gone over 2 to Joshua and Israel; (Now there was a great dread on account

of them, for he knew that Gabaon was a great city, like one of

the chief cities, and that all the inhabitants thereof were men 3 of valour;) Adonibezek, the king of Jerusalem sent to Elam,

king of Chebron, and to Phedon, king of Jerimuth, and to

Jephtha, king of Lachis, and to Dabin, king of Odollam, say4 ing, Haste, come up to me, and help me, and let us smite Ga5 baon, for they have revolted to Joshua and the Israelites. So

the five kings of the Jebusites, the king of Jerusalem, and the king of Chebron, and the king of Jerimuth, and the king of

Lachis, and the king of Odollam, went up, they and their peo6 ple, and encamped about Gabaon, and besieged it. Thereupon

the inhabitants of Gabaon sent to Joshua, to the camp of Israel, at Galgala, saying, Slack not thy hands from thy servants. Come up to us with all speed, and help us, and deliver us; for

all the kings of the Amorites who inhabit the hilly country are 7 assembled against us. So Joshua went up from Galgala, he 8 and all the people of war with him, every man of valour. And

the Lord said to Joshua, Be not afraid of them, for I have de. 9 livered them into thy hands. There shall not one of them be left

before you. And when Joshua came upon them suddenly, hav. 10 ing marched all night from Galgala, the Lord struck them with

a panic, on account of the children of Israel, and the Lord routed them, with a great slaughter, at Gabaon. And they

pursued them by the way of the ascent of Oronin, and smote ll them even to Azeka, and to Makeda. And as they were fleeing

from before Israel, at the descent of Oronin, the Lord poured a storm of hail stones from heaven upon them, all the way to

Azeka; so that there were more who died by the hail stones, 12 than the children of Israel slew with the sword in battle. Then

Joshua spoke to the Lord, on the day God delivered up the Amorite into the hand of Israel. When he had discomfited them at Gabaon, and they were routed before the children of

Israel, Joshua said, Let the sun stand over against Gabaon, and 13 the moon over against the valley of Ailon. So the sun stood

still, and the moon in its station-until Godexecuted vengeance

on their enemies, the sun stood in the midst of heaven; it ad14 vanced not to the setting, to the end of a day. So that there

never was such a day before, nor after it such an instance of

God's hearkening to man. Because the Lord fought conjointly 16 with Israel, therefore the five kings fled, and hid themselves 17 in the cave at Makeda. And when it was told Joshua, saying, 18 The five kings are found hidden in the cave at Makeda, Jo

shua said, Roll stones on the mouth of the cave, and set men 19 to keep watch over them; but as for you, halt not; pursue

your enemies, and attack their rear, and suffer them not to

enter their cities; for the Lord our God hath delivered them 20 into our hands. And when Joshua, and all Israel, had made

an end of slaughtering them till they were utterly routed, and 21 those who had escaped had got into fortified cities, all the peo

ple returned safe to Joshua to Makeda, and there was not a

murmur on the tongue of any one among the children of Israel, 22 Then Joshua said, Open the cave, and bring out the five kings 23 out of the cave. So they brought the five kings out of the

cave; the king of Jerusalem, and the king of Chebron, and the

king of Jerimuth, and the king of Lachis, and the king of 24 Odollam. And when they had brought them out to Joshua,

he called together all Israel, namely the chief commanders of the army who went out with him, and said to them, Go near,

and put your feet on the necks of those men. And when they 25 had gone near, and put their feet on their necks, Joshua said


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