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When the present Work was originally designed, I intended, for my own private use, to preserve it in manuscript as a supplement to Paley's Evidences of Christianity. From the advice, however, of sereral friends who approved of the undertaking, and at the same time, expressed a desire that they might share in the result of my labours, I have been induced to extend and publish my researches.

The Work will be found to contain most of the passages in the New Testament which have arrested the attention of the captious opposer, or ingenuous critic. The following are some of the chief Publications which have been consulted : Mr. Horne's Introduction, 4 vols.; Burder's Oriental Customs, 2 vols.; Commentaries of Ostervald, Doddridge, &c.; Valpy's Greek Testament, 3 vols.; the Works of Josephus; and, for the passages in the New Testament which are quoted from


the Old, the Greek Septuagint and the Hebrew text have been carefully compared.

For the English reader, and those who may have but little acquaintance with the technicality and intricacies of Biblical criticism, this work is chiefly intended. It is, however, presumed that it will prove serviceable even to those who have leisure and other facilities for reading the larger Works.


Leeming Lodge,

20th Jan. 1833.



P. 79. XXIII.-38. l. 10. for “ John xxix." read “ John xix.”
P. 86. VII.-2. l. 2. for “ abernaclesread “ tabernacles.”
P. 99. III.-1. l. 5 & 6. for “ the the” read “ the."
P. 104. IX.-37. I. 6. for “Egptread “ Egypt.”

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