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The Method which I recommend to As

sociate Facts and Dates, fc.

If only one fact is attached to a date, take part of the word which you want to recollect, and unite a word, or words, to express the date.--Example, Eno's fox cap.

The first word will remind you of Enoch's translation to Heaven; and the words fox cap, give you the date, 3017. If many things are to be remembered under the same date, take the first part of each leading word in a sentence, as are sufficient to bring to your recollection the whole of the facts; as that of Ninus, &c. the 7th date forward: Nin, for Ninus,-Bel, Belus,-Ass, Assyria, written thus, Nin-Bel-Ass, it will read as one word; and the words, doze late, will express the date. Read the sentence, as associated below, and be assured that this method will always produce the desired effect, for any thing being once committed to memory in this way will not be easily forgotten, for any one of the facts being at any time pamed, the whole of the association will Occuir.

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Before Chr. 4004 The creation of the world, and of Adanı and

Eve. Cre jaw-joe. 3017 Enoch translated to Heaven. Eno's fox cap. 2348 The old world destroyed by a deluge. Delu

dig hair. 2247 The tower of Babel is built by Noah's pos

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terity ; when God confounded their lan-
guage, and thus dispersed them into other

countries. Babel's dad hope.
2234 Celestial observations begun at Babylon.

Cel Bab's dead goose. 2188 Misraim, the son of Ham, founds the King

dom of Egypt. Mis Ham Gyp, dacerroe, 2059 Ninus, the son of Belus, founds the King

dom of Assyria. Nin-Bel-Ass, doze late. 1921 The covenant of God made with Abram.

God Cov Ab, bite dace. 1897 The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are de

stroyed by fire from Heaven for their wick

edness. Sod Gom Fire, cartop. 1822 Memnon, the Egyptian, invents the letters,

Mem Gyp Let, cardad. 1715 Prometheus first struck fire from flints, and

Epimethus invented the method of making

earthen vessels. Prome Flint, Epim Earth, 1574 Aaron born in Egypt. Aaro-Gyp's, bale poke. 1571 Moses born in Egypt, and adopted by Pha-

raoh's daughter. Mo Bor Gyp's, celpiece. 1556 Cecrops leads a colony from Egypt, and

begins the Kingdom of Athens. Cecro

Gyp, Ath ballon. 1516 Scamander comes from Crete into Phrygia,

and begins the Kingdom of Troy. Scam

Cre Tro, balsam. 1493 Cadmus carried the Phænician letters into

Greece. Cad Phe Let, Gree bake tag. 1491 Moses performs a number of miracles in

Egypt, and departs with the Israelites.

Mose.Mir, cake tub. 1453 The first Olympic games celebrated at Greece.

Olym Gree, cook log.

cup bale.

1451 The Israelites are led under Joshua, into the

land of Canaan, where they subdued the
natives; and the period of the sabbatical

year commences. Isra Jo, Can book lace. 1046 Iron founded by the accidental burning of

Mount Ida. Iro Id, baké oxén. 1263 Argonautic expedition. Argo Ex, bad mug. 1263 Queen Dido was supposed to have founded

Carthage. Di Car's, bad log.
1198 The rape of Helen, by Paris, which gave

rise to the Trojan war: the Siege of Troy,
by the Greeks, lasted ten years, when the
city was taken and burned. Helen Par,

Trojan Gree's, babe tear.
1048 David' is sole King of Israel, Davi King,

box sure. 1004 The Temple is solemnly dedicated by Solo

mon. Solom Temp, bow ease. 896 Elijah, the prophet, is translated to Heaven,

Éli Pro's, raven.. - 894 Money first made of gold and silver, at Argos.

Scales and measures invented by Phidon.

Mon Ar Scale, Phi rats. 814 The Kingdom of Macedon begins. Macedon's

Kingly, robes. 771 Remus and Romulus born. Re Ro's, pope bee. 753 Æra of the building of Rome, by Romulus,

first King of the Romans. "Ro Buil pelog fiili 742 The commencement of the æra of Nabonassar,

Nabo's pea kid. .
720 Samaria taken, and the Kingdom of Israel

overthrown by Salmanaser, King of Assyria,
who carried 'the ten tribes into captivity.
The first eclipse of the moon on record.

Sam Is Sal Ass, Moon paid-eth.
658 Byzantium, (now Constantinople) built by a


bacted upon a

colony of Athenians. Byzan Con, Athen

nailer. 608 The game of Chess invented. Chess mazer. 606 Nineveh destroyed. Nine mired. 604 Necho, King of Egypt, ordered some Phoe

nicians to sail from the Red Sea round Asia.

Nec Ki Gyp, Phæni As, mazes. 600 Thales of Miletus travels into Egypt, acquires

the knowledge of geometry, astronomy and philosophy ; returns to Greece, and calculates eclipses, &c. Tha Mil Gyp Astro Gree, aiin-ing. Maps, globes, and the signs of the zodiac, invented by Anaximan

der, the scholar of Thales. Map Zodi, Anax 597 Jehoiakin, King of Judalı, is carried captive

by Nebuchadnezzar to Babylon. Jehoi

King, Nebchad Bab's, ale tap. 587 The city of Jerusalem

taken, after a siege of eighteen months. Jeru Take, alorp.

moveable scaffold. Com Atlie Scaf, lined. . 559 The Kingdom of Persia, begun by Cyrus.

Per Cy, allti. 555 Daniel's vision of the four monarchies. Dani

Mon, layill. 538 'The Kingdom of Babylon destroyed; that

city being taken by Cyrus, he issued an edict for the return of the Jews. Baby

Cyr, logar. 534 The first Tragedy acted at Athens, on a

waggon, by Thespis. Trage Ath, Thespi

legs. -515 The second Temple at Jerusalem is finisbed,

under Darius. Tem Jeru, Dar label. 509 Tarquin the 7th, and last King of Rome, is

expelled. Tar Ro's, lax tie.


490 Battle of Marotbon. Maro heal-eth. 486 Æschylus, the Greek poet, first gains the

prize of Tragedy. Æschy Gree, Trage 481 Xerxes, King of Persia, begins his expedi

tion against Greece. Xer Per Ex, Greece

horeb. 458 Ezra is sent from Babylon to Jerusalem with

the captive Jews, and the vessels of gold and silver, &c. being 70 weeks of years, or. 490 years before the crucifixion of our

Saviour. Ezra Ba, Jew solar. 454 The Romans send to Athens for Solon's laws.

Ro Ath So, Law sels. 451 The decemvirs created at Rome, and the laws

of the twelve tables compiled and ratified.

Dece Ro, Tab haleb. 443 Censors created at Rome. Cen Ro, hook fie. 432 Nineteen years cycle invented by Meton.

Meto Cy, hageido 430 The history of the Old Testament finished

about this time ; and Malachi, the last of the prophets lived. Old Tes Mal, hug

eth. 426 Great plague at Athens. Athe plagne, sidon. 401 Retreat of the 10,000 Greeks under Xenophon.

Zeno Gree's, hox bee. 400 Socrates, the founder of moral philosophy

among the Greeks, put to death by the Athenians, who afterwards repent, and erect to his memory a statue of brass. Socra Gree,

Athe haw. 363 Battle of Mantinea. Manti Bat, gunof. 338 of Chæronea, Chæro Bat, fifer. 334

on the banks of the river Granicus, when Alexander defeated the Persians. Gran Bat Ale, Per fifoes.

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