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331 Alexander, King of Macedon, conquers Darius,

King of Persia, and other nations of Asia.

Ale Mace, Dari Per's, eggice. 324 Alexander the Great, died at Babylon. Alex

d' good oak. 285 Dionysius, of Alexandria, began his astrono

mical æra, on Monday, June 26th, being the first who found the solar year to consist of exactly 365 days, 5 hours, and 49 minutes.

Di Al As, *Juno dan, dural. 284 Ptolemy Philadelphus, King of Egypt, em

ploys 72 interpreters, to translate the Old Testament into the Greek Language, which is called the Septuagint. Tole Gyp, Testa

Greek, dares. 264 First Punic war begins, and continues 24 years;

also the chronology of the Arundelian mar

bles composed. Puni War, Arun Chro, dons. 242 Conic sections invented by Apollonius. Con

Apo, dosed. 218 The second Punic war begins, and continues

Hannibal crosses the Alps, and defeats the Romans in several battles; but being abandoned by his countrymen, and refused support, fails in the accomplishment of his purpose. Puni Se, Han Alp Ro,

diceri. 207 Archimedes murdered at Syracuse. Archi

Syr, doze ape. 190 The first Roman army entered Asia. Rom

Ass, beat-eth. 168 Perseus defeated by the Romans, which ended

the Macedonian Kingdom. Perse Ro, Mace coiner.

* June 26th.

17 years.

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146 Carthage and Corinth razed to the ground,

by the Romans. Car Co Ro, bake 'em. 135 The History of Apochrypha ends. Apo His,

bugle. 123 Colchester built. Colche's beadle. 63 Catilme's conspiracy against the liberties of

his country, detected. Cati Cons 52 Julius Cæsar invades Britain. Cæ Bríload.m 47 The Battle of Pharsalia, between Cæsar and

Pompey, in which the latter is defeated.

Phar Cæ Pomp, hope.
44. Cæsar killed in the Senate-house. Cæs d' hook.
42 Brutus, one of the chief conspirators against

Cæsar, being vanquished in the battle of
Philippi, kills himself

. Phili Bat, Bru hide. 31 The battle of Actium fought, in which Mark

Anthony and Cleopatra are totally defeated

by Octavius. Acti Bat, Anto Cle, Octa face, 30 Alexandria taken by Octavius, and Egypt re

duced to a Roman province. Ale Oc, Ro

man fix. 27 Octavius, by a decree of the Senate, btainso

the title of Augustus Cæsar, and is properly

the first Emperor. Octa Sen, Empe dupe. 25 Coin first used in Britain. Coin Bri dale. 8 The Temple of Janus is shut by Augustus, as

an emblem of universal peace, and Jesus

Christ born. Temple Ja, Agu air. After Chr. 33 Christ crucified. Chri Cru fag. 36 St. Paul converted. Pau Con fine. 39 Mathew writes his Gospel. Pontius Pilate kills

himself. Mat Gos, Ponti feet. 40 The name of Christians first given at Antioch,

to the followers of Christ. Anti Chri, hix.

43 Claudius Cæsar's expedition into Britain. Clau

Bri's hoy. 44 St. Mark writes his Gospel. Mar Gos hook. 51 Caractacus, the British King, is carried in

chains to Rome. Cara Brit, Rom lace. 55 St. Luke writes his Gospel. Lu Gos will. 60 Christianity preached in Britain. Chri Brii mix. 64 Rome set on fire, and burned for six days; upon

which began, (under Nero,) the first persecution against Christians. Řo Burn, Nero's

nose, 70 Titus takes Jerusalem, which is razed to the

ground, and the plough made to pass over

it. Tit Jeru poize, 79 The cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii are

overwhelmed by an irruption from Mount Vesuvius, and buried many feet deep, as the people were sitting in the Theatre. 'Hercu

Ponip, Vesu's pot. 85 Julius Agricola, to protect the Britons from

the incursions of the Caledonians, builds a line of Forts, between the rivers Forth and Clyde; defeats the Caledonians, under Galgacus, on the Grampian bills; and first sails round Britain. Agri Cal, Forth Gram Gal,

role. 96 St. John, the Evangelist, wrote his revelation.

John Revel ton. 120 HIoly water used in churches. Holy Wa bud

eth. 121 The Caledonians reconquer from the Romans

all the southern parts of Scotland; the Emperor Adrian builds a wall from Newcastle to Carlisle, to prevent the incursions of the Scots and Picts; but this proved ineffectual, and Pollius Urbicus, the Roman

General, about the year 141, repairs Agricola's Forts, which he joins by a wall, four yards thick, since called Antoninus's wall.

Calle Ro, New Car Wall, Antoni badice. 135 The second Jewish war ends, when they were

all banished Judea. Jew Wa Sec, bugle. 152 The Emperor Antoninus Pius stops the perse

cution against the Christians. Anto Pi,

Chri bald. 211 The Emperor Severus, after having conquer

ed the Scots, and pent them up by a new wall, between the Forth and Clyde, (since called Graham's Dyke,) having also conquered the Parthians on the East, and extended the Roman Empire to its utmost bounds, dies at York. Seve Scot, Par Ro

York, dubace. 217 The Septuagint said to be found in a cask ;

and church-yards began to be consecrated.

Septa Chur, dacup. 260 Valerian is taken prisoner, by Sapor, King of

Persia, and flayed alive. Val Sa Per,

dim-eth. 274 Silk first brought from India. Sil In dupes. 306 Constantine the Great begins his reign. Con

fa em. 308 Cardinals first instituted. Card fixer. 313 The tenth persecution ends, by an edict of

Constantine, who favors the Christians, and gives full liberty to their religion. Ten Per

Con, Chri Reli, foebag. 325 The first general council at Niece. Nice feudal. 328 Constantine removes the seat of Empire from

Rome to Byzantium, which is thenceforward called Constantinople. Ro Byzan, Con fuder.

331 Constantine orders all the Heathen Temples

to be destroyed. Con Tem De, aggab. 363 The Emperor Julian, surnamed the Apostate,

endeavours in vain to rebuild the Temple of

Jerusalem. Juli Tem Jer, foe mug. 364 The Roman Empire is divided into the eastern,

(Constantinople, the capital,) and western, Rome, the capital,) each of which, has since been under different Governments. The Scots utterly defeated, and driven out of

their country, by the Picts and Romans.

Ro Di East West, Sco Pic Ro guns. 400 Bells invented by Bishop Paulinus, of Nola,

in Campagnia. Bel Paul hoe-ing. 410 Rome taken and plundered by Alaric, King

of the Goths. Ro Plun Goth, joe box. 412 The Vandals begin their Kingdom in Spain.

Van Spa, sauced. 420 The Kingdom of France begins upon the

lower Rhine, under Pharamond. Salique law confirmed by this monarch. King Fra

Phar, Sal law hide-eth. 426 The Romans withdraw their troops from

Britain, advising the Britons to arm in

their own defence. Ro Draw Brit, sidon. 447 Attila, (surnamed the Scourge of God) with

his Huns ravage the Roman Empire. Atti

Hun, Rome hasp. 476 The Western Empire entirely destroyed; upon

the ruins of which, several new states arise in Italy and other parts, consisting of Goths, Vandals, Huns, and other barbarians, under whom, literature is extinguished, and the

works of the learned are destroyed. Goths, Vandals and Huns th’West Empire seiz'd on, And learning no longer had any to hope on.

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