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of Lyons ; from which discovery Messrs. Charles and Roberts, of Paris, taking the hint, construct inflainmable gas, or the

air balloon. 1784 The great seal stolen from the Lord Chan

cellor's house, in Great Ormond-street, March 24th. The definitive treaty of peace between Great Britain and Holland, May 24th. A large plantation, with all the buildings destroyed, by the land removing from its former site, to another, and covering every thing in its way, in St.

Joseph's parish, Barbadoes, Oct. 16th. 1788 Formosa, in the Chinese sea, shook off the

Chinese yoke, and massacred 10,000 Chinese, driving the remainder into the woods

and rocks of the Island. 1789 The French revolution commenced. 1790 Carlscrone, in Russia, had 1087 houses, 2

churches, all the Merchants' houses except two, and all their magazines destroyed by

fire. 1793 Louis XVI. of France, and his Queen be

headed; the former on January 20th, and the latter on 16th of Oct. A piece of land, in Finland, 4000 square ells in extent, sunk 15 fathoms, but most of the inhabi

tants escaped. 1794 Lord Howe defeated the French fleet. Torre

del Greco, near Naples, was nearly destroyed

by the lava of Mount Vesuvius. 1795 Woges, near Lucerne, was swallowed up by

an internal current, and totally lost. 1797 Admiral Duncan took and destroyed fifteen

Dutch ships of the line. Admiral Sir J.
Jervis obtained a complete victory over a

superior Spanish fleet,

fleet, near Cape St. Vincent. 1798 Admiral Nelson defeated the French fleet,

near the mouth of the Nile. 1800 Bonaparte attempted to be destroyed by an

explosion of combustibles, Dec. 24th. 1802 Peace proclaimed in London. 1803 Skeleton of a large animal, supposed to be of

the mammoth kind, discovered by the falling of Malton clift, near Harwich. One

of the teeth, it is said weighed 12lb. 1804 Duke d’Enghien shot at Paris, by the inhu

mane usurper, Bonaparte, without any

just accusation, or being permitted a trial. 1805 The combined fleets of France and Spain,

defeated by Lord Nelson, off Trafalgar,

and 20 ships of the line taken and destroyed. 1806 Dissolution of the German Empire by Bona

parte. A live Toad, found in a block of

stone at Newark, April 15th. 1807 The peace of Tilsit, between Russia, Prussia,

and France. John Ramsay, at Collercoats, near Shield, died aged 115. A globe of fire passed over the island of Funen, in Denmark, in open day. A poor woman

of Belfast, died, aged 123 years. 1808 Martha Hannah, Cullybacky, Ireland, died aged 126.

A cream-coloured partridge, shot at Rufford, in Lancashire, Feb. Ist. 1809 Peace of Vienna, between Austria and

France. 1811 A great comet appeared, and continued above

our horizon for many weeks.

can ensue.

Should any one be inclined to put Chronology into verse, I advise them to let the word or words for the date, follow the name, then no ambiguity

In the example before you the names are,-Dean Swift, Sir Richard Steel, Dr. Johnson, and Sir Isaac Newton. The words in Italics are the date of the year, in which each of these Gentlemen died.

Let Swift's capsail repose,
For Steel's coopdove is fled;
D. Johnson's cup arose,
While Newton's cap dupe sped.

1745 1729 1784 1727


The dates imply the year of the writer's death; but if that period is not known, the age in which they flourished is denoted by fl. Bef. Chr. 907 Homer, the first prophane writer, and Greek

poet lived. Hesiod, the Greek poet, supposed to have lived near the time of Homer:

Ho Hes Gree, tax pea. 885 Lycurgus, the Spartan Law-giver, Lycur

Spar, rural. 600 Sappho, the Greek lyric poetess A. Sap aim-ing. 558 Solon, Law.giver of Athens. So Law, Ath

willer. 556 Æsop, the Greek fabulist. Iso Greek, allum.

I shall again take my leave of the Papil, leaving him to associate what he may fancy.

548 Thales, the first Greek astronomer and geo

grapher. 497 Pythagoras, founder of the Pythagorean phi

losophy in Greece Rowe. 474 Anacreon, the Greek lyric poet-Fawkes,

Addison. A56 Æschylus, the first Greek tragic poet-Potter. 435 Pindar, the Greek lyric poet-West. A13 Herodotus, of Greece, the first writer of

prophane history-Littlebury. 407 Aristophanes, the Greek comic poet, A.


Euripides, the Greek tragic poet-Woodhull. 406 Sophocles, ditto Franklin, Potter.

Confusius, the Chinese philosopher, A. 400 Socrates, the founder of moral philosophy,

in Greece. 391 Thucydides, the Greek historian-Smith,

Hobbes. 361 Hypocrates, the Greek physician-Clifton.

Democritus, the Greek philosopher. 369 Xenophon, the Greek philosopher and histo

rian-Smith, Spelman, Ashly, Fielding. 348 Plato, the Greek philosopher, and disciple of

Socrates-- Sydenham. 336 Isocrates, the Greek orator-Dimsdale. 832 Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, and disciple

of Plato-Hobbes. 313 Demosthenes, the Athenian orator, poisoned

himself—Leland, Francis. 288 Theophrastus, the Greek philosopher, and

disciple of Aristotle-Budgel. 285 Theocritus, the first Greek pastoral poet, i,

-Fawkes. 277 Eucbd, of Alexandria, in Egypt, the mathe

matician, fl.-R. Simson.

270 Epicurus, founder of the Epicurean philosophy

in Greece--Digby. 264 Xeno, founder of the Stoic philosophy in do. 214 Callimachus, the Greek elegiac poet. 208 Archimedes, the Greek geometrician. 184 Plautus, the Roman comic poet-Thornton. 159 Terence, of Carthage, the Latin comic poet

-Colman. 155 Diogenes, of Babylon, the Stoic philosopher. 124 Polybius, of Greece, the Greek and Roman

historian-Hampton. 54 Lucretius, the Roman poet-Creech. 44 Julius Cæsar, the Roman historian, and com

mentator, killed-Duncan. Diodorus Siculus, of Greece, the universal

historian, fl.-Booth. Vitruvius, the Roman architect, A. 43 Cicero, the Roman orator and philosopher,

put to death-Guthrie, Melmoth. Cornelius Nepos, the Roman biographer, Al.--

Rowe. 34 Sallust, the Roman historian-Gordon, Rowe. 30 Dionysius, of Halicarnassus, the Roman his

torian-Spelman. 19 Virgil, the Roman epic poet--Dryden, Pitt,

Warton. 11 Catullus, Tibullus, and Propertius, Roman

poets-Grainger, Dart. 8 Horace, the Roman lyric and satiric poet


After Chr. 17 Livy, the Roman bistorian-Ray. 19 Ovid, the Roman elegiac poet-Garth. 20 Celsus, the Roman philosopher and physician,


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