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25 Strabo, the Greek geographer. 33 Phædrus, the Roman fabulist-Smart. 45 Paterculus, the Roman historian-Newcombe. 62 Perseus—the Roman satiric poet—Brewster. 64 Quintius Curtius, a Roman, historian of Alex-.

ander the Great, Al.-Digby. Seneca, of Spain, the philosopher and tragic

poet, put to death-L'Estrange. 65 Lucan, the Roman epic and tragic poet-Rowe. 79 Pliny the elder, the Roman natural historian

-Holland. 93 Josephus, the Jewish historian-Whiston. 94 Epictetus, the Greek Stoic philosopher, fl.

Mrs. Carter. 95 Quinctilian, the Roman orator and advocate

Guthrie. 96 Statius, the Roman epic poet-Lewis. Lucius Florus, of Spain, the Roman historian

A. 99 Tacitus, the Roman historian-Gordon. 104 Martial, of Spain, the epigrammatic poet


Valerius Flaccus, the Roman epic poet. 116 Pliny the younger, historical letters--Melmoth,

Orrery. 117 Suetonius, the Roman historian-Huges. 119 Plutarch, of Greece, the biographer --Dryden,

Langhorne. 128 Juvenal, the Roman satiric poet-Dryden. 148 Ptolemy, the Egyptian geographer, mathea

matician, and astronomer, A. 150 Justin, the Roman historian, A.-Turnbul. 161 Arrian, the Roman historian and philosopher,

A.Rooke. 167 Justin, of Samaria, the oldest Christian author

after the apostles.

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180 Lucian, the Roman philologer-Dimsdale,

Dryden, Franklin. 180 Marcus Aur. Antoninus, Roman Emperor and

philosopher Collier, Elphinstone. 193 Galen, the Greek philosopher and physician. 200 Diogenes Laertius, the Greek biographer, A. 229 Dion Cassius, of Greece, the Roman histori

an, f.

254 Origen, a christian father, of Alexandria.

Herodian, of Alexandria, the Roman historian,

A.--Hart. 258 Cyprian, of Carthage, suffered martyrdom

Marshal. 273 Longinus, the Greek orator, put to death by

Aurelian-Smith. 320 Lactantius, a father of the church, f. 336 Arius, a priest of Alexandria, founder of the

sect of Arians. 342 Eusebius, the ecclesiastical historian and chro

pologer-Hanmer. 379 Bazil, bishop of Cæsarea. 389 Gregory Nazianzen, bishop of Constantinople. 397 Ambrose, bishop of Milan. 415 Macrobius, the Roman grammarian. 428 Eutropius, the Roman historian. 524 Bothius, the Roman poet, and Platonic phi

losopher-Bellamy, Preston. 529 Procopius, of Cæsarea, the Roman historian


The names at the end of each denote the best translators of the different authors.

1598 Edmund Spencer, . .

mạodern Wuthors. 735 Bede, a priest of Northumberland; History

of the Saxons, Scots, &c. 901 King Alfred; history, philosophy and poetry. 1259 Matthew Paris, monk of St. Alban's; His.

tory of England. 1292 Roger Bacon, Somersetshire; natural philo

sophy 1308 John Fordun, a priest of Mears-shire; His

tory of Scotland. 1400 Geoffrey Chaucer, London; the father of

English poetry 1402 John Gower, Wales; the poet. 1535 Sir Thomas More, London; history, politics,

divinity. 1652 John Leland, London; lives and antiquities. 1368 Roger Ascham, Yorkshire; pbilosophy and

polite literature. 1572 Rev. John Knox, the Scotch reformer; his

tory of the church of Scotland. 1582 George Buchanan, Dumbartonshire ; history of Scotland, Psalms of David, politics, &c.

Queen, and other poems. 1615—25 Beaumont and Fletcher, 53 dramatic

pieces. 1616 William Shakespeare, Stratford; forty-two tragedies and comedies.


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1622 John Napier, of Marcheston, discoverer of

logarithms. 1623 William Cambden, London; history and an.

tiquities. 1626 Lord Chancellor Bacon, London; natural

philosophy, literature in general. 1634 Lord Chief Justice Coke, Norfolk; laws of


Ben Johnson, London ; 53 dramatic pieces. 1641 Sir Henry Selman, Norfolk; laws and anti

quities, 1654 John Spelden, Sussex; antiquities and laws. 1657 Dr. William Harvey, Kent; discovered the

circulation of the blood. 1667 Abraham Cowley, London ; miscellaneous

poetry. 1674 John Milton, London; Paradise Lost, Re

gained, and various other pieces in verse Hyde, Earl of Clarendon, Wiltshire; History

of the civil wars in England. 1675 James Gregory, Aberdeen; mathematics,


and optics. 1677 Rev. Dr. Isaac Barrow, London ; natural

philosophy, mathematics and sermons. 1680 Samuel Butler, Worcestershire; Hudibras,

a burlesque poem. 1685 Thomas Otway, London ; 10 tragedies and

comedies, with other poems. 1687 Edmund Waller, Bucks; poems, speeches,

letters, &c. 1688 Dr. Ralph Codworth, Somersetshire ; Intel.

lectual System. 1689 Dr. Thomas Sydenham, Dorsetshire; His

tory of Physic. 1990 Nathaniel Lee, London, 11 tragedies,

and prose.

1690 Robert Barclay, Urie ; apology for Quakers. 1691 Sir George M-Kenzie, Dundee; Antiquities

and laws of Scotland. 1694 John Tillotson, archbishop of Canterbury,

Halifax ; 254 sermons. 1697 Sir Williain Temple, London ; politics and

polite literature. 1701 John Dryden, Northamptonshire; 27 trage.

dies and comedies. 1704 John Locke, Somersetshire; philosophy,

government, and theology. 1707 George Farquhar, Londonderry; 8 comedies. 1713 Ant. Ash. Cowper, Earl of Shaftesbury;

characteristics: 1714 Gilbert Burnet, Edinburgh, bishop of Salis

bury; history, biography, divinity, &c. 1718 Nicholas Rowe, Devonshise; 7 tragedies,

translation of Lucan's Pharsalia. 1719 Rev. John Flamstead, Derbyshire ; mathe

matics and astronomy. Joseph Addison, Wiltshire; Spectator, Guar-,

dian, poems, politics. Dr. John Kell, Edinburgh; mathematics

and astronomy: 1721 Matthew Prior, London; poems and politics. 1724 William Wollaston, Staffordshire; Religion

of Nature delineated. 1727 Sir Isaac Newton, Lincolnshire; mathema

tics, geometry, astronomy, optics. 1729 Rev. Dr. Samuel Clarke, Norwich; mathe

matics, divinity, &c. Sir Richard Steele, Dublin; four comedies;

papers in Tatler, &c. William Congreve, Staffordshire ; seven

dramatic pieces. 1732 John Gay, Exeter ; poems, fables, and 11

dramatic pieces.

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