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1734 Dr. John Arbuthnot, Mearn-shire; medicine,

coins, politics. 1739 Dr. Edmund Halley; natural philosophy,

astronomy, navigation. Dr. Richard Bentley, Yorkshire ; classical

learning, criticism. 1744 Alexander Pope, London ; poems, letters,

translation of Homer. 1745 Rev. Dr. Jonathan Swift, Dublin ; poems,

politics and letters. 1746 Colin M.Laurin, Argyleshire ; Algebra,

View of Newton's Philosophy. 1748 James Thomson, Roxburghshire ; Seasons, and other poems, five

tragedies. Rev. Dr. Isaac Watis, Southampton; logic,

philosophy, psalms, hymns, sermons, &c. Dr. Francis Hutcheson, Ayrshire; System

of Moral Philosophy. 1750 Rev. Dr. Conyers Middleton, Yorkshire ;

life of Cicero, &c. Andrew Baxter, Old Aberdeen, metaphy

sics, and natural philosophy. 1751 Henry St. John, Lord Bolingbroke, Surrey;

philosophy, metaphysics and politics. Dr. Alexander Monro, Edinburgh, anatomy

of the human body. 1754 Dr. Richard Mead, London; on poison,

plague, small-pox, medicine, precepts. Henry Fielding, Somersetshire; Tom Jones,

Joseph Andrews. 1757 Colley Cibber, London; 25 tragedies and

coniedies. 1761 Thomas Sherlock, bishop of London ; 69

sermons, &c. Benjamin Hoadley, bishop of Winchester;

sermons and controversy.

1761 Samuel Richardson, London; Grandison,

Clarissa, Pamela.
Rev. Dr. John Leland, Lancashire; Answer

to Deistical Writers. 1765 Rev. Dr. Edward Young; Night Thoughts,

and other poems, 3 tragedies. Robert Simson, Glasgow; Conic Sections,

Euclid, Apollonius. 1768 Rev. Lawrence Sterne ; 45 sermons, Senti

mental Journey, Tristram Shandy. 1769 Robert Smith, Lincolnshire; harmonics and

optics. 1770 Rev. Dr. Jortin ; Life of Erasmus, Eccles

iastical History, and Sermons. Dr. Mark Akenside, Newcastle upon Tyne;

poems. Dr. Tobias Smollet, Dumbartonshire; His

tory of England, novels, translations. 1771 Thomas Gray, Professor of Modern History,

Cambridge ; poems. 1773 Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of Chester

field; letters. George Lord Lyttleton, Worcestershire;

History of England. 1774 Oliver Goldsmith; poems, essays, and other

pieces. 1775 Dr. John Hawkesworth ; essays. 1776 David Hume, Merse ; History of England;


James Ferguson, Aberdeenshire; astronomy. 1777 Samuel Foote, Cornwall; plays. 1779 David Garrick, Hereford ; plays.

William Warburton, bishop of Gloucester;

Divine Legation of Moses, and various

other works. 1780 Sir William Blackstone, judge of the court

of Common Pleas, London ; Commenta

ries on the laws of England. Dr. John Fothergill, Yorkshire; philosophy

and ledicine. James Harris ; Hermes, Philological Inqui

ries, and Philosophical Arrangements. 1782 Thomas Newton, bishop of Bristol, Litch

field; Discourses on the Prophecies, and

other works. Sir John Pringle, Bart. Roxburghshire;

Diseases of the Army. 1783 Dr. Wm. Hunter, Lanerkshire; anatomy.

Dr. Benjamin Kennicot; Hebrew version of

the Bible, theological tracts. 1784 Dr. Thomas Morell, editor of Ainsworth's

Dictionary, Hedericus's Lexicon, and

some Greek tragedies. Dr. Samuel Johnson, Litchfield ; English

Dictionary, biography, essays, poetry. 1785 William Whithead, Poet Laureat; poems

and plays. Rev. Richard Burn, LL. D. author of the Justice

of Peace, Ecclesiastical Law, &c. Richard Glover, Esq. Leonidas, Medea, &c. 1786 Jonas Hanway, travels, miscellanies. 1787 Dr. Robert Lowth, bishop of London ; cri

ticism, divinity, grammar., 1788 James Stuart, Esq. celebrated by the name

of Athenian Stuart." Thomas Gainsborough, Esq. the celebrated

painter. Thomas Sheridan, Esq. English Dictionary,

works on education, elocution, &c, William Julius Mickle, Esq. translator of

the Lusiad. 1789 Dr. Wm. Cullen; Practice of Physic, Ma

teria Medica, &c.

1790 Benjamin Franklin, Esq. Boston, New

England; electricity, natural philosophy,

Rev. Thomas Warton, B. D. Poet Laureat;

History of English poetry, poems.
Dr. Adam Smith, Scotland : Moral Senti.

ments, Inquiry into the wealth of Nations. John Howard, Esq. Middlesex ; Account

of Prisons and Lazarettos, &c. 1791 Rev. Dr. Richard Price, Glamorganshire ;

morals, providences, civil liberties, annu

ities, reversionary payments, sermons, &c. Dr. Thomas Blacklock, Annandale; poems,

Consolations from natural and revealed
Sir Joshna Reynolds, Devonshire, President

of the Royal academy of painting; Dis-
courses on painting, delivered before the

academy. 1793 John Hunter, Esq. Surgeon Extraordinary

to the King, and Surveyor General to the

Army; anatomy. 1794 Edward Gibbon, Esq. History of the Ro

man Empire, &c.
James Bruce, Esq. Kinnaird ; travels into

Sir William Jones, Esq. Law, Arabic and

Persian Literature, &c. 1795 Josiah Wedgewood, Esq. potteries of Staf

fordshire. James Boswell, Esq. Life of Dr. Johnson,


Dr. Andrew Kippis ; biography and divinity. 1796 James Macpherson, Esq. Ossian, State

Papers, &c.
SirW.Chambers, architect of Somerset-place.

1796 Dr. George Campbell, Aberdeen ; Philoso

phy of Rhetoric, New Translations of the

Gospels, &c.

Dr. Thomas Reid, Glasgow; metaphysics. 1797 The Right Hon. Horace Walpole, Earl of

Oxford; Royal and Noble Authors, Anecdotes of Painting, and Miscellaneous Wri


Rev. William Mason; poetry, and Memoirs

of Gray: Edmund Burke, Esq. stateseman, orator,

and political writer.
Joseph Wright, Esq. Derby; painter.
Dr. Wm. Enfield; theological, nyiscellaneous,

Dr. Richard Brocklesby; physician.

John Wilkes, Esq. politics.
1798 Thomas Sandby, Esq. architecture.

Dr. Richard Farmer; Literary and Topo

graphical Antiquities, Commentator on

Shakspeare, &c.
Thomas Pennant, Esq. natural history and


William Wales, Esq. mathematics. 1799 William Melmoth, Esq. Fitzosborne's Let

ters, &c. George Stephens, F. R. and A. S. S. Com

mentator on Shakspeare. John Strange, LL.D. F.R.S. and F.S.A. several

papers in the Archæologia. Hon. Daines Barrington, F. R. and A. S. S.

observations on the Statutes. J. Norbury, Fellow of Eton College; trans

lation into Greek verse of Gray's Elegy. Sir Francis Buller, Bart. one of the Judges

of the court of Common Pleas; Nisi Prius,

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