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The Student must be sensible by this time, how essential it is to get by heart the lon, and lat. of places, for that being done, he can in an instant draw his parallels and insert them, either on the plane of Mercator, (i. é. straight lines,) or on a Stereographic projection, (i. e. like a Hemisphere.)

I do not use minutes in the lon. and lat. as there is no occasion, unless when accurate calculations are wanted to be made; and then it may be done by taking two words for the lon. and two for the lat. and then the first word for each will stand for the degrees,, and the second word will denote the minutes : in making out the lon. and lat. of places, if the minutes exceed 30, take a whole deg. for them, but if they are under 80, take the preceding deg. so that you will always be within a few minutes.

When you have fixed your countries and places by the eye (of the mind) on the Walls of your Room, you will only have to recollect two short words for the deg. of lon, and lat. of any place. Whatever places occupy your upper Room must be N. lat. and those which are found in your lower Room must be S. lat. as I have already told you, that your Floor is to represent your Equator. All places that are found to the right of the meridian of London, (whether in N. or S. lat.) will have E. lon. and all places on the left hand of the meridian of London will possess W. lon. so that the words, (at) and (with) (is) and (was) may be dispensed with, when once you know what Wall and Room any place is in. Also, those who are already acquainted with the Science will have but two words for recollecting the number of deg. for both lon. and lat.—Example, instead of saying, at Archangel in Russia, is a fat mule, I would only



say, Archangel's

fat mule,—for I should well know it was on my right hand Wall, and in my upper Room ; and the words (fat mule) give me 39 E. longitude, and 65 North latitude, almost to the top of the Wall, and near the fourth division. In looking on a Map or Hemisphere, you have all the places in the same position, viz. before you ;but if you transfer them to the Wall, you will have them on a very extended scale surrounding you, and will carry them with the “i mind's eye" into every Room you go.

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| lon. | lat. At Abeville France

is doe lax

2 E. 50 n. Aberdeen Scotland was due leap 2 w. 57 n. Abo Sweden

is dad mix 22 E. 60 N. Acapulco Mexico

was a boxed cap 102w. 17 n. Achen Sumatra I.

is tin lee

96 E. 5 n. Adrianople Turkey is dupe jobe 24 E. 41 n. Agra Hindostan

is pope dupe Aix France

is wool hose Alderney I. English Channel was doe lax Aleppo Syria

is fop fine Alexandria Egypt

is gauze fib
Algiers Africa

is ode fop
Amboyna I. Moluccas is beaudupe hoe
Amsterdam Holland is oil old
Ancona Italy

is a big hook
St. Andrew's Scotland

was foe line Annapolis Nova Scotia was a mouse hole Antwerp Netherlands

is joe lace Archangel Russia

is a fat mule Arran I. Scotland

was a wool line Astracan Russia

is hair kine Athens Turkey

is duke fair Ava Asia

is time dead Avignon France

is oil hose Babelmandel Straits is a joke bag Babylon Syria

is jig fig
Bagdad Syria
Baltimore Ireland

· was wove lace
Banda I,

is cider oil

is hook egg

lon.') lat.


is wide job

is wet sage

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Berwick upon

At Barcelona Spain
Basil Switzerland

is ape sire
Bastia Corsica
Bayonne France

was a wide hook Basse Terre Guadaloupe was à made coin Bussora Turkey

is a sope face Beachy Head Syssex is lace Belfast Ireland

was wine lees Bencoolen Sumatra I. is coaxed joe Bergen Norway

is an owl maže Tweed was a wide lane Besancon France

is one hoop Bilboa Spain.

was wig jig Blanco C. Africa

was cap daub Bologna Italy

is bob house Bombay East Indies is


bit Boston America

was peace hid Botany Bay New Holland is a boiled goose Bourbon 1. Indian Ocean is ill dice Bourdeaux France

was ice hail Bremen Germany

is toe leg
Breslaw Silesia

Brest France

was joe jar
Bristol England

was foe lace
Brunswick Germany is a box leaf
Brussels Netherlands is joe lace
Buda Hungary

is cat hair
Burgos Spain

was oak head Cadiz Spain

was one fop Cagliari Sardinia

is box fat

is fob fex Calcutta Bengal

is a rare dog
Calmar Sweden

is boom loop
Cambray Netherlands is foe lax
Canary I. (N. E. point) was cane deer
Candia Candia I. :

is deal fool
Canton China

is a cubic dog Carlscrona Sweden

is a blue line
Cassel Germany

is box lace
Cayenne I. of Cayenne is a sea eel
Chandernagora Hindostan is a rat dog
Cherbourg France was doe lax
Christiana Norway

is bob maze

is cap

Cairo Egypt


At St. Christopher's I. i was a mug cap
Cochin India

is a pin box
Cologne Germany ape lace,
Comorin C. India

is pare air
Constantinople Turkey is date job
Copenhagen Denmark is a big line
Cork Ireland

was oar lead
Corvo Azores

was fob gate
Cracow Poland

is doze lax
St. Cruz I. Atlantic Ocean was a meal car
Cusco Perubatan was pease bad
Dantzic Poland

is cat lake
Dardanelles Turkey is dean hox
Delhi Hindostan

is a p!ure dove
St. Domingo Carib. Sea was a poize car
Dort United Provinces is wool laid
Dover England

is beau lace
Drontheim Norway is box mug
Dublin Ireland Ipod

was one loaf Dundee Scotland

was wig line Dungarvon Ireland www was a wire load Dunkirk France

is due lace
Durham England

was beau will
Eddystone Light England was sea lax
Edinburgh Scotland was foe lame
Elsinore Denmark

is a big lion
Embden Germany

is ape log Ephesus Turkey Asia is dear fir Exeter England

was hoe lax
Fair I. Orkneys

was due mix
Falmouth England was owl lax
Farewell C. Greenland was a huge lute
Fayal Town Azore Islands was dove feet
Finisterre C. Spain was a wet hog
Flamborough Head England is loose.
Florence Italy is bob house
Florida C. South America was robe dan
Fortaventura Canary Isles was blue deer
Francois C. St. Domingo was pad doze
Frankfort Germany is toe lax
Funchal (Madeira I.) was cap fig
Furneaux (Society Isles) was cujag cap
Galway Ireland

was box leg

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