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is blue soap

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Hují England

At Geneva Switzerland is one hen
Genoa Italy

is wet hawk
St. Geo. Town Bermudas I. was a mule good
Gibraltar Spain

was oil fine Glasgow Scotland

was joe lime Goa I. Malabar coast is peak bone Goree I. Africa

was cap cook Gottenburgh Sweden is a bad lyre Gravelines France

is wide lace
Gratz Germany
Guadaloupe (Caribbe I.) was a mud cane
Guernsey 1. Eng. Channel was a wig hát
Hague United Provinces is joe old
Halifax Nova Scotia

was mug hole Hanover Germany

is a box load Havannah (I. of Cuba) was a red dog Holyhead Wales

was wool log

was beau luke Jeddo I. of Japan

is book-ish fan Jerusalem Syria

is a fool fed Jersey I. English Channel was a doe hut Inverness Scotland was a weak lyre St. John's Newfoundland was a lead jar Ispahan Persia

is a loaf food Kamschatka Siberia is bang lane St. Kilda Hebrides

was a wet lyre Kingsale Ireland

was a wet lad Kola Lapland

is egg meat Koningsberg Prussia is dead will Ladrone I. Pacific Ocean is cakwig bag Lassa Thibet

is tub fox Landscroon Sweden is bag lime Landsend England

was wine oil-ish Lausanne Switzerland is ape hoop Leghorn Italy

is box house Leipsic Germany

is bad lace Limerick Ireland

was a box load Limoges France

is ice jam Lisle Netherlands

is foe lace Lisbon Portugal

was wet feet
Liverpool England was foe log
St. Lucia I. Caribb. Sea was a mace book
Luxembourgh Netherlands, is wine lax

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lon. lat. At Lyons France et son is oil jam Macao China

say, ai is bob's dad Madras E. India

is rex bagi
Madrid Spain

was wig size
Mahon (Port) Minorca is joe hox
Majorca I. Mediterranean is foe size
St. Malo France

was due heat
Malta (I. of) Mediterranean is cook fun
Manilla Philippine I. is a caduce bowl 12115
Marseilles France

is wool hose
Martinico Caribb. Sea was a mace bowl
Mentz Germany

is roe lax Mayo I. Cape Verd Isles was dug caul Mecca Arabia

is job dead Mexico America

was a cow cot 100 19 Milan Italy

is wet hail Minorca I. Mediterranean is weak size Modena Italy

is bob sail Montpellier France is joe house Montreal Canada

was pig's ham

73 46 Moscow Russia

is fur line Munich Germany

is bad hair Nankin China

is cubar food


32 Nantes France

was a wide hoop Naples Italy

is bake juice Naze Norway ou is ape liers Niagara Canada good was pot hogy Nieuport Flanders vod is foe lace North Cape Lapland is dame peace fel Nuremberg Germany is bob kite Oleron I. France

was beau hen St. Omer Netherlands is due lace Oporto Portugal

was ear juice & Orleans (New Lousiana was tax fix Ortegal C. Spain [wich I was wire hose O'-why-hee (N. end) Sand- was a calm cat Oxford England

was ice laid Padua Italy

is a bad jail Palermo Sicily

is cook fair mila Palma I: Canary Isles

was a bare dove Panama Mexico

was rice eat Paris France

is due heat

02 Pekin China

is baboon hox 116 40

lon. ( lat.

was joe loose

At Peterhead Scotland was doe leer
Petersburgh Russia

is gaze maze Philadelphia America

was paul site Pico I. Azore Istes

was dear fur Pisa Italy

is a box House
Plymouth England was sea lax
Pondicherry Ē. India is rex bud
Port Glascow Scotland was a owl lame
Portland (light-house) Engi was due lace
Porto Bello America

was rex box Port Royal Jamaica

was popé bare Portsmouth Englanti was beau lace Prague Bohemia

is cook-lax Presburgh Hungary is a bare hare Providence America

was peace head Quebec Canada

was poize soap Ramsby I. of Man Ravenna Italy

is a bad hook Rheims France

is a weak hat Rhodes (I. of ) Archipelago is date fool Rhode I. America

was piece job Riga Russia

is deal loop Rome Italy

is big head Rothsay I. of Bute

was owl lame Rouen France

was a bee hut Rugen I. Baltic

is blue will Rye England :

is beau lace Salerno Italy

is bowl juice Salle Morocco

was ape' duke Samana St. Domingo

was a mat cut Samarcandi W. Tartary is


size Samos I. Archipelago is dupe fair Santa Cruz Teneriffe was ben deer Savannah N. America was rice good Scanderoon Syria

is & fine fop Scaw Light Denmark is bob liar Scilly Isles English Channel was pea lax Senegal Africa

was a bean can Smyrna Natolia

is deep fur Stockholm Steder

is boor levée Strasburg France

is our jar Stralsund Germany is cake luke Suez Africa

is fig fox


lon At Surat E. India

is paid dice Surinam S. America

was a lean ape Swansey Wales

was oil load
Syracuse I. Sicily

is ben fop
Tamarin Town I. of Socotra is a loaf bag
Tangier Coast of Barbary was wine fine
Tenedos I. Archipelago is dame size
Teneriffe Peak Canary Isles was a cane door
Tercera I. Azores

was deep fat
Texel I. United Province is a wool loaf
Tobolsk Siberia

is mire lyre Tobago I. Caribb, Sea was a maze babe Toledo Spain

was foe size Torbay English Channel was ape lace Tornea Lapland

is duke ann
Toulouse France

is beau hook
Trincomale I. of Ceylon is rice eat
Tripoli Barbary
Turin Piedmont

is a air hole
Upsal Sweden

is beer mix
Uraniburgh Denmark is beef lean
Ushant I. Coast of France was ale hot
Valenciennes France is hoe lax
Valencia Spain

was beau size
Venice Italy

is a bad jail Vera Cruze Mexico was a tar cot Verd Cape Africa

was beer cool Verona Italy

is bob hoal
Versailles France - is due heat
Vienna Austria

is bean jeer
Vincent Cape Spain was a wet fop
Wardhuys Lapland is fob poize
Warsaw Poland

is dace laid
Washington N. America was pure fat
Wexford Ireland

was one lad Weymouth England was foe log Whitehaven England

3 w. 54 N. Wilna Poland

25 E. 55 N. Wittenburgh Germany

13 E. 52 N. Worcester England

2 w. 52 N. Wortzburgh Germany

10 E. 50 N. Wyburg Russia

30 E.61 N. Yarmouth England

2 e. 53 N. X


At York England

York (New) N. America
Youghall Ireland

1w. 54 N. 74 w. 41 N. 8 W. 52 n.


is a bare goose

With Adventure B. New Holland is baker hog

1148 E. 43 s.
Ascension I. S. Atlantic was air book
St. Augustine Madagascar is hog duke
Banca I. Indian Ocean is boxup wig

107 E. 3 s.
Buenos Ayres S. America was lute fool
Carthagena Terra Firma

was paul box
Chrismas Sound Terra del

was pax all
E. Cape New Zealand was a couple fáir 175w. 38 s.
France (I. of ) Indian O. is loop doze
C. Good Hope Africa
St. Helena Atlantic Ocean was a wine bin
C. Horn S. America

was map

line Rio Janeiro Brazil was sage dug Julian Port Patagonia

was a nut hut
Juan Fernandez Pacific O. was pot goose
Lima Peru

was pap bad
Macassar I. of Celebes is bad-ish oil
Norfolk I. New Holland is comer's dove 168 29
Quiros C. New Hebrides is a camp bowl 167 15
Quito Peru

was pear 0

78 0 Uliateah Society Isles was caleb cap 151


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