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your ears, and keeping your eye fixed on the Wall. When you hear the speaker going to make a close, you may prepare to go to another square, putting what portion you think proper into each.

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In learning verse put each Stanza into a square, and in this as in all other things, just take a glance at the book, and take off a couple of lines, or four

you like it, and look towards the square repeating them over till you have quite fixed them in the memory, employing all the imagery that offers.

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The last, the fatal hour is come,
That bears my love from me:
I hear the dead note of the drum,
· I mark the gallows tree.

The bell has tolld; it shakes my heart;
The trumpet speaks thy name ;
And must my Gilderoy depart,
To bear a death of shame?


No bosom trembles for thy doom ;
No mourner wipes a tear;
The gallows' foot is all thy tomb,
The sledge is all thy bier.


Your locks they glitter'd to the sheen,
Your hunter garb was trim ;
And graceful was the ribbon green,
That bound your manly limb.

Ah! little thought I to deplore
These limbs in fetters bound;
Or hear, upon thy scaffold floor,
The midnight hammer sound.

Ye cruel, cruel, that combin'd
The guiltless to pursue ;
My Gilderoy was ever kind,
He could not injure you.

A long adieu! but where shall fly
Thy widow all forlorn,
When every mean and cruel eye
Regards my woe with scorn.

9 Yes ! they will mock thy widow's tears,

And bate thine orphan boy;
Alas! bis infant beauty wears
The form of Gilderoy.

Then will I seek the dreary mound
That wraps thy mouldering clay;
And weep and linger on the ground,
And sigh my heart away!

The imagery that will asist you in this first verse is, a clock, or watch, (to put you in mind of the hour)—the drum, and the gallows ; -and these things you must fancy in your first square. In the second verse, bring before your imagination the bell tolling, the trumpet sounding, and Gilderoy walking from the square, and so on with the rest. Where there are no particular objects, the imagination with a little practise, may be used so strongly as to fancy the beginning of each verse or sentence, as well as the most significant wards printed in the compartments, in some striking colour, and on a very large scale; for it is astonishing how the imagination is fertilized by this mode of study, I am well aware that some persons will say, how can I fancy things which I do not see? But let me ask them what can be more easy than to bring before the eye of the mind, any

any objects that we are acquainted with, and fix them in the places of loquallity? Suppose a house, or dog, is named to me, altho the animals are not in reality before me, yet being acquainted with them, how easy is it to bring the image of each before me? If images then, will remind us of what we would call forth, the utility of using them must be obvious to every reflectiny mind.


To recollect the Logarithm of any number is only to substitute one word expressive of the number, and take another word or words to denote the decimal. There is no need of any number to express the index, for whoever has the least knowledge of Logarithms, knows that the index is always one less than the number of figures the integer contains,

Examples.-Log. of 11, 19, 95, 120,



Log. cube, zakibfit,
Log. cat, duperpail,
Log. tail, tippopad,
Log. bedoz, zippitbar,
Log. dalem, hoxrodes,

No. Index. Log.

11-1, 04139 19—1, 27875 95-), 97772 120—2, 07918 256—2, 40824

This must be found of wonderful use to persons who would wish to recollect Logarithms for solving many necessary problems, when a book is not at hand.


This also, consisting of numbers, it is only to apply one word for the whole number, and another word or words for the decimal parts, joining it to the name of the thing which it concerns.




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You will perceive in most instances, that I have only taken a part of the name of each, as they more easily glide into the words united to express the numbers; but this is all optional, and you may make out your own associations as it pleaseth you best; these are sufficient for your Example. I may confidently affirm that the Specific Gravity of 500 bodies, may by this method, be got by heart in a few hours.

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