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Edward V. was born in Westminster Abbey, (where his mother had taken sanctuary,) Novem, 4th, 1470, reigned two months and eighteen days, was murdered in the Tower, and buried there privately. His remains were afterwards found in 1674, and removed to Westminster,

RICHARD III. surnamed Crookback, usurps the throne, declaring his brothers Edward IV. and the Duke of Clarence, as well as the issue of Edward IV. illegitimate. The Duke of Buckingham, the principal instrument in raising Richard to the throne, demands the inheritance of Hereford, which the King denies him. The Duke retires to York, takes up arms against Richard; bnt his army dispersing on account of the floods, he is obliged to conceal himself, and is betrayed. Post horses and stages established.

The Duke of Buckingham beheaded at Shrewsbury Henry, Earl of Richmond, lands and elaims the crown. Richard is defeated by him, in Bosworth-field, near Leicester, and slain. Here ended the wars between the Houses of York and Lancaster, in which, almost all the ancient Nobility perished. How

THIS VIDEO 10 το Richard III. was slain August 22d, 1485, and þuried at Leicester, single

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Union of the Houses of York f-Lancaster,

HENRY VI. immediately after his victory, is proclaimed King by his army. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Edward IV. which marriage united the Houses of York and Lancaster Lam, bert Simel personates the Earl of Warwick, son to the late Duke of Clarence, goes to Ireland, and and is crowned King there by the name of Edward VI. 1486. He lands with troops in England, but is defeated by Henry, and being taken prisoner, is made a scullion in the King's kitchen.

Maps and sea charts first introduced into England, by-Columbus, 1489.

Greek first introduced in England, 1491.

Perkin Warbeck, personating Richard, Duke of York, son of Edward IV. is well received in Scotland, and marries the Earl of Huntley's daughter. He is taken near Exeter, bronght up to London, and shewn to the people. He escapes, but is taken and sent to the Tower, where contriving again to escape, he is hanged at Tyburn, 1499.

Henry yil. died at Richmond, and was buried at Westminster.

The King left behind him £1,800,000, which he had extorted from his subjects.

HENRY VIII. marries Catharine, his brother's widow. Wolsey, bishop of Winchester, is inade privy counsellor, 1513.

Wolsey made a cardinal.

He was at one time, archbishop of York, bishop of Winchester and Durham, the pope's legate, lord chancellor of England, and prime minister, 1615.

The Reformation begun in Germany by Martin Luther, 1517. The King writes a book against him, for which the pope gives him the title of Defender of the Faith. Muskets invented, 1521.

Turkies, carps, hops, piccards, and beer, came into England, all in one year, 1525.

Wolsey was disgraced, and charged with high treason, and died at Leicester, on his road to Lon. don, 1530.

Henry married Anne Bullen ; is divorced from his former Queen Catharine, 1532. Abjures the pope's supremacy in spiritual affairs, puts Sir Thomas More to death, and bishop Fisher formerly his tutor. The Bible printed in English. Anne Bullen executed. Henry marries Jane' Seymour, 1536. Jane Seymour dies. The King marries Anne of Cleves. Lord Cromwell beheaded. Henry is divorced from Anne of Cleves, and marries Catharine Howard, 1540.

Queen Catharine Howard and Lady Rochford, beheaded, 1542. The King marries Lady Catharine Parr, 1543.

Henry VIII. died January 28th, 1547, and was buried at Windsor.

EDWARD VI, son of Henry by Jane Seymour, is proclaimed King at the

age of nine years, Edward Seymour, Earl of Hereford, is made protector, and created Duke of Somerset. Sir Thomas Seymour, brother to the protector, and Lord High Admiral, is beheaded, 1548. The Duke of Somesrset beheaded. The Reformation completed, 1552

The King settles the crown upon Lady Jane Grey, dies, 1553, and was buried at Westminster.

MARY, daughter of Henry VIN. by Catharine of Spain, is proclaimed Queen. Lady Jane Grey and her husband, Lord Dudley, are sent to the Tower. The Duke of Northumberland beheaded. Lady Jane Grey, with her husband, and her father, the Duke of Suffolk, beheaded. The princess Elizabeth, sister to Queen Mary, imprisoned for favouring the Protestants. Philip of Spain married to the Queen.

Rogers burned for heresy at London'; bishop Hooper at Gloucester; bishops Ridley and Latimer, and archbishop Cranmer, at Oxford.

A severe persecution of the Protestants followed, which was conducted by bishops Bonner and Gardiner, and cardinal Pole, archbishop of Canterbury; and during which five bishops, twenty-one clergymens one hundred and ninety-two laymen, fifty-five women, and four children, are burned alive. Calais taken by the French, 1558.

Queen Mary was buried at Westminster.

ELIZABETH, daughter of Henry VIII. by Anne Buller, succeeds her sister Mary. Mary, Queen of Scots, widow of Francis II. of France, marries Lord Darnley, who is proclaimed King of Scotland. Rizzio, an Italian Musician, Mary's favourite, is murdered by the King's friends in her presence, 1555. The King of Scots murdered by the contrivance of Murray and Bothwell. Queen Mary marries Bothwell, 1560. She is imprisoned as an accomplice in her husband's murder, escapes, raises an army, is defeated, and flies into England, where Elizabeth imprisons her, 1563. The Duke of Norfolk is beheaded for privately treating of a marriage with her, and conspiring to depose Elizabeth, 1572.

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The Earl of Essex, Earl Marshal of Ireland, dies there, suspected to be poisoned by the Earl of Leicester, the Queen's favourite, who married his widow, 1576.

Sir Francis Drake, who had been round the world, plunders St. Domingo, and takes Carthagena, 1585. Mary, Queen of Scots, is beheaded, 1586. The Spanish Armada is defeated, 1588.

Watches first brought into England, from Germany. • The Earl of Essex created Earl Marshal of Eng

land, 1597. He is made Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Is reproved by the Queen for managing the war faintly; deprived of his places, and retires. He plots to seize the Queen, but is made prisoner, and beheaded, 1601.

Elizabeth died March 24th, 1603, and was buried at Westminster.

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JAMES I. son of Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, and Mary, Queen of Scots, is proclaimed King by the council, and styled King of Great Britain.

The Gunpowder plot discovered, 1605.

Virginia planted by the English, 1608. Chelsea College founded. Mr. Hugh Middleton began the New River Canal, 1609. Sir Thomas Overbury sent to the Tower for refusing an embassy. This was an act of revenge of Lord Rochester, the King's favourite, whose marriage with the divorced Countess of Essex, Sir Thomas had opposed. Sir

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