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ADDRESS TO THE IRRELIGIOUS. Saviour, and a neglected gospel ? O, my fellow-sinner, think of eternity! think of eternal banishment from heaven! think of eternal wailings and despair in hell! If the Saviour's love soften not your heart, let his terrors alarm you! Flee from the wrath to come! Ere long, if you had them, you would gladly give millions of worlds for an opportunity to flee from endless wrath ; but it will be too late then. O pity yourself! it is not too late now! You may have mercy, will you reject it? The Saviour would have compassion upon you, can you have so little for yourself, as to neglect his great salvation ? O pity an unhappy creature condemned to die! You are that unhappy creature. Seek mercy, while mercy may be found ! God Almighty make you so wise and so happy. Yet if you will not, if you will continue to slight a dying Saviour, a gracious God, and your own immortal soul, then make the most of your few vain delights. They are all you will ever have. Rather, remember that perhaps the decree is gone forth already against you, Cut it down, why cumbereth it the ground. O have compassion on yourself, and pursue those blessings now, which, on the bed of death, at the day of judgment, and through vast eternity, you will wish to have obtained. May the God of all grace make you thus wise and happy! and raise you from the death of sin unto the life of righteousness! Amen.

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