Reginald Dalton, Volym 2

W. Blackwood, 1823 - 337 sidor

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Sida 95 - The young man shook from head to foot as these words were trembling upon his lips. She, too, threw her eyes on the ground, and a deep glow rushed over her face ; but that was chased instantly by a fixed and solemn paleness, and her gaze once more met his. ' He advanced close to her, (for hitherto he had not changed his position,) and leaned for a moment over the broken wall. His hasty hand had discomposed some loose stones, and a fragment of considerable size plunged into the dark stream below. Ellen,...
Sida 96 - Mr. Dalton, you are ill — you are sick — you are mad. This is no language for me to hear, nor for you to speak. Rise, rise, I beseech you." ' '' Ellen, you are pale, deadly pale — you tremble — I have hurt you, wretch that I am — I have wounded, pained, offended you." ' " Pained indeed," said Ellen, " but not offended. You have filled me with sorrow, Mr. Dalton — I give you that and my gratitude. More you do wrong in asking for ; and if it had been otherwise, more I could not have given...
Sida 91 - I shall never hear her again — I am ruined, undone, utterly undone — blasted in the very opening — withered on the threshold ! Humiliation, pain, misery, lie before me, as surely as folly, madness, phrenzy, wickedness, are behind — as surely as shame, burning, intolerable shame, is with me now. Yet one feeling at least is pure — here I have worshipped innocence in innocence.
Sida 99 - ... same deep whisper by which he had arrested her steps. She gazed on him while he spake with an anxious eye and a glowing cheek — when he stopped, the crimson fleeted away all in an instant. Pale as death, she opened her white and trembling lips, but not a word could come. The blood rushed again over cheek, brow, and bosom, and tears, an agony of tears, streamed from her fixed and motionless eyes.
Sida 97 - The calmness of her voice and her words restored Reginald, in some measure, to his self-possession. He obeyed the last motion of her hand, and sprung at once to his feet. " You called me mad, Miss Hesketh — 'twas but for a moment.
Sida 93 - She grieves," he said to himself — " she grieves, she weeps !" and with that, losing all mastery of himself, he rushed through the thicket. Ellen, hearing the rustling of leaves, and the tramp of a hasty foot, turned towards the boy, who stopped short upon reaching the open turf. Her first alarm was gone, when she recognized him ; and she said, a faint smile hovering on her lips,
Sida 11 - Tis the sun ripes the grape And to drinking gives light; We imitate him, When by noon we're at height: They steal wine who take it When he's out of sight.
Sida 99 - O mock me not, Mr. Dalton ! what have 1 to forgive ?" ' " Forgive the words that were wrung from me in bitterness of soul — Forgive me — forgive the passionate, involuntary cries of my mad anguish." ' " Oh, Sir, you grieve, you wound me ! — you know not how you wound me. I am a poor helpless orphan, and I shall soon have no friend to lean to. — How can I listen to such words as you have spoken ? — I am grateful ; believe ray tears, I am grateful indeed.
Sida 98 - I had nothing to offer you but my love, and you did well to reject the unworthy gift — my love ! You may well regard it as an insult. Forget the moment that I never can forget — Blot, blot from memory the hour when your pure ear drank those poisonous sighs ! Do not pity me — I have no right to love and .pity ! —no, no — forget me, I pray you — forget me and my misery. — And now, farewell once more — I am alone in the world. — May God bless you — you deserve to be happy.
Sida 95 - O Mr Dalton, you have seen my uncle — you think he is very badly, I see you do — you think you shall never see him again, I know you think so !" " No, 'tis not so ; he has invited me to come back with you now ; and besides, Mr Keith will get better — I hope, I trust, I am sure he will.

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