Rules and Regulations for the Formations, Field-exercise, and Movements, of His Majesty's Forces


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Sida 258 - ... of forming to a flank with its rear rank in front. The column with its right, in front may arrive on the left of its ground, and be obliged immediately to form up and fupport that point, fo that the right of the line will become the left.
Sida 17 - File to a Flank. The accuracy of the march in file is fo eflential in all deployments into line, and in the internal movements of the divifions of the battalion, that the foldier cannot be too much exercifed to it.
Sida 33 - AH wheelings by sub-divisions, or sections, from line into column, or from column into line, are performed on the word given by the commander of a battalion, when the whole of a battalion is at the same instant so to wheel; or on the word given by the commander of the company, when companies singly, or successively, so wheel ; they are not to be repeated by the leaders of its divisions.
Sida 230 - ... the general 30 paces he will refume his proper pivot flank. — The fupernumerary officers and ferjeants march in a rank, in rear of the companies, at one pace from the rear rank, and officers fwords are carried againft the right fhoulder, arid ftcady.
Sida xxv - The toes a little turned out, fo that the feet may form an angle of about 60 degrees. — Let the arms hang near the body, but not...
Sida 78 - One the point of APPUI (A. aa) at which one flank of the -body, whether fmall or great, is to be placed, and the other the point of FORMATION or DRESSING (D.) on which the front of the body is directed. 4. When battalions, or divifions of a battalion, come up fucceffively into line, the outward flank of the laft formed and halted body is always confidered as the point rig 12.
Sida 31 - The company having wheeled backwards, by sub-divisions from line,(as directed in the foregoing Section,) and a distant marked object in the prolongation of the two pivot flanks being taken ; the commander of the company, who is now on the pivot flank of the leading sub-division, immediately fixes on his intermediate points to march on.
Sida 180 - In the fiift cafe A. the diftance from flank to flank depends on the interval which the divifions are ordered to march off at : In the fecond cafe B. fuch diftance is always the fame, and equal to the front of the divifion which has wheeled forward, and which, by wheeling back, would exactly fill it up. — Whenever therefore the directing flanks of an Echellon are all in the fame line, and each diftant from its preceding one, a fpace equal to the front of the preceding...
Sida 58 - The sole business of these three serjeants is, when the battalion moves in line, to advance and direct the march as hereafter mentioned. The place of the first of those serjeants, when they do move out, is preserved by a named officer or serjeant, who moves up from the supernumerary rank for that purpose. Use of the The third rank is at three paces' distance when permimeS-U "halted or marching in line.
Sida 58 - The effential ufe of the fourth rank is, to keep the others clofcd up to the front during the attack, and to prevent any break beginning in the rear; on this important fervice, too many officers and non-coramiffioned officers cannot be employed.

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