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ISLINGTON CHAPEL. pleasure in stating that arrangements

have been made for the sale of useful and Several interesting meetings of Work ornamental articles, in aid of the above ing Men have been held in the Large society, at Worcester, on Tuesday, June Room of this place of worship on the 17th. It is earnestly hoped that all the suject of “ The Sabbath.”. Any working Congregations in the Connexion will man, being a resident in the parish, was kindly render assistance, and where workat liberty to attend, and speak for ten ing associations do not exist, that indiminutes, on presenting himself at the vidual members will aid in this good platform, and handing in his name and work. All kinds of manufactured goods address. One evening in four successive will be acceptable. Also books, music, weeks the interest was nobly sustained stationery, drawings, ladies' work-boxes, one working man answering another. old china, papier mache, and other ornaThere was much real argument and manly mental articles, &c., &c. eloquence. Some sceptics, and some Contributors to the sale are particularly members of the Sunday League were requested to mark the price on each present and spoke; but the Sabbath Ob- article, and also to state the place from servers fairly overwhelmed all objectors which they are sent, so that an account both on religious, moral, social and phy- may be rendered of the value received sical grounds. The Rev. B. S. Hollis from each congregation. presided. All classes united in acknow

Further particulars may be obtained Ledging their sense of the entire fairness from the Secretaries, and articles will be of the whole proceedings, and their grati. received by the following ladies, until tude for the use of the room, and the the first week in June. All parcels kindness with which persons of all sen forwarded to Worcester, to be addressed timents had been treated. After the

to the Countess of Huntingdon's Chapelfirst meeting the chairman said he would House, Birdport Street, Worcester. preach on the subject of discussion on the following Sunday evening, and many

Signed, B. S. Hollis, President. unused to attend any place of worship Thomas Dodd,

Honorary were present, and on the following dis F. W. Willcocks,

Secretaries. cussion evening thanked the preacher for Selina Thompson, the discourse. Many fears were entertained respecting

Mrs. Thoresby, London. these meetings, but they were speedily

Miss Dorville, Sion Chapel, London. dispersed. Working men felt themselves

Mrs. Hollis, Islington. dealt with honestly, kindly, disinterested

Mrs. Dodd, Worcester. ly,—that truth, only truth, was the object

Mrs. Wake, Cheltenham. sought, and prejudice was disarmed. Let Mrs. Jones, Tunbridge Wells. all who are concerned to convince the

Mrs. New, Leamington. working classes that the observance of

Mrs. Trotter, Avebury. the seventh-day rest is good because en

Mrs. Lewis, Rochdale joined and enjoined because good, try

Mrs Kempster, Norwich the same experiment. The meetings

Mrs. Hart, Saint Ives were all begun with a few words of

Mrs. Carpenter, Canterbury

Mrs. Owen, Bath
prayer, by a working man, and closed
with the usual doxology. Courtesy to

Mrs. Roberts, Gloucester
the friends granting the room was a suffi-

Mrs. Hollis, Ashbourne cient motive to secure reverent compliance

Mrs. Bridgman, Chester with these arrangements. But let all

Mrs. Sims, Islington
who propose such experiment observe,

Miss Dodd, Goring
every attendant should belong to the
parish where the meeting is held, and

every speaker should come to the plat-
form, give name and address, and only Since the last account of our mission,
be allowed ten minutes.

ary operations in Western Africa, given

in our March number, we have received WORCESTER.

reports from the following stations, varyA BAZAAR IN AID OF THE COUNTESS OF ing, as it will be seen, with regard to the HUNTINGDON'S MISSIONARY SOCIETY.– trials by which our native missionaries *., Executive Committee have much have been exercised, as well as the de

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gree of encouragement afforded them by / purpose of ascertaining whether there is their Divine Master, who now, as when anything concealed under the ground he was upon earth, sends his servants that might injure the king or any of his “ into every city and place, whither he subjects, and also to cause every witch in himself will come," and who also declares the town to swear by their idols whether to them: “Lo, I am with you alway, even such is the case or not. Shortly afterunto the end of the world.''

wards the Yeatehsoom were heard ap

proaching the town sounding their rude MA.BANG,

native instruments, and with a most horCates River.

rible yell. The women of the town were The native preacher at this station ex- greatly alarmed, and immediately shut presses his deep regret on account of the themselves up in their houses. When ignorance and superstition of the people, round the town, continuing their frightful

the multitude had arrived they marched among whom he resides. He states :“I cannot make them leave off their noise. One of the number, having a large Gree-grees and Devil worship. They are

horn, produced a sound resembling that full of superstition and follow after evil of a person suffering the most acute pain. things. Like mankind at large, they are

All of them had Gree-grees fastened in their natural state and love the world. round their bodies, and having collected They cannot discern the Holy Spirit of together in an open place, they began to God speaking in his word; but we know dance and sound their instruments of that it is the power of God to every one

music with all the force possible, while that believeth. I and my wife are left the man with the large horn went round alone as lambs among wolves, and had the assembly crying in a tone of lamentanot the Lord been our stay we had long the people. After dancing for a consider

tion, and speaking through the horn to since been destroyed. Our country is a hard place, but we think this is the hard able time they separated into different est of them all. We look around at the parties, some running in one direction, mighty works of God, and think of his

some in another, still making a terrific love in and through our blessed Lord, noise, stamping with their feet, and careand so we are encouraged and go on, en

fully examining the ground while they deavouring to trust in him. I keep family moved on, as though they expected to prayer every morning and evening

with discover something underneath. Having comfort, and try to persuade the parents continued acting in this tumultuous manand children to come with us. The day the next morning,

they summoned all the

ner for several hours, about two o'clock school is kept in good order. There are people of the town to assemble in one well. Three can nearly read in the testa particular place, and each to bring a piece ment.” In the conclusion of his report he of lighted wood. This being done, one again refers to the great wickedness of of the principal men belonging to this the people, and informs us that the tor: the people as an object of worship, and

lawless band, presented himself before nadoes by which the neighbourhood had been visited had done considerable dam- pretending to have controul over their age to the mission premises, so that im- brought presents to him, and such as had

future destinies. Many of the people mediate repairs were necessary.

done so he sent away with a promise of BOMPEY,

protection and success in all their underSherbro Country.

takings. And this the poor deluded

people appear to believe. But who can The missionary stationed at Bompey, help lamenting their ignorance, and at among other information, gives an account the same time pitying them, that they of one of the superstitious and wicked should so easily become the dupes of practices which prevail in that benighted crafty and wicked imposture? land. One day he observed an unusual Another part of this missionary's report stir and confusion among the people, par- relates to a very different subject, and ticularly the women. Upon enquiry he one of a more pleasing character. He was told, the Yeatehsoom were coming states: “Lately I was requested to visit and would soon be in the town. This a woman who was ery ill. I spoke to strange name is one given to a number of her of the Saviour, and advised her to people, who pretend to have been sent by pray to him. She listened for awhile, the king to examine the place for the land then addressing me, she said : It is,

too late now. I am dying, and there is no more word in my mouth. I told her

Jutice. not to despair, for the Lord is merciful, and he can save even to the very last. THE THIRTY-FIFTH ANNUAL CONFERThe next day I saw her again, when I ENCE OR ASSOCIATION OF MINISTERS AND pointed her to Christ as able and willing MANAGERS OR ELDERS OF THE COUNTESS to save sinners. Several times afterwards

OF HUNTINGDON'S CONNEXION. I visited her, and at one time, her nurse

The sittings of the next annual meettold me she was heard crying, in her ings will be held in London, commennative tongue: 'Pity me, O God! O God cing on Monday, June 23rd, when the pity me!. Sometimes when I visited her, Brethren will take tea together in the I took the school children with me that large vestry of Islington Chapel, at six they might see her, and hear what she o'clock. said. At length she became very weak On Tuesday

morning, at half-past seven, and scarcely able to speak. She was a public meeting for prayer will be held asked, at one of my visits, if she knew at Spa Fields Chapel, when an address who was speaking to her, she said : Yes, will be given by the Rev. T. Dodd, of it is the schoolmaster.' She then closed Worcester. At ten o'clock, the business her hands as if in prayer, and appeared to of the Session will commence. On be deeply engaged. Before leaving, I Tuesday evening, at seven, the ordination sang a hymn and prayed with her. After of Mr. J. Thomas, B.A., will take place at prayer she shook my hand, saying, 'Good Sion Chapel, the charge to be delivered by, schoolmaster, I am going, I am going. by the Rev. James Sherman, I hope God will have pity, and take me On Wednesday morning, at half-past to that good place you told me of.' I seven, a public meeting for prayer will be visited her the next morning, and found held at Spa Fields Chapel, the Rev. E. her to be fast approaching to eternity. I S. Hart, M.A., of Saint Ives, will give talked with her for awhile, and then she an address, and the business of the said: "O, my friends, I am suffering session to be resumed at ten o'clock. In here, but I hope'- Here death closed the evening a public tea meeting will be her lips, and she spoke no more." held in Spa Fields New School Rooms, BBANDASUMER,

at six o'clock; when the annual report Bompey River.

of the Missionary Society will be read. The native preacher stationed at Bom: sary of the Countess of Huntingdon's

On Thursday, June 26th, the Anniverpey visits Bandasumer, the town at which College will be held at Cheshunt, when King Canray Bah resides, as often as cir, two short discourses will be delivered by cumstances permit. He mentions several the Students, and the sermon will be Sabbath days on which he held divine preached by the Rev. Henry Allon, of service, and preached to the people. On

Islington. Service to commence at one occasion, in particular, he states : Eleven o'clock. A large congregation assembled. Many The attendance of our Ministers is of the factors (traders) were present. In earnestly invited, and those wishing for the afternoon I conducted the school, and

accommodation in London are requested one of the factors, who was appointed by to communicate with Mr. Frederick the king, examined the children. The William Willcocks, 98, Goswell Street, examined, the king, and the friends who London, one week previous to the were present were much delighted with meetings. To whom all contributions the children's answers.” His report thus intended for this year's account, are concludes : "Be encouraged, brethren,

requested to be forwarded. for soon will the time come when Ethiopia shall stretch forth her hands unto God. So let the children send forth their COUNTESS OF HUNTINGDON'S MISSIONlittle books, and their pennies ; and let ARY SOCIETY.-Sermons in aid of the the aged come forth to the help of the above Society, were preached on SunLord, to the help of the Lord, against the day, May 25th, by the Rev. E. S. Hart, mighty.'"

M.A., of St Ives, at Penryn, Cornwall, and we cordially thank the venerable Dr. Cope, for kindly granting us his Chapel for the services. We have pleasure also in stating that arrange

ments are being made for services June 15th, the Rev. L. J. Wake, of at Tyldesley, Middleton, Gloucester, Cheltenham, to preach, and at Bridgtown Church, (the Rev. J. Shore's, M. A.,) all of which have been

Spa Fields Chapel, London.--On Sunwillingly promised for sermons in aid of day, June 15th, the Rev. T. Dodd, of our Missions.

Worcester, to preach. Application has also been made by the

Kidderminster.-A publie meeting. Rev. E. S. Hart, M.A., for sermons at Worcester.-On Sunday, June 15th, Falmouth, Truro, Penzance, Cranbourne the Rev. T. E. Thoresby, of London, to Free Church, with the hope that they preach. will kindly arrange for sermons in aid of

Ebley.--On Sunday, June 22nd, the the Society, during the present summer. Rev. E. S. Hart, M.A., to preach. Ministers of the Connexion, permit us to ask you to use your influence in your

Saint Stephen's Church, Rochdale.-On several localities, in the same way; and Sunday, June 22nd, the Rev. A. H. may God establish and bless the work of New, of Leamington, to preach. your hands. “To do good and to com Bodmin.-On Sunday, June 15th, the municate forget not, for with such sacrifice Rev. E. S. Hart, M. A., to preach God is well pleased.”

Soon may, the period arrive when Services at the following places will “ Ethiopia” shall stretch out her hands take place during the month.

unto God. Redruth.-On Sunday, June 8th, the CONNEXION TRUSTEES.-We underRev. E. S. Hart, M.A., of Saint Ives, stand the number is now reduced to one to preach at the Wesleyan Association by the death of Joseph Trueman, Esq., Chapel, which has been kindly granted which has occurred within the last few for the occasion.

days. Avebury Free Church. On Sunday,

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Bath, per Rev. John Owen.

s. d.

£ s. d. Part of a Legacy from the English and

For the Rush-Hill Chapel

6 0 0 Irish Missionary Society.

3 6 8
Claremont Chapel

2 0 0 Collected by Miss Julia Ward

5 4 5
Weston Chapel...

2 0 0 Collected after Sermons preached by the

Spread of the Gospel Society 23 6 1 Rev. John Owen, April 27th

24 15 0 £33 6 1

£33 6 1 Cheltenham, per Mrs. Wake.

Leamington, per Miss Newby. Quarterly Subscriptions 3 4 2 Mrs. Sleeman, (subscription)

0 10 0 For Irish Readers...

2 0 0
Collected by Miss Gardner

0 10 6 For Village Stations...... 1 0 0


0 13 6 £1 14 0


Partry. A CHILD'S ANSWER; OR, “MY FATHER'S HOUSE." I met a fairy child, whose golden hair Around her sunny face in clusters hung; And as she wore her ringcup chain, she sung Her household melodies those strains that bear The hearer back to Eden. Surely ne'er A brighter vision blest my dreams. “Whose child Art thou,” I said,"

sweet girl?

In accent mild She answered, “Mother's. When I questioned, "Where Her dwelling was?” again she answered, “Home.” “Mother,” and “ Home! O blessed ignorance ! Or rather blessed knowledge! What advance Further than this shall all the worlds to come, With all their love, effect? There are but given Two names of higher note, “ Father,” and “ Heaven.


JULY, 1856.


" And the time of my departure is at hand." 2 Timothy iv. 6. The apostle in this world was like a ship bound to its moorings, and death would be his release. He would not spread his sails on the broad ocean of eternity. The true idea of death, observes Mr. Barnes, is that of loosening the bands that confine us to the present world ; of setting us free; and permitting the soul to go forth, as with expanded wings, on its eternal voyage. The christian mariner at death embarks for the land of promise. The heavenly Pilot then cuts the cable and sets him free. And he knows the best time for doing this. The period of our departure is regulated by His infinite wisdom. The death of all his saints is under his control. He has dominion over the visible and invisible world. The Father has put all things into his hands, that he may manage them for the welfare of His people, the advancement of His cause, and the promotion of His glory. The dominion of Christ over the death of countless myriads of persons gives us an impressive view of His supreme glory. The apostle speaks of his departure from this world to heaven with great calmness of mind, for he had confidence in a living Saviour. "I am now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand.” This was evidently not a sad, but a joyful thought to the apostle. His faith was in full exercise. This had sustained him in many conflicts, and he believed it would sustain him in the last. He lived and died in faith. He knew that his death would be eternal gain. The text implies that the soul is something distinct from the body, and will exist after it. The apostle believed that the whole of him would not be deposited in the grave, or consumed to ashes, but that when his body was cold in death, the vital principle within him would exist in a higher and happier state. He speaks of himself as a mariner about to set out on a voyage, or a traveller on a journey. His time to suffer martyrdom was drawing near and he did not regret it. He was going to receive a glorious crown. All who are wise, like Paul, will think of their departure, and make diligent preparation for it. Providence often reminds us of it, and seeks to arouse us to prepare for the coming of the Lord. Are

you old ? This reminds you that the time of your departure is at hand. “ The days of our years


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