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Note 4

How he won Valencia from the Moor, &c.

Valencia, which has been repeatedly besieged, and taken by the armies of different nations, remained in the possession of the Moors for an hundred and seventy years after the Cid's death. It was regained from them by King Don Jayme of Aragon, surnamed the Conqueror; after whose success I have ventured to suppose it governed by a descendant of the Campeador.

Note 5.

It was a Spanish tradition, that the great bell of the cathedral of Saragossa always tolled spontaneously before a king of Spain died.

Note 6.

"El que en buen hora nasco; " he that was born in happy hour. An appellation given to the Cid in the ancient chronicles.

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Note 7.

For this, and the subsequent allusions to Spanish legends, see The Romances and Chronicle of the Cid.

Note 8.

"La voilà, telle que la mort nous l'a faite!"-Bossuet, Oraisons Funèbres.

Note 9.

This circumstance is recorded of King Don Alfonso, the last of that name. He sent to the Cid's tomb for the cross which that warrior was accustomed to wear upon his breast when he went to battle, and had it made into one for himself; "because of the faith which he had, that through it he should obtain the victory."-Southey's Chronicle of the Cid.




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