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Sidan 7 - It clearly follows . . . that the reconstruction of Archaic Chinese is greatly dependent for its correctness on a reliable knowledge of its Ancient Chinese 'projection,1 one of its principal daughter languages, that of Ts'ie yun. . . . It is absolutely essential that we work with homogeneous materials, ancient phonetic glosses based on one and the same 6th century dialect.
Sidan 134 - It represents the figure of two female apes facing each other." The graphic explanation of GS saying: "The drawing shows an elephant and a hand. The inference of some scholars that the archaic Chinese had tamed the elephant, causing it to 'make,' 'work' is perhaps somewhat bold" is made on the assumption that 'to make, to do' is the first meaning. But the first meaning could as well be 'to act as,1 derived from 'to feign, to form, to simulate,' represented by 'hand working in ivory," ie, 'to form,...
Sidan 3 - It is only in recent times that it has become possible to tackle this double problem.
Sidan 145 - The graph is a drawing of the phallic-shaped sacred pole of the altar of the soil.
Sidan 5 - By a lucky chance, rich sources of highly varying kinds (rhyme dictionaries, foreign transcriptions, loanwords in Korean and Japanese and the testimony of strongly diverging daughter dialects) combined to throw light on one definite stage of the evolution of the Chinese language...
Sidan 343 - Chou H (ca. 950-770) -|&- ], showing a kneeling man and a drawing of a bell; there are various early texts to show that the bell was used for signals of command.
Sidan 460 - ... graph that served as phonetic in the other characters of the Hsh series, since it was selected in SW or in the tradition which SW still possessed to some degree, for the word stem from which the derivation of other words was developed. 2GS, pp. 456-458: the alternations in final and initial consonants are "sufficient to show that the system of cognate words, variations of the same word stems, was so elaborate and rich that a considerable sound variation under the head of one fundamental character...
Sidan 368 - ritual cauldron' and 'knife'. The law was codified by inscriptions on ritual vessels. In the modern graph 'cauldron' has been corrupted into 'cowry'.
Sidan 16 - ... very frequent phrases. For example, 'Shuowen says . . . , but there are no text examples whatever in support of this' might be abbreviated to something like 'SW . . . but no text.' A few errors of fact may be mentioned. These are only isolated cases of oversight and do not affect the rest of the book. 'Pekinese has only about 420 different syllables; and in order to reach that...
Sidan 4 - This way Karlgren left out many graphs, which deserved to be analyzed, in order to know whether they were made on some principle other than the regular Han graph. If they were different in graphic structure or in phonetic composition, they may be words different from the later Han vocabulary, although...

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