Sidor som bilder

office. Since that time he bas prosecuted time at Mundekadu, and had charge of the his work with zeal, and has carried the gos- congregation there. But as persons possespel into a largo district, situated at the foot sing some knowledge and experience of the of the Ghauts. By his means many fami- Christian Religion were greatly wanted lies have made a profession of Christianity. among the new congregations towards TreHe has now charge of the congregation at vanderam, he has lately been stationed at Etavilly, to wbich several families have been Coolootoory, about half way between this lately added.. The people are scattered over and Trevanderam, near to the public road. a vast extent of country, and are generally

Peter Roe enjoyed the advantage of our employed in cultivating the surrounding hills, Seminary for nearly two years, and during which I regret to add is unfavourable to the communication of instruction, as they are

that period manifested a teachable disposiseldom to be found at home.

tion and some pleasing indications that our

labours were not in vain. His parents, who Dodgson is a young man that was for a knew of no advantages but those connected short time in the Seminary here, in which with things present, after many efforts suche had an opportunity of furnishing his mind ceeded in enticing him away from the with a knowledge of theological subjects, school. The young man was not inactive an advantage that many we have been while at home, but exerted himself to inobliged to employ have not enjoyed. He duce his parents to attend on the means of has been principally employed at Autekaudu, grace. They came, and for a time manifestand in the contiguous villages. Manyed much zeal for the new religion, but in the have beard the truth, but we have had no hour of temptation, fell away to the great grief evidence that any have been awakened by of the son, who, though alternately allured it. The fruits of his labour may appear at

and threatened to forsake the Christian Reanother day. He is now removed to Ma- tigion, remained steadfast.

He was apteodu, and itinerates in the neighbourhood. pointed to his present situation a few months Thomas Pleasants received the first rudi.

ago, when the person who formerly bore

the name Peter Roe had forfeited his situaments of his education in the School at Mayi. laudy. When the Seminary at Nagercoil

tion by a neglect of duty, after frequent was formed, he was one of the first that was

admonitions. The young man, now bearentered on the list, and enjoyed for some

ing the name, is stationed at Mathavelly, time the advantages of the institution. In

where he is very active, particularly in ča1823, when 10 additional Readers were

techising the people. Several additions have

been made to the congregation during the added to our number, he was one selected

last month. for that purpose. His sphere of labour has not been confined to any particular place,

Edward Lewis Davies is diligently enbut he has laboured both in Travancore, and gaged in the study of the Scriptures, and in Tinnevally with great zeal. He is sta- forms a striking comment on the fulfilment tioned now in the neighbourhood of Aga- of that promiso contained in Prov. ii. 5. He tesurum, near to Cape Comorin, where se- has been for several years in Nagercoil under veral families have recently embraced Chris- instruction, which I trust has been blessed tianity. He told me a fortnight ago, that to his conversion, which affords a pledge he feels great pleasure in his work; and that the Lord is with us, and will not suffer that he is making all the efforts in his power

us to labour in vain. This with a few more to produce a reformation among his kin- pleasing instances of the same nature, is a dred.

compensation more than sufficient for all the

sacrifices that a Missionary is called to make, George Hamilton was formerly employed

and gives a pleasure that is indescribable. as schoolmaster at Kanankollum. As he

He has no congregation under his immediappeared to be a person of considerable

ate care, but itinerates in the heathen towns public spirit, he was selected for a READER, and has since been the means of bringing the people of various congregations.

and villages adjacent, and occasionally visits sereral families under Christian instruction in that place. From thence he has itine- George Tweedy. Several have been derated to the neighbouring villages, in one of signated by this name; the first of whom which, (Kudankoolum) where he has raised fell a sacrifice to the epidemic; and others, a large congregation, he now resides. after a short trial, were found to be unsuit

able persons. The Reader now called by Edward Parsons is brother to the Reader this name is, I hope, a diligent and consciJohn Oldfield ; he embraced the Christian re- entious man, growing in Christian knowligion in the year 1820, from which time he ledge, and aiming to walk worthy of his regularly attended on the means of grace, and high vocation. I have often observed him made such attainments in Cbristian know- deeply affected under the sound of the gosledge, as to induce us to select him for a Red- pel. His station, for a considerable time, der at the time when our number was aug- was Manalekaudu, where he was the means mented. He was employed for a considerable of bringing many to attend on the means of

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grace. From thence he has been removed pious and amiable Doddridge, it was thought to' a congregation lately formed at Killy- a more suitable person could not be selected. poor, among a class of interesting people, Since he has been employed, his conduct has who obtain a livelihood by the loom. This been so exemplary, that we indulge the hope place is about 20 miles north-west of Na- of his becoming extensively useful in the gercoil.

mission. He is very attentive to the study Boothroyd Moorhouse. The first called by

of the Scriptures, in the knowledge of wbich this name was a young man of interesting

his progress is very evident. He is stationed talents, but was habituated to lying, a sin

at his native village, Viragoodyerapu, whence very common in India. The person ap

he itinerates to the surrounding neighbourpointed in his place was, about two years

hood, from which a number of heathen ago, impressed by the preaching of the

families have been induced to join with those Word. At that time he could not read, but

who assemble on the Sabbath, and other was encouraged to make an attempt to learn ;

occasions, to worship the true God. this he did at intervals, wbich he redeemed

Of the remaining nine READERS, who are out of that portion of time, in which he had

but just entering upon their work, much to provide a maintenance, by the labour of

cannot at present be said. his hands, for himself and family. He made John Foxell has long made a profession of rapid progress in reading, and in a know- Christianity, and has made some considerable ledge of the gospel; and his conduct was so attainments in divine knowledge. He is consistent that I was induced to oint him placed over the new congregation at Palliauas the most suitable person I could obtain, dee, where many families have lately forto fill this situation, which becamo vacant saken heathenism, demolished their idol's about three months ago. He is under a re- temple, and are erecting in its place a small gular course of instruction with the other house for the worship of the only living and Readers, and in addition to this he has the true God. Palliaudee is situated about 20 assistance of P. Doddridge, a young man miles to the north-west of Nagercoil. of superior attainments, who is stationed very near him. Etambally is the sphere of John Edwards was among the first that. his labours.

entered the Seminary here ; he is a proing young man, to our regret, was obliged Anandanadenkudy-irapu. John Meybohm Venning, a very promis- mising youth, and has hitherto given much

satisfaction. He is stationed at present at to relinquish his office in consequence of a disease which greatly affected his speech. James Rathbone occupies a new station at He is now employed in the printing-office. Resta, in Tinnevelly, a district of some In this situation he conducts himself with the considerable extent, situated on the other greatest propriety, which, in connection with side of the Ghauts; rented of the Company other pleasing traits in his character, leads by Mr. Hughes, who is called by Dr. Bume to hope that he is an Israelite indeed. chanan, in his Christian Researches, the The young man who fills his place was one Philosopher of the Mountains. A few famiof the first who entered the Seminary; he lies have recently met together here for has made considerable progress in the English

Christian instruction. Their teacher, who language ; and I hope, from the superior ad- has been brought up from his infancy under vantages he has enjoyed under a religious the sound of the Gospel, is zealous and deeducation, he will not disappoint our ex

voted to his work. pectations, but prove himself worthy of the


ar is nephew to the Reader IVil. name he bears. He is stationed at Mana

liam H. Couper. At Putallam be has discharged lekaudu.

the duties of a Schoolmaster with much crePeter J. Hosch, is a very amiable young

dit to himself for a considerable time. I man, and has a desire to increase in know- hope he will be as diligent in his new sphere. ledge, but his station is at such a distance

He is stationed at Kanankollum in Tinnefrom Nagercoil, that he is unable to gratify velly. that desire to the extent of his wishes. I

William Bromley Cadogan hope to be able shortly to make such an

merly employed as a Schoolmaster at Tavearrangement as will bring him nearer to us.

yodu. His conduct bas been such as to enNaiyattangary a populous town, 25 miles from Nagercoil, on the public road to Tre

courage the hope that he will become an

useful auxiliary in extending the light of the vandrum, is the centre of his labours.

Gospel in that dark village, and in its neighPhilip Doddridge is a youth who bore the

bourhood. name Thomas Morell while in the Seminary Edward Bulm is the youngest son of at Nagercoil. Some account of his amiable the Reader, S. S. Greatheed.

He was disposition, and early indications of sincere devotedness to the Saviour, I have already the most proficiency of any in the Tamil

educated in our Seminary, and has made communicated. To bear the name of the and English Innguages. He is a modest

was fora

and promising youth, who I trust will be a most important subjects of theology, as much burning and shining light in this dark corner time is redeemed as my other duties will allow of the earth. He is stationed at present at to prepare useful treatises in the langnage. Nagercoil.

These, in connection with similar works William Cooper, is a descendant of one

published by the brethren in the peninsula, of the first families that made a profession,

furnish a continual variety of subjects for their and has from his

uth been brought up in perusal and meditation. By these means the Christian religion. He was received many of them are making rapid improveinto the Seminary at Nagercoil soon after its ments, the benefit of which is not confined establishment. Since he has left, he has

to themselves, but diffused throughout most been a schoolmaster in his native village, and

of the towns and villages in the south of in Paenguddy. He is now in a more en

Travancore, in some of which, through the larged sphere of action in Mandekadu; a

tender mercy of our God, the day-spring, place notorious for its idolatry, where, I trust, from on high is enlightening the abodes of he will be made a great blessing.

former darkness, and pointing the weary

traveller to the rest that remains for the Juhn Luchyer is a very interesting person, people of God. who has for a considerable time studied our

It appears from Mr. Mault's letter, books with attention, and has been induced

that in 1822 the following Readers were lately to make a decided profession of Chris

transferred to Quilon, in connection with the tianity. As I am anxious to give him further

mission at which place they have since instruction in the Christian religion, he is

laboured. Of six native Readers undesig. appointed to a village near to Nagercoil, nated, to be engaged in any part of the East where he will have privileges that those

Indies where most wanted ; two have been cannot enjoy who are stationed at a distance, engaged at Madras, two at Bangalore, one and more especially as he will have an oppor

at Bellary, and one is employed at Comtunity of attending our evening services, at bakonum, under Mr. Mead, who removed which portions of Scripture are expounded. thither from Nagercoil some time since, on

Robert Graham is a youth of promising account of the state of his health. The foltalents, upon whose mind the word of God, I "lowing Readers from Nagercoil have also trust, has frequently made a deep impressioil. removed to Combakonum :

Glass Kaye, He is just sent forth from the Seminary to George Clarke, William Vrwick, and B; his labours in the dark villages contiguous; W. Matthias, and are under the superinten. and I am sure that the Directors and the dence of Mr. Mead. friends of the Society will pray that the blessing of God may go with him.

DOMESTIC MISS. INTELLIGENCE. In concluding this account, it may be proper to remark, that the business of the native teachers is to read the Scriptures, and to

BAPTISM OF ANOTHER OF THE MADAGASCAR teach the catecbisms to those people who

YOUTHS. have made a profession of Christianity in the On Feb. 8, one of the Madagascar youths, villages where they respectively reside, and Rolan Balam, who is about to return to bis to travel to the towns and villages around, to native country, was, at his own request, pubinvite the heathen to forsake their idolatry and licly admitted to the rite of Christian baptism, sins, and to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, in the presence of a large congregation asthat they may be saved: to distribute tracts sembled in Grosvenor-street chapel, Manamong the heathen and others who are able chester. Mr. Bradley commenced the service to read them, and willing to receive them. with prayer; after which, Mr. Roby deThat this plan, wherever suitable instruments livered an impressive address on the occasion, can be obtained, is admirably adapted to and proposed a number of questions to the propagate the gospel, will appear to every candidate, which were answered in such a person acquainted with the state of society manneras to afford the highest gratification to in India. Indeed, some of the simple facts all present. Mr. Roby then baptized him by stated in the preceding pages are sufficient to the name of John, and Dr. Clunie concluded recommend it to general notice. I wish this most interesting service with prayer, particularly to hear of its being in universal We understand ibat the dear youth has since practice in India.

been unanimously admitted a member of the To render the READERS more efficient for church at New Windsor, under the pastoral their work, I østeem it an imperious duty to care of the Rev. James Priddie, and that pe . use every means in my power to impress upon culiar interest was felt, both at the churchtheir minds the neccesity of personal religion, meeting and at the administration of the and the importance of studying the Scrip Lord's supper. May this prove one of the tures, To make the path as plain as I can, first frullo" of a glorlone harvext in Madea bestdes assembling them every week to hear gascar, for which we earnestly ontreat the their reports, and to lecture them on the prayers of all the friends of missions,

In the course of this month it is expected following day, Mr. Ellis is engaged to attend that this interesting youth, accompanied by the Anniversary of the Branch Missionary a missionary and several artisans and their Society, at Rev. Mr. Slate's, Stand, near wives, amounting in all to ten persons, will Manchester, - embark for Madagascar.

On Wednesday, the 22d instant, the Anni

versary of the Bedfordshire Association, in aid NOTICES.

of Missions, will be held at Bedford, when the On Sunday morning, the 5th Instant, & Rev. Henry Townley is engaged to preach Sermon will be preached at Holland Chapel, in the morning, and some minister (not yet Brixton, (Rev. Dr. Styles') by the Rev. appointed) of the Baptist denomination in Henry Townley, preparatory to a General the evening. Meeting, to be held in the same place of On Sunday, the 26th, Sermons will be worship, on Tuesday evening the 7th instant, preached in Sheffield, on behalf of the Society, for the formation of an Auxiliary Missions when Rev. William Ellis, from the Sandary Society. William Alers Hankey, Esq. wich Islands, is expected, who will also Treasurer of the Parent Society, has engaged attend a public Missionary Meeting, proto take the Chair, (at Six o'clock). Also one posed to bo held the following day in that of the Secretaries, and several Missionaries town. and Ministers, are expected to attend on the On Tuesday and Wednesday, the 27th and occasion.

28th instant, the Anniversary of the AuxOn Sunday, the 19th instant, the Rev. Wil- iliary Missionary Society, for Leicester, liam Ellis is angaged to preach on behalf of Notts, and Derby, will be held at Derby, the Missionary Society, at (Rev. J. Fox's when the Rev. George Clayton, of London, chapel,) Bolton, Lancashire, in the morn- and the Rev. William Ellis are engaged to ing, and at Darwen in the evening. On the attend.


The Officers of Auxiliary Societies are respectfully and earnestly requested to acsompany their Remittances with correct Lists, having the Names of Places and Persons alphabetically arranged, as they appear in the Society's Annual Report.

[Collections, Anonymous Donations, and all other Donations of 5l. or upwards, received

from 18 January, to 16 February, 1826.)

84 05

2 8 6

Ellis ..........

Brought forward..
Mawdsley Street

Chapel.-Rev. W.

Missionary Box, per

Mr. Gill.
For the Education of

Native Females in
India, per Mrs.

2 100

17 15 0


10 0 0 Bank of England Note, No. 9855.

10 0 0 Haberdasher's Hall Meeting.--Collections after Sermons, per Rev. Messrs. Townley and


UNITED KINGDOM. Buckinghamshire. A Friend

2 0 0 Cambridgeshire.- Fordham Auxiliary Sodiety, per Rev. S. Ransom

4 70 Cornwall. - Penzanco Javenile Society. -per Rev. J. Foxell..

20 0 0 Devonshire.-Newton Abbott.--Rev. R. Crook. Subscriptions (Balance).

11 16 0 Kent.--Missionary Box, per Mrs. Greey

3 9 0 I. T.

1 1 0 Lancashire,—East Auxlliary Society.-J. H.

Heron, Esq. Treas.
Bass Lane Chapel...
Bolton.--Duke's Alley

Chapel Branch
Society. Rev. J.

78 179
Carsy forward,

106 13 la
Less Expenses 8 00

98 13 11
Delph.--Rev. Mr. Holroyd ..
Haslingden.-Rev. P. Ramsay. 12 0 0
Manchester.-Leaf-square Gram-

mar School Association, per
Rev. Dr. Clanie..

6 150
Stand.--Rev. R. Slate.

Subscriptions... 11 16 0
Sunday School

2 11 1
Missionary Boxes 3 29
Coll. after Sermon.. 4 18 D

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22 7 10

· 144 16 I

Preston Auxiliary Society.

Brought forward..80 19 1 Mr. J. Hamer, Treas.

Landovery. Rev. Mr. Powell... 2 16 3 Contributions,... 42 19 3

Collected by Messrs. Thomas R. Thornber's Mis.

and Rees

3 11 9 Box 011 7


1 1 0 43 10 10

Miss Walters, for the Education Elswick Branch. Rev. D. Ed.

of Females in India (A)

1 0 wards

10 11 10 Clifton ditto. Rev. J. Bryning 6 16 8

Lanybre.—Rev. Mr. Rees

3 5 0 Freckleton and Wharton.-Ditto. 2 12 0

Hanover.-Rev. E. Davies

6 0 Kirkhand... .Ditto. 6 8 8

Treleeh.-Rev. Messrs. M. and E.
70 0 0

4 12 2 Middlesex.-Whetstone and Totteridge Aux

Juvenile Society

4 3 3 iliary Society, per Mr. Lines 4 14 8 Lanrhyd ditto

2 92 Shropshire.-Wollerton-Friends, per Rov. D.

Lamvinio ditto

1 7 10 Davies 2 90 Henvethen ditto

1 15 1 Somerset.Barton St. David's. Rev. W. Rey.

Crugnanfaéh ditto ..

1 6 2 nolds and Congregration 2 0 0 Capel Uan

4 0 0 Warwickshire.-H. I.


1 15 6 Wilts and North-East Somerset Auxiliary Mis


1 18 0 sionary Society, W. M. Everett, Esq. Treas. 1000 Juvenile Society

3 12 3 Worcester. - Lady Huntingdon's

Peterwell.—Collection and JuChapel. Rev. E. Lako,

venilo Society Subscriptions.. 5 5 0

29 8 0 Penny Saciety ................

17 12 7
Narberth ....

03 0 Legacy

0 5 0
23 2 7

97 4 1 Wales, North, Auxiliary Society.-W. Wil

Less Expences

1 liamson, Esq. Treas.

145 00 Wales, South, Auxiliary Society.

93 1 0 Rey. D. Peter, Treas. Rhodiad and St. David's, by Rev.

Glamorganshire. - Gower. The J. Griffiths

7 0 4

late Lady Barham's Chapel.Subscription..

1 1 0

Rev. W. Hammerton. 8 4 Bethel Chapel

2 1 6 Bridgend. Rev.Messrs. Skeel and


4 0 6 Davies

3 3 3

Girls' Sehool .....

1 1 2 Sunday School 0 14 0

6 1 8 Sion Hill

1 6 0
Immanuel Chapel

0 7 0 Subscription...

1 0 0
Mount Pifgah

2 6 0
6 3 3 Paracleto

6 13 3 Talybont - Rev. Mr. Ellis

0 12 8

0 19 9
Sunday School and Branches 6 1 7
Salem Chapel

1 09

Montgomeryshire.-Welsh Pool.-Collected by
Produce of a Hen

0 10 0
Miss S. Jones

5 10 9 8 B 0 Scotland. - Edinburgh Auxiliary Brecon.Coll. by Miss Morgan 9 4 8

Missionary Society, per G.
Ditto, Miss Dunn 1 18 4

Yule, Esq. Secretary

30 0 0
1 1 0

Alva ditto.-Rev. Mr. Smith 5 0
12 4 0

86 0 Bethlehem. Rev. Mr. Philipps 4 9 2 Sunday School..

2 5 9

Nairnshire Society, for the propaSt. Clears

0 10 9

gation of the Gospel, per Rev. Sunday School.

3 8 10
W. Barclay..

3 10 6 Rhydyceisian

2 2 0
Nairn Juvenile Society

1 3 6
Sunday School..
3 90

0 0 0 16 5 6 Ayton, per Mr. D. Renton

10 0 Rothsay. --Society for Religious purposes, Carried forward..50 19 1 per Rev. J. Denon, Secretary ....

70 0

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[ocr errors]

Fund for the Widows and Orphans of Missionaries.
J. Kinnard, Esq...

10 10 0

10 0 0
D. Lister, Esq.
Rev. Dr. Steinkopff

5 0 0
Mr. Nash ..

1 1 0

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