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the opposition and unkindness they have ex- destroyer; and the second is the residence of perienced. Tehei and Upa, and their wives Punchanaud, a god denominated the King are most active, and are an example to of diseases. (It is an object of great.terror teachers. Such is the Captain's testimony. to the natives.) Before this inquirer's door Brother Williams and brother Bourne have pass thousands of people daily, wbilst the received letters from the Islands of Mitiaro, officiating Brahmins occupy the adjoining Rarotonga, and Aitutake, where teachers temples, yet he is neither afraid nor ashamed from the several churches in the Society to get the native Cbristian to read and exIslands are stationed, from whom the So- plain the scriptures in his shop. This serciety will bear a fuller account than I can vice is occasionally followed by singing and give. The natives had embraced the Gospel prayer. The above mode of conduct has, of besore, of which accounts have been sent; course, exposed him to the ridicule of his they are continuing to improve. Rarotonga, companions, nevertheless, he states his conbrother Williams informs me, is subject to viction of the truth of Christianity with great our Lord and Saviour. The other islands firmness. Opposite bis seat of merchandiza are not so decided, but the Gospel is pre- is one of our preaching stations; there is, vailing.

consequently frequent religious disputations We have received from the Society a sup- in the market-place. Oh! may God make ply of slates, since which we have introduced his word effectual to the conversion of multithe British system into our Children's School, tudes in this place. and, I think, it will answer exceedingly well, when we have completed our design. The New Native Chapel.-- Services and Attendaverage daily attendance is, at present, about

ance at the same. 200. Our family, through divine mercy, We bave now, through. mercy, a neat are well.

Pukka chapel, adjoining the premises of the

house we occupy. Contiguous to this, are EAST INDIES.

the boys and girls' schools, in the rear of which reside Ramburree and his family. The

chapel is occupied in the following manner. Letter of the Rev. Samuel Trawin, Mis

The boys belonging to the seminary are resionary at Calculta, dated Kidderpore, gularly taught in it.-Sabbath mornings, naAugust 18, 1825, addressed to the Secres tive worship.-Afternoons, reading the Scriptary.

tures.-Evenings, English worship.—TuesNative Converts.

day evenings native worship.- Thursday

mornings, the schoolmasters and others go The Lord has, during the past year, blessed through a course of religious instruction from our feeble labours with a very encouraging eleven to half past one.-Friday evenings, degree of success. In addition to many

reading the Scriptures and prayer. Our Eng. pleasing prospects of usefulness, which you lish congregation fluctuates from 18 to 40. will perceive are now opening around us, It is increased of late, by the attendance of a we have the joy of recording the conversion number of youths from Mr. Kyd's Dockof two brothers. Our little native flock now yard. These boys are bound to Mr. Kyd by consists of three, Ramhurree, Shristedhor, an apprenticing Society, which was lately and Chandee, a female convert. These in- formed in Calcutta, for the purpose of teachdividuals were not long since sitting in the ing useful trades to a number of orphan boys, region of darkness, and in the valley of the and others who are in a measure unprovided shadow of death, but thanks be to God for his for. The above gentleman has, at present, infinite mercy, that on them he hath caused seven, and intends increasing the number to to shine the light of life. They formerly 25. Among the lads, already bound, are three joined in the frantic reveries of idol worship, from the South Sea Islands. We look upon and thus proved by their deeds of darkness these young persons with peculiar interest

, that they were under the absolute control of because they come from a place that God the prince of the power of the air ; but now, has so eminently blessed. When they know we trust, they are clothed, and in their right a little more of the English language, we hope mind sitting at the feet of Jesus. Amidst the to give them a course of religious instruction. general gloom that covers this land of dark- And oh! may they also be brought to walk ness, oh! how cheering to see the true light in the light of the Lord, as do their bappy beginning to shine. Another pleasing cir- countrymen in their native land. cumstance I shall notice. It relates to a Hindoo. This man, (a shop-keeper,) who

Increase of Native Schools. is constant in his inquiries as to Christianity, A third circumstance that gives us much and affords us very pleasing hopes that his pleasure is the increase of Christian schools, convictions will issue in a sound conversion. for the benefit of the natives. Our spbere His shop is situated in the midst of a large of missionary labour, in this interesting der bazar, (or_marked close by tvo heathen partment, bos, indeed, widened to treat

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schools, five of them are under the superin- gernauth ; parties of these deluded wan. tendence of my beloved partner, and the derers, occasionally listen to the word of residue under my own care. Mrs. Trawin life by the way; and who knows but their has, during the past year, opened three girls feet may, by this means, be turned into the schools. One at Kidderpore-a second, at path of peace. It is distressing to think Bhobanipore,* adjoining the boys school; how many of them die on the road. To and a third, at the village of Howalee, de- detail all the causes of premature death nominated the Irvine Female School.

among an idolatrous people, would be diffi. At these schools, catechisms and short cult indeed. Here frequently, no value is prayers are committed to memory—the put upon the precious life, and the horrid ce. Scriptures are daily read and explained, and remonies that generally ensue at death are a goodly number of adults are gaining a

dreadful to relate. considerable knowledge of the fundamental I shall just advert to a circumstance or truths of Christianity, by the catechetical two that have come under my own observalectures delivered at the schools and the tion. Soon after we came to Kidderpore, a Bengalee sermon which follows. In the native of Burdwan died here. The people villages of Bealla and Dhopopara Modeilly, understanding that he had left a wife, imtwelve months ago, we believe not a ray of mediately despatched a messenger to inthe true light sbone--not a portion of the form her of her husband's decease, and the word of God was to be seen, and now we corpse was detained until they knew whether have the pleasure of seeing in each of these she would immolate herself on the funeral more than a hundred boys learning the cate- pile. On the 5th day she arrived with her chism, and from twenty to thirty attentively son, on the 6th she obtained the magistrate's reading the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour permission to burn, and on the 7th the body, Jesus Christ. Many of the boys are Brahmin or rather the remains of the putrid mass was youths of sixteen years and upwards. Our taken out of the house, when the widow and prayer now is, that the schools may get her son, with a vast concourse of people, more and more efficient, that the seminary proceeded to the place of burning, where, may be furnished with promising youths; after performing the usual ceremonies, she and, finally, that able schoolmasters and expired in the flames, which her own son preachers may be supplied to diffuse the had so unnaturally kindled. knowledge of divine truth in this land of idols. Another instance is that of a poor man Should the Lord bless this infant cause, great that was drowned off Chitlah about three good will, we trust, be done in his name, months ago. This occurred whilst I was and to bim shall be all the praise.

attending the school there. The mun, a poor An extensive field of labour is now open cow-keeper, was crossing the stream that before us, where the seed of the kingdom has parts Chittah from Kaleeghaut, holding by never been sown, and an encouraging degree the tail of one of his cattle, (a mode of fordof success has been granted. The first-fruits ing rivers not unfrequent in this country.) have been already gathered, though the The poor man, however, left his hold and great harvest of immortal souls is yet to be was drowned. The body being found, and reaped. What remains then for us, but to no relative or friend appearing to burn it, sow our seed in the morning, and in the the people stuck the corpse upon four bamevening not to withhold our hand, to labour boos, to be devoured by the fowls of the air. in season and out of season, in order to bring Oh! the sights that meet us at every turn in sinners to Christ, and to abound in fervent this heathen land, surely they are enough to prayer for the out-pouring of the Spirit,“ that move the callous heart of an infidel. It is the wilderness may speedily become like almost impossible to convey a correct idea of Eden, and the desert like the garden of the the ghastly spectacles that are constantly Lord,

exhibited in the public roads and at the Hin

doo temples. Misery of the Idolaters-Suttee, &c. &c. To look at the famished bxlies of the pil.

This station, (viz. Kidderpore and its grims, to behold the diseased and distorted environs), contains an immense multitude

limbs of the numerous devotees, and espeof immortal souls, add to which, it is only cially to observe the painted bodies of some three miles from the native part of Calcutta.

ascetics who wander about in a state of alThe road, on which our chapel stands, is

most entire nudity, is enough to fill the much frequented by pilgrims from all the

mind with horror and amazement at the sun eastern parts of Bengal, in their way to Jug- perstitions of the people. Oh! the demo

ralizing effects of idolatry! how it tends to • At this station some young men have

injure the body and destroy the soul. learnt to sing, and this circumstance bus

In addition to these every day scenes the tended very much to increase the congrega

cholera is raging among the natives, and tion, On last Monday evening there was slaying thousands upon thousands, The* pot room for the people to sit many of our Auditory were very respeótable patives,

Tyo fishermon who residę about thre


Chitlab schoolmaster informed me on Thurs. brands from everlasting burning ? Oh! no, day morning, tbat 366 bodies had been burnt that cannot be. If we forget or neglect the on the opposite side of the stream the pre- heathen, as some would wish us to do, and ceding day. The scene around us is awful thes abandon them to their low and lust indeed. At the ghauts used for burning, eztate, then, where is our christi. e. sympathy? the fires are neither quenched day nor night. where our gratitude ? where those bowels of I endeavoured to improve the event in my mercy which the Scriptures admonish us to address to the natives on Thursday morning. put on? Rather let us say if we forget them, Some seemed much affected, others observed let our right band forget her cunning and our it is our destiny, and no one can alter it, the tongue cleave to the roof of our mouth. present calamity,added they, is God's visitation I now close by wishing you continued and for sin, and there is no possible way of stopping increased success in your great undertaking, its progress. I begged them to view the sub- and by requesting a continued interest in ject in another light; and assured them that your kind remenibrances and priyers both whilst sin was the sole cause of all our afflic- for ourselves and dear fellow-labourers. tions, and death, that God had sent this P.S. A gentleman, whose name I am not mortality to warn them of their danger, und at liberty to mention, has given me his order to call them to repentance for sin and faith for filty Rupees per mensem, towards our Na. in our Lord Jesus Christ.

tive Seminary, Itis gratifying to observe that, Thus are we surrounded with objects of including the house with which we are kindly misery. Sin reigas unto death.

The strong

accommodated, the Society is not receiving mun armed keeps his palace, and his goods

less from this siation than 147 Sicca Rupees are in peace. Oh how much I wish that the (or £14 to £15 sterling) per month, and all friends of missions could for a moment visit this from a few individuals. this valley of bones. Could they on the banks of the Ganges witness the death of a poor Hindoo, surely it would be a scene not soon to be forgotten. There they would behold one half of the body of the expiring Extract of a Letter from the Rev. Edmund idolater immersed in water with the name of Crisp, dated 5th Murch, 1825, addressed Gungo written on his breast and forehead.

to the Secretary. Around this appalling spectacle stand the I am concerned to state, that ever since surviving relatives and friends crying Hurree, last November I have been an invalid. At Hurree, Hurree, Krishnu. The crimes of one time the disorder assumed such an apHurree (or Krishnu) the Hindoo god, it is well

pearance, that my medical attendant conknown are too enormous to be mentioned, and sidered my life to be in danger. I am still yet they suppose that merely pronouncing his considered to be in such a state as renders it name at death operates like fire, and imme

improper for me to preach. I cannot but diately consumes all the sins the dying person feel this disqualification, especially as it has has committed. Thus expires the Hindoo, continued so long ; but I would still be awfully deceived, without Christ, without thankful to Him who has aiñicted me, only, God, and consequently without iny well. I trust, to bring me nearer to himself, and, grounded hope ; and now who is there that perhaps, to prepare me for more effectually will not exclaim with the Prophet,Oh that exercising my ministry. my head were waters, and my eyes a fountain It has been the opinion of some of my of tears, that I might we'p day and night friends, that nothing less than a sea-voyage for the slain!Dwelling in this awlul dark- would thoroughly restore me, and indicaness, the heathen claims especially our pity, tions of a very hot season approaching, our prayers, our property, and our utmost exertions. God forbid that the familiarity of idea. But

impressed them still more strongly with the those scenes should cool our own affections, or

felt unwilling to believe that

such a measure was necessary, and I was, the want of immediate success damp the zeal of our christian friends. Oh! shall we see

in every respect, arerse to it, unless it were them literally drawn unto death and ready io

indispensable. I therefore preferred following:

another plau which was proposed, -that of be slain without pointing them to Jesus who came to avert the stroke? Shall we see them

taking up my abode, during the hot months, dropping into hell by thousands without be

at Mai Lapoor (or St. Thomé) a place about

five miles from the fort, and about the same seeching the Father of mercies to pluck these distance from Vepery. We had previously

tried the effect of the air of the neighbourmiles from this station, and have heard the hood, and I found it exceedingly beneficial, preaching of the gospel here, seem impressed which determined me on removing hither ; with the word. They have applied for the ordinance of baptism. I have converseu with

and here I cannot deny myself the pleasure them at different periods, and am not without

of mentioning the very great kindness shown hope that a work of grace may have been

me by the Madras Wesleyau brethren. They

invited me and my family to their house at begun in their hearts.

Royapettah, and, during the whole of the

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last month we lived with them, experiencing is not a good god,” (alluding to their gods every kindness which Christianity or friend- of stocks and stones.) ship could dictate. And whilst recording In December last, a considerable sensation the kindness of these gentlemen, (the Rev. was produced by a public discussion wbich Messrs. Carver and Hoole) I may also men- took place here, between Samuel Flavel, the tion, that during the whole of my illness, native teacher, and a Roman Catholic. our friends in general alleviated, as far as A respectable and well-informed native came they could, by sympathy and kindness, the from Madras to Bangalore on business. In sufferings we were called to endure; and going his rounds as a merchant, he called that they were sufferings, you will readily one day at the house of Samuel. Embracing admit, when I tell you that, about five days this opportunity of holding forth the truth of after I was attacked, our child was, to all the gospel, Samuel began to speak to him appearance, in dying circumstances, and about the religion of Christ, and the necescontinued, as it were, hanging between life sity of being born again. From the converand death for some days. His disease, how- sation, it very soon appeared that the man ever, as well as my own, has, through was a Roman Catholic. All that Samuel divine goodness, yielded to the remedies said was well received, till he spoke against employed. I hope that our temporary resi- praying to the Virgin Mary and departed dence in this neighbourhood may give us an

saints. After much disputing, the man opportunity of doing some good. It is a wished the dispute to be postponed till anodark place, inhabited by great numbers of ther time, and that it should be public. At Roman Catholics; and as I find my strength length it was agreed that they should meet and ability for labour fast returning, I hope in the most convenient place which could be soon to have no other impediment in my procured in the bazar. Preparatory to work than what will necessarily arise out of the meeting, Samuel proposed the four folmy distance from the general scene of our lowing questions, as the ground of their labours.

future discussions --Is the faith of the Ro. man Catholic church the faith of the church of Christ? Is the church of Rome the church of Cbrist ? Are its ceremonies,--such as

bowing to the priests with their faces to the Extracts of a Letter from the Rev. Messrs.

ground, counting their bends, and wearLaidler, Campbell and Chambers, Mis- ing crosses round their necks,--the ceremosionaries at Bangalore, dated 15th May, nies of the church of Christ? Are its acts 1825, addressed to the Secretary.

of worship,--such as bowing to images, DEAR SIR,

ringing of bells, c.lawíul in the church Time calls on us to renew our accounts of of Christ? Nine days were allowed for the the state of this mission. Every season

consideration of these questions, after which brings us nearer to the glorious epoch, when

they met in a large room in the bazar to disChrist “shall reign fron shore to shore, and

cuss them. The meetings were attended, in from the rivers unto the ends of the earth." generul, by sixty or seventy persons, many The work rests on the surest foundation; of whom were heathens, and were continued it advances steadily to its consummation ; for upwards of a fortnight. They were conand the time will at length arrive, when this

ducted with decorum and good temper on world shall have become an immense temple,

both sides, and were finished, both in point wbere God will be worshipped in spirit, in

of argument and conviction, much to the truth, and in the beauty of holiness. Still advantage of the cause of truth. In them we the obstacles which oppose the universal

hailed the revival of other times; we thought progress of the truth, are great and numerous.

of the contests which, in the days of Luther Amidst all this opposition, however, the

and of Calvin, produced such effects in the enemy is kept within bounds. Resting se

western world; and we rejoiced in the hope cure in his bulwarks, he does not venture to

that this might prove a commencement of the oppose our open declaration of the truth in more certain and speedy overtbrow of Antithe streets and lanes of the city, our preach

christ in this distant land. ing from house to house the glorious gospel of peace in the villages, and our distribution of light and salvation through the medium of

Puhlic Discussion between Samuel Flavel, tracts and portions of the Bible throughout

the Native Teacher at Bangalore, and a the country.

Roman Cath (travelling merchant) Amongst the people, we cannot but re

from Madras. joice to see a spirit of inquiry prevailing to HAVING met in the Bazar, the first quesa very considerable extent, and contemplate tion was proposed by Samuel. it as the forerunner of better and happier SAMUEL, Is the faith of the Roman Catho. days than this part of the world bas yet seen. lic church the faith of the church of Christ ? Many are dissatisfied with their present abo. CATHOLIC. Yes; the faith of the church minable system, and begin to say, “ That of Christ.

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S. Prove it to me.

them, and bring them forward, and, conC. We have not our Bible with us, vinced, I will avow my belief. S. Here is a Bible.

C. I do not say that such things are in the C. O, that is not the word of God; that Latin Bible; but, at the same time, there is the Lutheran scripture. Many words are are many things, which Protestants believe, contained in it, which do not belong to the that are not found in the Scriptures. word of God,

S. What are these? S. Be so kind as point them out to me, C. They have godfathers and godmothers and we will leave them all out of the argu. standing at baptism; they print the Scriptures, ment.

and distribute them amongst the common C. I cannot now point them out to you; people; they keep Good Friday. All these but our ministers say they are there.

things they do without any command in the 8. Then it is your ministers who say such Bible. things, not you.

S. As to godfathers and godmothers, this A small book was now produced, to show is not a subject of faith—they were appointed the incorrectness of the translation.

in the times of persecution, when many C. There are in the second command- were cut off by the sword, lest children ment, in the Latin, no words for “


should be left without any guardians. Then, image;" yet the Lutherans have put in these as to the Scriptures being given to the comwords; and having done the same in many mon people, did not Christ command his other parts, the translation cannot be correct. disciples to go into all the world, and preach

S. Our Scriptures are translated from the the gospel to every creature? After his Hebrew and Greek; and the translators resurrection, he sent them out to all nations were so careful in giving them according to to preach the word of salvation. When God the original, that when a word was to be sent Peter to the Gentiles—to Cornelius, supplied, they have put it in italics, as any of what was the lesson he intended to teach you may know who have perused them. But us ?-that nothing was common or unclean; these Scriptures can be taken to your minis- that the Gentiles, as well as the Jews, ters, and all that they point out as incorrect, were to hear his word; and that no distincI will be answerable for. Since, however, tion of character or sect was to prevent them you have not your Bible with you to proceed from hearing or receiving the word of God. to the subject, you may give us from memory Why did the apostles write their letters, and what you believe, and I will tell you what I send them to the churches ? It was surely believe, and we can argue accordingly. that they might be read amongst them all,

C. I agree to your proposal, and you may and might be for the advantage of the church proceed.

in every age. And how did we come to be S. I believe, then, that Jesus Christ is Christians ? Were we not formerly heathe Son of God; that he is the only Media- thens ? Was it not through the word of tor between God and man; that he is the God that we were converted ? And is it not way, the truth, and the life; that he is able

by the same means that all our people are to to save to the uttermost all that come unto be turned from their idols ? And if they God by him ; and that he is the only Advo- hear and receive this word, will it not make cate who intercedes for us at the right hand them good men, and fit them for heaven ? of his Father. Is this your belief, or wherein Why, then, keep the Bible from them? does your belief differ from it ?

C. But you say that all who hear and believe C. No. We believe that Jesus Christ, the word of God are Christians. Catholics recalling his disciples to him, said to St. Peter, ceive the word of God, and believe in Christ, “ Thou art the rock," and on this rock the and must therefore be Christians.

Why, church is built; and according to these then, when Catholics come to you, and hear words of Christ, we are the church of Christ. you preach and renounce our church, do you

S. If you believe St. Peter to be the rock baptize them again ? Here you make a on which the apostles built, of course you separation. If they are Christians, why do must believe all the epistles which he and you make this difference ? they have written, and receive all the truths S. To be sure we make a difference, but those epistles contain.

it is because they are Roman Catholics. C. Yes.

After we preach the gospel, if a man believes S. Where, then, do you find Paul, or it, be renounces Roman Catholicism, and Peter, or John, instructing the saints to becomes a Christian Catholic. When he worship the Virgin Mary, or to pray to de- has left all the superstitions of the church of parted spirits, or to intercede for the dead, Rome, he comes to believe all that is conor speaking of purgatory, &c. ?

tained in the church of Christ. After he After a pause, no proof being produced, has believed the pure Gospel, he has need Samuel proceeded.

to be baptized, because he was before a disS. Should your priests be able to give ciple of Antichrist. you, from the writings of those apostles, any C. Who do you call Antichrist ? proofs, even from their Latin version, mark S, The church of Rome, Christ is the

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