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Saviour of all who believo in him. He is S. Those images were not made to be the only Mediator between God and man. worshipped. You know that God gave tho But Antichrist tells the people to pray to second commandment, which forbids the the dead, to the Virgin, and to all the saints. dreadful sin of image-worship. The che

C. You cannot prove that the pope is not a rubim were made, not to be seen, but to be very humble man to Christ; he is the true kept in the holy of holies. The making leader of the Christian established church. of the serpent, and placing it on a pole, But who is Antichrist?

was done at the command of God, and is S. The pope is the enemy of Christ, and nearer your idea than the making of the has ever been destroying the church of cherubim. The people went after this serChrist, therefore, he must be Anti- pent, and worshipped it; but Hezekiah, that christ. A Papist is an Antichristian,- good prince, commanded it to be broken in therefore, he must become a disciple of pieces, because of the people's sin and folly. Cbrist before he is baptized, not having The 4th verse of the 18th chapter of known before what Christ said, or did, or 2 Kings was here read. wished him to do. Without having Christ C. If God has not forbidden the making in the heart, a man does not belong to the of the cherubim, we have a right to continuo church of Christ ; he is like those men of the making of images, and to place them in old who, in the city of Ephesus, attempted to our churches, cast out devils, and to whom the devils S. If you take your authority for acting in replied, Paul we know, Christ we know ; this manner from the cherubim, then you but who are you?

should make your images of the same shape ; C. But Antichristians, as you call them, and you should keep Aaron's rod, the pot of also baptize in the name of Christ.

manna, &c. and sprinkle the blood before S. Very true. Satan knew very well that the altar. And thus, doing all these things, the Saviour, at his temptation, was the Son you would prove yourselves to be of the of God; but he wished him to fall down and Jewish, rather than the Christian church. worship at his feet. So does the pope wish Idolatry was proved from many passages to to make the name of Christ promote bis be not merely a foolish, but a wicked and designs, and make him even fall down to abominable thing. worship him. I will give you a parable :- Here the argument was shifted. A Company's note of 200 or 300 pagodas C. We make the image only to look at, has certain marks by which it is known. not to worship it. If that note be altered in any way, it is S. That is not correct, according to the destroyed, and thrown away. A Spanish belief of your church. dollar, also, has got a superscription on it. C. This is the opinion of our church, and That is always received as silver; but if one agrees with the sacred Scriptures. Solomon was to be formed of lead, and was passing made images for the temple, but not for for silver, as soon as it was discovered to be worship. lead, this superscription would not be regard- S. Will you put in writing, and sign your ed, and the base coin would immediately be name to it, that the church of Rome makes thrown away. So with the name of Christ in images only to look at, not to worship ? your baptism. The Saviour ordered his C. No. I will not give my name in apostles to baptize those who believed; but writing about that. Antichrist asks first, do you believe in the Here the heathens present showed them.

Do you believe in the church of selves much disposed to laugh at the expense Rome? Do you believe in the Virgin Mary? of the Catholics. Christ ordered them to baptize with water; C. The Protestants make images to look but Antichrist uses salt, and spittle, and oil, at, and not to worship, as well as the Cathoand with such a mixture, and without his lics. In your Bibles you have pictures of authority, makes a cross on the forehead, and Jesus Christ, &c. and we have the same in tongue, and back. Christ said, baptize our chapels. them in the name of the Father, of the Son, S. Very well; we shall bring these picand of the Holy Ghost;" but Antichrist tures and throw them, before you, into the says, “I build thee on the rock Peter," and fire, and say, in reference to religious vethen adds the words of Christ. Is this neration, “we reject them.” If you will do Christian baptism ?

the same with your images, this argument

is at an end, and we shall consider another S. Is the worship of the church of Rome, subject. such as worshipping images, saints, &c. the The Catholics who were present on this same as that of the church of Christ ?

rose up, and said, “ If this man say we will C. God himself has commanded the wor- do so, we will lay hold of him by the neck, ship of images, both in the Old and New and push him out of the house." The Testaments. The command given to make heathens now interfered, and said, “ You the cherubim, and place them over the keep too long hesitating, and cannot depend mercy-seat, was quite express.

on yourself on this part; we wish to hea

pope ?


something more on the other questions, and The above may be said to be an impertherefure you had better give up this." fect translation, as Samuel speaks his own

C. It is impossible to give up this, for language not only very correctly, but often without seeing the image of God, not one with elegance and eloquence. The other can go to the kingdom.

questions remain to be discussed. Heathens to Samuel. Is this true ?

S. No. The image wbich the Catholics worship is that of Jesus Christ. But be- Whilst such sensations have been created fore Jesus Christ came into the world, many in Bangalore, the villages around bave mani. went to heaven, as Enoch, Noah, and Abra- fested no less concern to bear and receive the ham, and a thousand others.

Gospel. Many of them have been visited; a C. I did not mean the Old Testament, great number bave listened with deep anxiety but the New. All the apostles saw the to the good news of salvation : and not a few body of Christ. When Christ ascended up have received it with pleasure, and have to heaven, the apostles were sent to preach, treated its messengers with marked esteem and carried the image of Christ in their and kindness. On these itinerating and hands. They could not preach without the interesting occasions, Samuel Flavel is acimage.

companied by the native teachers, David, Heathens to Samuel. Is it true that the Jacob, Joseph, and some others, all of whom apostles took little images in their pockets express their great concern about the souls when they set out to preach in different

and eternal welfare of their countrymen. places?

They enter a town, or a large village. In S. Allow me to make some observations this street there is one, in that there is anobefore I speak of this. The villages around ther, and in different parts they all take belong to the Roman Catholics. The people up their stations to arrest the attention are ignorant and simple. The rajah sends of the people, to declare what God has done his order for the rents, and these orders are for their own souls, to expose the folly and sealed; the people see this, and obey. But guilt of worshipping idols, and to invite them if any one were to go to the people, and give to Christ as the only medium through which orders in the name of the rajah, and holding sinners can approach, and can be reconciled out a picture, say, this is the image of the to the living God. The attention of the rajah, and therefore you must obey, no one people being thus excited, they retire would regard him. In like manner, Christ the Choultry, where they spend the whole sent his apostles to preach the Gospel, and of the day in discussions with the Brahmins, to warn the people of their danger; and this and all wbo come to inquire---reasoning. message was accompanied by the sealing of with the people on the dreadful danger the Spirit, which made the people obey ;

their idolatry--and the excellence of the but no account says they carried an image, religion of Christ, in distributing tracts and of Christ, and demanded obedience when portions of the Scriptures, and in proclaiming they showed it. Now, (addressing the hea- aloud the grace and compassion of God to thens) compare the message of Christ, and sinners. After thus visiting five, or ten, or his language in John iii. 5. to Nicodemus, fifteen villages, they return, much refreshed with the language of this man about images by their exertions, and more disposed than in the hand of the apostles. (The 9th of the ever to study and to labour for the glory of Acts of the Apostles was then read.) Luke

God. (said Samuel) here makes no mention of seeing any image in the hands of the

Native Church and Congregation. apostles. Without such an image, St. Paul The native church and congregation conwas himself converted. The Ethiopian tinues to prosper. Since our last

report, the eunuch was reading Isaiah, and Philip number of hearers has varied from sixty to preached to him Jesus, but did not show him seventy ; seventeen have received the ordiany image, yet the man was converted. nance of baptism, six of whom were heathens, Stephen was not supported by seeing any six Roman Catholics, and five children; nino image before he was stoned, but he saw have been admitted to full communion; so Christ himself in heaven.

that the number of members now amounts The lst chap. of Romans from the 20th, was to thirty-five, all of whom, as far as we can now read. The heathens took up the Bible judge, walk' in the fear of the Lord, and themselves, and read the passage over, and adorn the worthy name by which they are commented on it, and said, “No further called. Beside this service in the chapel, proof is necessary, for Christ's human body there are eight places where the gospel is is only a creature." The heathens and regularly preached, either on the Lord's-day Catholics spoke very warmly for nearly two or during the week. The attendance, though hours, whilst Samuel remained silent as a at most is not very numerous, is such as to bearer. Samuel closed by referring to Rom. encourage the hope, that in this way

the i. 17, and compared it with what Christ said truth will be more extensively spread, and to Thomas, John xx. 29; and Acts xvii. 29; that the word, through the power of the with 1 John v, 21,

Spirit, may reach the consciences of those

who would neither take the trouble nor ministers of the New Testament, and emispend the time to go any distance to hear it. nent instruments in hastening the glory of

the latter day. Aware of the deceitfulness Sckools.

of the human heart, and of the professions On account of the limited means which which may be made without any real we possess, and the folly of the parents in spiritual religion, we would not be top taking away their children when they begin sanguine with regard to ultimate success in to afford us encouragement, tbe girls' scbool every instance. But as the conduct must is greatly reduced. Amongst the few, how- be the grand criterion of our judgment, we ever, who are under instruction, some have would look beyond the range of disappointmade considerablo progress in their own ment, and commit, in the path of duty, tbę language ; but till greater exertions are work and every result to the disposal of God. made on beball of this degraded part of our Their character is consistent with the propopulation,-till the pious motbers and sis- fessions wbich they have made ; while all ters of our bighly-favoured country put forth, of them cultivate that devotedness of spirit, in a special manner, their energies to extri- and those holy dispositions of mind, which cate the wretched daughters of India from ought to be conspicuous in the servants of their cruel vassalage, few, we are afraid, Christ; some of them have given the most will be the number of those who, in this decided evidence of their attachment to him country, will rise to be mothers in Israel, who redeemed them, and their determination and transmit to their posterity the knowledge to live to his glory. Diligent as they are in of peace and salvation.

business, fervent in spirit, and serving the The boys' school engages our expectations. Lord; the time, we hope, is not far distant In their own language, the progress of many when we shall have the pleasure of informing shows that they attend to the instructions you, that one here, and another there, are which they receive. Many of them have performing, in a faithful and zealous manlearned portions of the sacred volume; ner, all the duties of devoted preachers to others have committed to memory a part of their countrymen, Watts's catechism, translated into Tamil ; and all of them give us ground to hope that,

Public Religious Services. from this institution many will rise to call Our English services on Wednesday and the Redeemer blessed; many will yet come Sabbath evenings are still well attended. forth to cry aloud, as watchmen on the towers Our Lord's day morning service increases, of Zion, and not only defend her territories, and gives us encouragement to persevere. and carry the war into the enemy's camp, Nothing can be more cheering to the mind in but erect, on the bulwarks of the prince of this distant land, than, amidst our numerous darkness, the victorious banners of the engagements which regard the heathen, to Prince of Peace.

preach alternately to an attentive and respecNative Seminary.

table congregation of Europeans. A few,

we trust, are inquiring the way to Zion But the seminary is the great object of with their faces 'thitherward. It is not our attention--the great foundation of our surely too much to say, that peace reigns hopes, and, so far as relates to this mission, within our walls, and prosperity within our the great subject of our prayers. Eight in palaces ;---that real and spiritual religion number, the students have a stimulus to flourishes at Bangalore. Yes. Here there zeal in the best of causes, and to emulation is much of that concern about eternal realiin the noblest pursuits. As disciples of ties, much of that devotedness to God, much Christ, some of them have committed to of that spirituality of mind, much of that memory large portions of the Bible, and are interest in each others' spiritual welfare, daily acquiring those treasures which, we much of that thirsting after God, and the trust, will, in their estimation, be better extension of his kingdom, which ought to than thousands of gold or silver. As the characterize the people of God, and which acquirers of science, their attention has have always, in the days that are past, been been four times a week directed, in the a presage of the appearance of God in his study of astronomy and geography, to those glory, and the out-pourings of the Spirit to great principles which regulate the system cause the desert to be glad, and the wilderof the universe, and wbich are so well calcu- ness to rejoice and blossom like the rose. lated to banish their former prejudices, to May the Lord our God, in this and in every expand their minds, and to prepare them for land, speedily appear in bis glory, and cause the pursuit of moral and intellectual truth. the name of Jesus to be great from the rising As students of theology, their minds have to the setting sun. been engaged with those great and important truths which are able to make them wise

Itineruncies to the Villages. unto salvation, and which, we trust, will be On the 17th November, Samuel went to rendered powerful by the Spirit of God, in Nundedroog. On the road he called at the qualifying them to be « able and faithful house of Zechariah, a Catholic, who was


baptized some time ago. Not finding him who gave us the books !” and spake of the at home, he conversed with the people on truths which they contained. Some Brahmins the road, in the village, and afterwards in a came and cavilled at what was said. They pagoda, where 50 or 60 heathens attended. argued, that they did not try to convert usThere they listened with attention to his why should we try to convert them ? Samuel discussions, and received with promptitude said, “ You have been worshipping yoúr the tracts and portions of the Bible which he gods. What have you been doing? Killing distributed. Next morning he met with Ze- sheep and buffaloes, and presenting them to chariah. This man had endured much per- your gods. Yes, and your gods accept of secution for the cause of Christ. He told them. The low cast people eat these things, Samuel how the Catholics had flogged him- but you do not, and yet you offer them to had fined him in 12 rupees,-how they had your gods. Your gods, then, must be like sentenced him to be whipped before the the low cast people.” One Brabmin was so image, to be baptized again, and his goods to interested that he came and sat for a long be confiscated on account of being baptized by time, hearing Samuel gladly, and wished for the Protestants. The priest going from Ban- tracts to distribute amongst his people. The galore, Zechariah was called before him, to people seemed glad to hear what he had to give an account of his conduct--was again bas- say, and went away saying, that Vishnu, and tinadoed, and sent away. Then they thought Seeva, and all their gods were bad characof driving him away from his house, and ters, and could do nothing for them. Here prevented all intercourse with him. This

many tracts, &c. wer distributed. On the conversation was carried on between him 31st, they came to Amuele, where are 5000 / and Samuel before the people. These men, houses. In the Pettah they spake to many said be, wished me to say, I was not bap

Seeing the tracts in their hands, tized; they wished me to tell a lie. That would they asked them what they were, and have done for a Catholic; but now that I have recognised Samuel “ as the man of wisdom.” joined the true church, I dare not tell a lie. David speaking to the people in one street, Samuel preached before them. Should any and Jacob in another ; brought them all to thing further occur, be will let Samuel know. Samuel to hear the gospel explained more Returned to the pagoda, preached there to the plainly and fully. From 4 till 10 o'clock, people, about 40 or 50 of whom attended, about 200 Brahmins and others attended, and and distributed many tracts. After this, he conversed freely in Canarese, Malabar, and went to Nundedroog. There he met with Hindoostanee. Some of the people offered an old European, who seemed much im- them tobacco in exchange for tracts. Here pressed about bis state. Had service on the Jacob's uncle, who about two years ago came Lord's-day at two different places. On re- threatening him with a sword, now came, turning, he spoke at many villages. At one and inquired after the truth, and invited bim time, more than 100 people were going and and bis companions to dinner, and heard the coming to him. Many Brahmins coming to word gladly with all his house. bear, seriously inquired, and appeared to On the 25th of January, Samuel and David receive the message of salvation with plea- set out on a tour to Ailyruncum, and arrived sure. On the 27th December, another there on the evening preceding their great journey was undertaken. They passed feast. About 5 o Clock in the morning through 26 villages. On the 28th, they the heathens began their noise, and their came to Wullymurgulum, a village contain- devotions to their gods. About three huning about thirty houses. David here read dred had come from various villages to the the Gospel of John, Jacob visited the houses feast. Following the crowd, Samuel and to collect the people, and Samuel reasoned . David spoke to the people. The car, on with about thirty of them, who came to hear which the idol was drawn, was stopped. One the good news of salvation. 29th. They went man who fanned the idol came down to to Jigene, where there are more than 200 hear, and called out to the people not to houses. Entering a school where twenty receive their tracts, for they would make boys are taught, they preached to them out them mad. David'often went through the of the Scriptures. The schoolmaster listened crowd, exchaining, “O, ignorance! 0, ignoto them with attention and inquiry. Some rance! This is the madness which I once Brahmins coming in, the schoolmaster asked did. O, ignorance!” One old woman ran what they thought now of their religion ; for amongst the crowd when making a noise, this man had told other news, so that what 'crying out, “Silence, silence, let the man had been formerly taught appeared as non- -speak. I wish to hear.” Pointing to the sense. Here were distributed traots and por- idol she said, “there is no use in worshipping tions of the Scriptures. That night they went this idol. This man tells us the truth, and through several villages distributing tracts according to his way, we must worship God.” and speaking to the people. On the 30th, Here the idol, in its way, was stopped two they arrived at Cumalobrum. While sitting hours, while the teachers reasoned with the in the Cutwpals Choultry many people came people, and dwelt on the folly of honouring running, and saying, " is not this the man such gods. As the procession approached the

fort one Brahmin called out to them to como sing with them on the character of their along, why did they stay so long there? gods, and telling them of the kind and mer.

The image entered; many of the people ciful Saviour which he had met with. At staid behind, and followed Samuel to the Nagaevely, many people had come on busiChoultry where he put up. Here about ness from the villages around. There ninety people assembled, a boy having been Samuel stopt and conversed with them. Some sept round to their houses to give them notice. very pleasing conversations took place; after One Brahmin, who is accounted a very holy which they were directed to the word of God man, came to reason, “Since you have which contained an account of all the things condemned our gods, and say they ought they had heard, and portions of the Scripnot to be worshipped; what kind of God is tures were given to them, and many tracts. it that you are speaking about ?"

« God is

We have thus concluded, dear sir, a spirit, and they who worship him must in our account of this mission. Long we spirit and in truth," was the reply, and after do for the influence of the Spirit, to give some reasoning on the subject, be expressed success to our exertions, and bring the heagreat satisfaction. Here about the number then to God. It gives us pleasure in a of people above mentioned, chiefly Brah. foreign land to think that we are not formins, after they had raised objections and gotten by our friends at home, and espe. received answers, listened with silence and cially remembered by those who are the apparent pleasure to the sound of the gospel Directors of the Society. May they confor three hours. In the evening, another tinue to pray for us, and by their supplica. idol of the same description as that which tions may they bring down showers of bleswas exbibited in the procession of the morn- sings on our heads, that our hearts may reing, was brought out, but there were not joice in the progress of the gospel, and that above twenty people who followed it, whereas their hearts may be gladdened by the intellithe number who followed the other idol gence, of wretched Heathens being brought in the morning, exceeded three hundred. This into the kingdom of Christ. In humble ex. circumstance is mentioned, as it happened, pectation of this great blessing, without our saying that it did, or did not

We are, &c. arise from what had taken place. Tracts to the number of 150 were distributed. Next morning, between fifteen and twenty people attended. One man, who came from a vil.

MEDITERRANEAN. lage about ten miles distant, was exceedingly Extract of a Letter from the Rev. J. anxious to obtain a Teloogoo New Testa

Lowndes, dated at Corfu, giving an acment, that he might read it to his people. count of his tours among some of the Visited some more of the villages: but the Villages of that Island; accompanied, on people were all busily engaged at their work.

the first tour, by the Røv. J. Hartley. In the month of February, another journey was undertaken. The teacher went

Visit to Spagos and Velonades. through 56 villages. At Luch-Melnum, Jacob We slept, on the night of the 22nd of went into a house and saluted it. “If you April, at a village called Spagos. I inexpendall your fortunes,” said he," you could formed some of the people that I wished to not procure the good which we are come to preach to them the Gospel of Christ. I had tell you about. It is the gospel, the word of intended to do it in the house in which we God.” “Tell me, sir, what is that ?" exclaim- had to lodge, or in the open air; but the ed a woman. “Come here, and I will tell priest, who officiates in the church, came you.” This was done that he might get more and asked me to preach in it; such a request people to assemble. “Jesus Christ came into was not to be refused, and when I told him the world to have mercy upon sinners. If I would do so, he went and set the bells to Christ had not come, there had been no ring, in order to give the people notice. In mercy to sinners. See what mercy Christ about half an hour I repaired to the Church, has upon men. Are there any among your and found a number of people assembled, gods, that show such mercy as this? There perhaps 70 or 80. There was no pulpit, but is not one of them who would have such mercy. I stood upon a stool. I viewed my congreThey are all thieves and robbers, and filthy gation with considerable interest, all procharacters. If persons are not able to fessed Christians, but many of them had manage their own characters, how can they never heard the Gospel in their lives. I save us ? One stealing another man's wife, addressed them from Matt. xi. 28. « Como another lying; another fighting; another unto me,” &c. After the sermon, I gave taking away the daughters of men; can notice that I had tracts to distribute, gratis, such wicked gods do any thing for you and me? and large books to dispose of at low prices. Come, my friends, believe in Christ. Put On the same night, and the following mornnot off your time. You may die to-night. ing we distributed tracts and sold some other To-morrow judgment may come.In this books. manner he continued for four hours, conver- On the 23d we went early in the morning

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