The annual subscription charities and public societies in London: or, An account of the several sermons ... and meetings of every description, by which the different establishments of the metropolis, for charity ... are supported


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Sida 140 - Society for superseding the necessity of climbing-boys, by encouraging a new method of sweeping chimneys, and for improving the condition of children and others employed by chimneysweepers.
Sida 82 - THE Annual Sermon for the relief of the necessitous Widows and Children of Protestant Dissenting Ministers, will be preached on Wednesday, the 13th April next, at the Rev.
Sida 46 - Prospects of the National Society for the Education of the Poor in the Principles of the Established Church.
Sida 150 - The annual general meeting of this society was held at the City of London Tavern, on Wednesday morning, the 10th of May, 1820.
Sida 70 - CALEDONIAN ASYLUM, for supporting and educating the Children of Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines, natives of Scotland, and of Indigent Scotch Parents, resident in London, not entitled to parochial relief.
Sida 52 - Society for the Support and Encouragement of Sunday Schools throughout the British Dominions.
Sida 114 - Association for the Relief of the Poor of the City of London and parts adjacent, was held on Wednesday evening, Dec.
Sida 155 - ¡ind the advantages already derived from it, sufficiently prove its great influence in the improvement of the moral and religious character of the people. At Halifax, Nova Scotia, St. John's, New Brunswick, and at...
Sida 22 - His Royal Highness the DUKE of CLARENCE. His Royal Highness the DUKE of SUSSEX. His Royal Highness the DUKE of CAMBRIDGE. His Royal Highness the DUKE OF GLOUCESTER, Chancellor of the University of Cambridge.
Sida 46 - Report of the Incorporated National Society, for the Education of the Poor in the Principles of the Estahlished Church, is to he had gratuitously hy suhscrihers at Messrs.

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