Glue Ear: An essential guide for teachers, parents and health professionals

Routledge, 18 okt. 2013 - 96 sidor
Glue Ear is a common condition among young children but until recently its long-term effects on learning and achievement weren't fully understood. Lindsay's research has demonstrated that there is a significant link between Glue Ear, speech and language and dyslexia. This book will help teachers to understand the implications of temporary hearing loss, and demonstrate how to be proactive as well as reactive in tackling the issues. This book will also be helpful to health professionals who may be aware of the medical implications of Glue Ear but not the educational reverberations. A separate section for parents enables teachers/health visitors/GPs to access information to copy and give out to families.


Acknowledgements and dedication
1 What does glue ear mean to children and their families?
2 Symptoms treatments and guidance for parents
3 How is glue ear linked to learning and dyslexia?
4 Speech and language development
5 What is dyslexia?
8 Specific indicators of dyslexia
9 General and specific teaching strategies for the classroom
10 Issues of selfesteem
11 Listening to the children
12 Planning for the learners educational needs
13 Working with parents
Useful contacts and materials

6 Spotting the signs of overlapping conditions and taking appropriate action
7 Reading glue ear and dyslexia

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Authored by Peer, Lindsay

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