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1 ויצא 776 חטר 777 מגזע 778 ישי 779 ונצר 780 משרשיו 781 2 יפרה: 782 ונחה 783 עליו 13 רוח 16 יהוה 154 רוח 16

חכמה 784 ובינה 785 רוח 16 עצה 786 וגבורה 787 רוח 16 3 דעת 182 ויראת 788 יהוה: 154 והריחו 789 ביראת 788

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776. 839 and shall spring forth. 1 and, conversive. KY' to come or go forth, is the third pers. m. sing. pret. Kal.

777. hon a rod, or twig. This is a noun masc. used only in one other place, viz. Prov. xiv. 3. Sept. Paldos. Vulg. Virga.

778. yidd from the stock. A from. Vide rule 176. yrd a stock or stem. Job xiv. 8. Isa. xl. 24. Sept. Poľn. Vulg. De radice.

779. V Jesse, the father of David, 1 Sam. xvii. 12. Perhaps it is from " substance, riches (of 70' to exist) and my, the suffix.

780. 7331 and a branch. I and. 783 a noun, from 733 to guard, or to preserve. A scion is so denominated, because it grows near, and guards the tree, or because it is preserved when the tree is taken away. This is also the name for Nazareth, and he was called a Nazarene. Isa. iv. 2. Jer. xxiii. 5. Zech. iii. 8. vi. 12.

781, l'evo from his roots. > from. Rule 176. 1 his. Rule 39. in construction before 1. Rule 24. For d'un plural of wv a root, which as a verb signifies either to take root, or to root up. Also the sole of the foot, or bottom of the sea.

782. 770shall grow. It is the 3d pers. masc. sing. fut. Kal of 7770 produce. Vide num. 59.

783. 0031 and shall rest. 1 convers. Num. 19. n. It is the third pers. fem. sing. pret. Kal of ni to rest, or settle.

784. noon wisdom. A noun fem. from on to be wise, to instruct, to be prudent.


1 And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots.

2 And the Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord;

3 And shall make him of quick understanding in the fear of the Lord, and he shall not judge after the sight of his eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of his ears.

785. 073'3 discernment, or understanding. A noun fem. from 13 to separate, to distinguish. In Hiphil, to teach.

786. 03y counsel. A noun fem. from pv to advise. In Niph. to consult. In Hiph. to take counsel together. *

787. 7771911 and strength. I and. 777129 might, victory. A noun fem. from 1 to be strong. Rules 153, 159.

788. n8") and the fear of. 1 and. 787' reverence, piety, in construct. nxn. Rule 26. From 87' to fear, to reverence. nota is the same, with the particle 2. Rule 148.

* The word on expresses such an application of knowledge as excludes rashness and impropriety of conduct, a trait of character perfect only in Jesus Christ. 71'3 signifies that accuracy of discernment by which the Saviour penetrated into the motives of men's actions; thus he knew Peter, Judas, and Thomas better than they did themselves. 778y expresses his capacity for instructing men in the will of God, and the way of happiness. 077121 denotes that divine power and authority which accompanied him, and which he exercised as often as he chose. nyo must be taken, because in regimine, with 717', and therefore signifies his knowledge of God; this he claimed exclusively, because he had come from the Father. 187 is to be also connected with 717' for the same reason, and denotes that reverence which he always observed as subjected to the law, and bound to perform all righteousness, and that piety which was observable in his conversation and devotions.

יהוה 154 ולא 159 למראה 790 עיניו 791 ישפוט 792 ולא 159 4 למשמע 793 אזניו 794 יוכיח: 795 ושפט 792 בצדק 396

דלים 796 והוכיח 797 במישור 798 לענוי 799 ארץ 7 והכה 800

ארץ 7 בשבט 801 פין 802 וברוח 803 שפתיו 804 ימית 805 5 רשע: 806 והיה 20צדק 396 אזור 807 מתניו 808 והאמונה 809

789. n'yni and his smelling, or his quick discernment shall be. I and. 1 suff. Rule 39. An may be a noun formed of the third pers. m. sing. Hiphil of 7 to smell, but it is more probably the infin. of Hiph. used with the suffix. Vide rules 140, 141.

790. nadh after the sight of. 5 prefixed. Rule 175. The regimen here is discernible only by the juxta-position of the two nouns, which is an exception to rule 26. in some instances. 07872 aspect, sight, a noun from 1789 to see, with a formative. Rule 178.

791. 1'?'y his eyes. 1 his, Rule 39. 'Jy in construct. rule 24. for D'J'y the plur. offy an eye. The root is n3y to reflect.

792. 0950' shall judge. 1 is inserted by rule 77. It is the third pers. m. sing. fut. Kal of mov to judge, order, regulate.

793. ypoph after the hearing of. hvide rule 175. prefix. o formative. Rule 178. your hearing, from you to hear.

794. 1318 his ears. I his. Rule 39. 'in regim. Rule 25. d'11x plur. offix an ear. As a verb, to weigh, to consider.

795. N31' shall reprove. The radical ' is changed into 1 by rule 89, It is the 3d pers. m. sing. fut. Hiph. of ' to show, to rebuke, &c.

796. Db7 the poor. It is the plur. of 57 poor, from ho to exhaust.

797. 1'1n1 and shall reprove. i convers. Num. 19. 1'911 is the 3d pers. m. sing. pret. Hiphil of no' to rebuke. Rule 89, for into 1.

. 2 . , ' . Hence the word Jasher, Joshua x. 13. 70907 900 the correct, or authentic book. Parkh.

799. Jy's for the humble. for. "y in construct. for D'idy plur. of y lowly, from 73y to act upon, depress.

,to make even ישר rectitude

, from מישור ,in ב

.in equity במישור .798

4 But with righteousness shall he judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth; and he shall smite the earth with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips shall he slay the wicked.

5 And righteousness shall be the girdle of his loins, and faithfulness the girdle of his reins.

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800.070771 and he shall strike. 1 conver. 0707 is the Hiph. 3d pers. m. sing. pret. of 1723 to smite. 'dropped. Rule 81.3 also. Rule 94.

801. Ov) with the rod, or sceptre of. Perhaps v is used for 3, because way is to stretch forth. Lowth after Houbigant reads it nava by the blast of his mouth, from vi to blow. It is not a sufficient reason for the change ofw into n that the Septuagint use royos here, for they aimed at the sense, and were probably guided by the nna in the next member. The word of God is the weapon of the Spirit.

802. 1'9 his mouth. I his. Rule 39. '9 in regim. of na a mouth.

803. nnai and with the breath. 1 and. 3 with. ni breath, spirit, Vide num. 16. He was not to be a temporal prince. 804. inov his lips. 1 his. how to crush, hence as a noun, the liħ, in

. , struction: or to the fem. plural 100 there is postfixed in regim. like ingin his laws. Vide rule 27.

-of which is in this case dropped in con ,שפתים plural שפת


805. MD' he shall slay. It is the 3d pers. m. sing. fut. Hiph. of the verb no to die, in Hiphil to kill.

806. yon the wicked. It signifies unjust, injustice, to be unjust, and to overcome.

807. 1118 a girdle. From 918 to surround. Vide rule 159 for the formative 1 after the second radical.

the lains , a plural מתנים in regim

. for מתני .his ו

.his loins מתניו .808

his . I his. . , noun from fno in Arab. to be firm.

809. DJIDKT1 and faithfulness. I and. o emphat. Rule 150. 710N faithfulness, from 1px faithful. 1px to make steady.

6 אזור 807 חלציו:810 וגר811זאב 812 עס813כבש 814 ונמר815

עס 815 גדי 816 ירבץ 817 ועגל 403 וכפיר 818 ומריא 819 ? יחדו 820 ונער 821 קטן 82 נהג 822 בס: 823 ופרה 59 ודב 824

תרעינה 825 יחדו 820 ירבצו 817 ילדיהן 826 ואריה 458 8 כבקר 827 יאכל 259 תבן: 828 ושעשע 829 יונק 830 על 13


which denotes the same חלצים for חלצי .his ו ,his loans חלציו .810

. 1 . part before called d'inn, but for a different reason, the root pro being to loosen. The loins were thus denominated variously, because strong and flexible.

811. 211 and shall dwell. 1 convers. Num. 19. is the 3d pers. m. sing. pret. Kal, and signifies to sojourn.

812. INT a wolf. This word is supposed to signify impetuosity. It occurs seven times in the scriptures, but always in the same sense as in this place.

813. Dy with. A particle signifying also in, against, as, near, as long as, and when. As a noun, people, society.

814. via the lamb. From vid to subdue or humble.

815. 1931 and the leopard. 1 and. 13 a leopard or panther. In Chaldee and Arabic mp3 signifies to variegate.

816. '92 a kid. From 91 to assault, or rush upon. The plur. 1 Sam. X. 3. is b'ia fem. in regim. Cant. i. 8. 'n'ga.

817. panu shall lie down. It is the 3d pers. m. sing. fut. Kal of ray to couch, and agrees with 993. Rule 127. Postea 1837 is the 3d pers. m. plur. fut. Kal.

818. 792 a young lion, a covert lion. A noun from 993 to cover, and in a secondary sense to atone, or expiate.

819. dpi and the fatling. From xo to raise, or swell. ' formative after the second radical. Vide rule 165.

820. 1971' together. A particle from 71' to unite, and 1 collective. Rule 162. Vide num. 737.

821. vyji and a child. 1 and. wys as a noun, a child, a simple one. Also perturbation. As a verb, to agitate.

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