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6 The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion, and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.

7 And the cow and the bear shall feed, their young ones shall lie down together: and the lion shall eat straw like an ox.

822. 1073 shall lead. It is the 3d pers. m. sing. pret. Kal, and is converted to a future by the foregoing 1. Vide num. 19, n.

823. d3 together with them. 2 prefix, in, with, to, &c. Da pronominal suffix, plur. 3d pers. masc. Rule 40.

824. 271 and the bear. I and. 27 or 217 a bear, from 27 to grumble, because it growls. •

825. Iyon shall feed. It is the third pers. fem. plur. fut. Kal of nyn to feed, the 77 final being changed into 'as is usual before a ser. vile in verbs Lamed He; vide rule 102. See also rule 130, for its being in the plural, preceded by two nouns in the singular. If 37 be masculine, as it is usually connected with a masculine adjective, then according to rule 129 this verb should have been masculine but the language of the rule justly admits of exceptions; or as we have d’37 in 2 Kings ii. 24, for she-bears, it may be feminine in this place. Vide p. 23 ante in note.

826. jnroops their young ones. 117 is a pronominal fem. suff. of the 3d pers. in the plur. Rule 41. in regim. for D'obplur. of 5 which as a noun is the young of any creature. As a verb, is to prom create.

827. pad as an ox. 3 as. Rule 173. As a noun, the morning, a beeve. As a verb, to survey. Vide num. 33.

828. jan straw. The root is uncertain. This noun often occurs, and is always rendered straw, stubble, or chaff

829. yuyun and shall play. I convers. Num. 19. yuyu 3d pers. m. sing. pret. Kal, to turn oneself, to sport,

830. per the sucking child. A noun from the Part. Ben. Kal of pr to suck.




חר 831 פתן 832 ועל 13 מאורת 76 צפעוני 833 גמול 834 ידו 359 הדה: 835 לא 159 ירעו 836 ולא 159 ישחיין 837

בכל 97 הר 838 קדשי 607 כי 25 מלאה 107 הארץ דעה 182 10 את 4 יהוה 154 כמים 18 לים 18 מכסים: 839 והיה 20

ביום 30 ההוא 840 שרש 781 ישי 779 אשר 40 עמד 841 לנס 842 עמים 677 אליו 383 גויס 843 ידרשו 844 והיתה 845 מנחתו 846 כבוד: 847

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831. n a hole. From 177 to be white, because it transmits the rays.

832. ina an asp. It is four time's rendered asp, twice adder, and eight times threshold. Its derivation uncertain.

833. "Wyby the cockatrice. It is so rendered also in Isa. lix. 5. So D'Jy9x Jer. viii. 17. and yox Isa. xiv. 29. 'Jyoy an adder, Prov. xxiii. 32. Dr. Lowth calls it in this place the basilisk, the Vulgate, and Montanus, regulus, Junius vipera, the Septuag. the young 0715.

834. Soos the weaned child. Part. Paoul Kal, of hoa to wean, educate, return. Isa. xxviii. 9. Also a camel.

835. 7777. shall extend. It is the 3d pers. m. sing. Kal, rendered future by the next preceding 1. The learner may notice to distinguish from this word 071777 to conceive, 1777 to rejoice, and 77771 to be inflamed, to fret.

836. wyty shall not hurt. It is the 3d pers. m. plur. fut. Kal of you to destroy or break. Vide num. 183.

837. innie and shall not cause destruction. It is the 3d pers. masc. plur. fut. Hiph. of nnu to mar, or destroy.

838. 77 a mountain. A noun from 0717 to swell. 9777 a high mountain. Vide num. 606.

839. d'opp are covering, that is, cover. Part. Ben. Hiph. in the plur. agreeing with o's, from 103 to cover. The 77 final is dropped before a servile. Rule 102. And before 17 final is sometimes omitted in verbs Lamed He. Vide rule 103, and its note.

840, 81707 that. 07 emphat. Rule 150, and sin he, she it, a pron. 8 And the sucking child shall play on the hole of the asp, and the weaned child shall put his hand on the cockatrice' (or adder's) den.

9 They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.

10 And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek; and his rest shall be glorious.

Rule 32. But here it is demonstrative, not primitive. Rule 29. From


.to be הוא

841. Toy standing, that is, shall be. Part. Ben. Kal. 1 omitted by rule 78. Some manuscripts have moly. Of the verb Toy to stand.

842.035 for a standard. for. DJ an ensign, a flight, as a noun, but as a verb, to glitter, to flee away.

843. D'll the nations. Plur. of a society, a body, or of '93. Vide num. 426.

844. 1977' shall seek. It is the third pers. masc. plur. fut. Kal of 097 to inquire of, or after.

845. noi and his rest shall be. It is the 3d pers. fem. sing. pret. Kal of 'n to be, 17 final being changed into n before 17 servile. Vide rules 102, 103. The 1 is conversive. Vide the note to num. 19.

846. in his rest, or oblation, 1 his. Rule 39. nnjo in construction before 1. Rule 24. The noun is and which is often rendered by offering, and oblation, but most frequently by meat offering, and sometimes by the word sacrifice. nuo is of the same signification and perhaps the root. I take the word onds, when it signifies rest, which is much less frequent, to be a participial noun from 73 (or 11), which is the same) and so to be radically distinct from the former,

But the Septuagint have rendered this word avatavois, and they have been generally followed; yet the Vulgate has it sepulchrum, and Gattaker

says that several of the ancients agree with this. The reader must decide for himself, remembering that Rom xv. 12 is a New Testament authority for applying this prophecy to Christ.

847. 7123 glory, or glorious. From 723 to honour, also glory. The 1 after the second radical is a participial formative, giving it something of the force of the past tense. Vide rule 159. Then it will bę, « And his sacrifice shall be honoured, or held in estimation."


! יששום 848 מדבר 849 וציה 850 ותגל 851 ערבה 852 2 ותפרח 853 כחבצלת: 854 פרח 853 תפרח 853 ותגל 851

אף 855 גילת 851 ורנן 856 כבוד 847 הלבנון 857 נתן 134 לה * 127 הדר 858 הכרמל 859 והשרון 860 המה 861 יראו 862



848. DIVU" shall be glad. 10 is the 3d pers. m. plur. fut. Kal of wu to rejoice. Vide rule 98. for the omission of a middle ), which some manuscripts have here. Dis the pronominal suffix, rule 40, for them, that is, for the judgments denounced in the former chapter. Some suppose the D to be a mistake in transcribing; others, that it is merely paragogic, since no respect to it seems to have been paid by the Septuagint, Vulgate, &c. Montanus nevertheless has gaudebunt in eis; it was defective only in one of Kennicott's codices, viz, in No. 321.

849. 379 the wilderness. A noun. > formative, and 707 to drive or lead; a place to which cattle are led to feed.

850, 07'8 a desert. A noun, plur. ol'y and buy dry places. 'Y a ship, plur. D'x. fi'o a dry place, mount Zion.

851. Sami and shall rejoice. 1 conjunct. San is the 3d pers. fem. sing. fut. Kal of Sa to roll, or exult. It agrees with nay. Hence bra, sua, and fem. obra and nua exultation. Rule 193.

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852.773 hy a desert, or lonely place. A noun fem. from at the evening, or to mix. Postea nawa in the desert.

853. 777961 and shall flourish. I conjunctive. noon is the 3d pers. fem. sing. fut. Kal of nina to sprout, or blossom. mien nha flourishing it shall flourish. Part. Ben. Kal, and 3d pers. fem. sing. fut. Kal. Vide num. 211. 214, and rule 143. Multiplying, I will multiply. Blessing,

* Dr. Lowth observes, that nine manuscripts read 75 to thee. It is true that nine of Kennicott's codices so read it, and there


be now added five others of De Rossi, but they are still a small minority, and also plainly contrary to the sense of the passage.


I THE wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them: and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose.

2 It shall blossom abundantly, and rejoice even with joy and singing; the glory of Lebanon shall be given unto it, the excellency of Carmel and Sharon: they shall see the glory of the Lord, and the excellency of our God.

.to decorule הדר -the name of a city and moun כרמל

.emphatic ה.Carmel הכרמל .859

I will bless. Eating, thou shalt eat. Dying, thou shalt die. This manner of expression denotes certainty or continuance.

854. Obrand as the rose. 3 as. Rule 173. nbxan occurs only in this place and in Cant. ii. 1. Perhaps from 7an to hide, and 58 shade, or bohy a bell. It has been taken for the rose bud, for the lily, and for the narcissus.

855. 98 even. A particle denoting earnestness. As a noun, anger, heat, the nose. From nox to heat. Vide num. 258.

856. f101 and rejoicing. 1 and. 717 is the infinit. of Kal, by rule 140, used as a noun. Or it is the part. Ben. Kal. Vide num. 19.

857. puasa Lebanon. i emphatic. 12304, a mountain in Syria, so called from its snow. The root is ya's to be white. 858. 7777 the ornament, beauty, or excellency. A noun from the root


. tain; also a fruitful field. Perhaps from 1793 to cut, and do to fill. There were two hills particularly of this name, but any fruitful hill was a Carmel.

860. 91 90ni and Sharon. I and. 77 emphat. you a fruitful plain, from 79 to discharge, or 912 to behold. Several places in Canaan were called by the name Sharon.

861.7787 they. This is a primitive pronoun masculine of the third person, and plural. Vide rule 32.73 vy the desert seems to be the antecedent, and figuratively used for men; wherefore the pronoun is here put in the masculine and plural.

862. 1899 shall see. For 1787, 77 being dropped before a servile. R. 102. It is the 3d pers. masc. plur. fut. Kal of 7789.

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