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4 ויהי 22 אור: 23 וירא 24 אלהים 3 את 4 האור 21 כי 25

at Alzim Uira .aur

zaur bin Alzim uibedel


[blocks in formation]


טוב 26 ויבדל 27 אלהים בין 28 האור 21 ובין 28 החשך:12


quera 29

uleheshek ium laur Alēim

*3 ium

bequer uizi oreb uizi




29 אלהים 3 לאור 21 יום 30 ולחשך ויקרא



לילה 31 ויהי 22 ערב 32 ויהי 22 בקר 33 יום 30 אחד: 34

22. 7's and there was. 1 conversive. See num. 19. For '7' see num. 20.

23. 718 light. See num. 21. Caloric or latent heat has been supposed to be here principally intended. As a verb it is most frequently rendered to shine, or enlighten, also to kindle, to set on fire, to be glorious; as a noun, light, the sun, fire, the morning, lightning, urim, herbs, &c. 7785,5 for 5x the.

prefixed 1 is conversive without hindrance from a preceding imperative verb.

Rule IV. “ After an interrogation, either of the emphatical 77, or of the interrogatory relatives 'n or 072, the prefixed 1 doth not influence any verb, or verbs of the future tense, or the present tense; but in perfect tenses, the 1 is regularly conversive, and is not influenced by a preceding interrogation.

Rule V. “ Ifa future tense put for a preterperfect tense” (which must be by having a prefixed 1) “precedes a preter tense,” (having also a prefixed 1) “ the latter is (merely) copulative.” The use of this rule, most probably, will very seldom occur, but the following example has been found in 1 Sam. vii. 16. Sinu pav" (a future tense converted to a preter tense) and Samuel judged Israel all the days of his life: 79771 and he went from year to year, 7201 and he circuited Bethel, and Gilgal, and Mispeh, (the Vaus prefixed to the two last verbs are merely copulative, because the preceding verb is a converted future, and the next verb which follows is also a converted future) uav'y and he judged Israel in all these places.

4 And God saw the light that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness.

5 And God called the light day, and the darkness he called night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

24. ft" and God saw. I convers. Vide num. 19.87' for 789" 3d pers. masc. sing. fut. Kal of 7784 to see. It drops the 77 final in the future. See rule 102.

25. '3 that. By rule 202. and to restrain, is the root. Vide num. 393. It is rendered, yea, though, because, surely, but, when, therefore, and often interrogatively.

26. Jio good. By rule 195 is found 39 to be good. Hence 310 masc. 7310 fem. good. Rule 158. num. 538.

27. 573" and God divided. i conversive. Vide núm. 19.573 is the 3d pers. m. sing. fut. Kal of 472 to divide. As a noun, a part separated. Also 72 is separate, and 725 apart.

28.103 between. From 12 to divide. Rule 195. The repetition of this particle in this verse is not singular, nor an idiom peculiar to the Hebrew language. Postea pran from between. Rules 176. 145. 1931 and between. Rule 157.

29. mp" and God called. I and convers. Num. 19. Nape is the 3d pers. masc. sing. fut. Kal of xp to call. See num. 412.

30. bi' day. Rule 195, from 797 to make a noise. The plural is D'd' vid. num. 18. 558. 017 by day. Barker observes that adverbs in Hebrew “ are formed from every part of speech, and are as various as there are circumstances of an action."

31. obib night. A noun fem. Rules 16. 153. The root by rule 195 is 45 to move round. Also izbol by night.

32. 39 evening. A noun masc. sing. from av to mix. The twilight is a mixture of light and darkness.

33. pa morning. A noun masc. sing. from 7p3 to survey, or look out; the morning looks out of the east.

34. This one. See num. 486. Reject the formative *. Rule 147. the root is 197' to unite.Rule 196.

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6 ויאמר 19 אלהים 3 יהי 20 רקיע 35 בתוך 36 המים 18 ז ויהי 22 מבדיל 37 בין 28 מים 18 למים: 18 ויעש 38 אלהים 3




[blocks in formation]

mim bin mebedil uizi

bin uibedel ērequio at

ēmim ubin lerequio

3 בין 28 המיס18 אשר 40 מתחת 41

את 4 הרקיע 35 ויבדל


[blocks in formation]

לרקיע 42 ובין 28 המים 18 אשר 40 מעל 43 לרקיע 42 8 ויהי 22 כן: 44 ויקרא 29 אלהים: לרקיע 42 שמים 5 ויהי 22

uiei shemim lerequio


[blocks in formation]




ium bequer uiēi


9 ערב 32 ויהי 22 בקר 33 יום 30 שני: 45 ויאמר 19 אלהים 3

[blocks in formation]

יקוו 46 המים 18 מתחת 41 השמים 5 אל 47 מקום 48

. י רקיע

ה .
a noun
the תוך .148

in a prefix
Rule ב

.in the midst of בתוך .36 .to cut or diuide תן is formative

, Rules 158 , 9. It is from ו ;amiddle

. . מנדיל



27. Rule .בדל phil of is the 3d יעשה for יעש .19

Num ו

.and God made ויעש .38

. , עשה .




. ה , m יבול . ויבדל ,to diuide

. Ante num . 27. 37. As on the first day בדל sing

Kal of

35. upr an expanse. 'is formative. Rule 165. The root is yprto expand. Rule 194. Postea with 77 emphatic.

. I a . , ; 1 . , . Rule 195. 37. 5292 causing a division. Rule 73. Masc. sing. part. Ben. Hi

. .

I . ' ' pers. m. sing. fut. Kal of nvy to make. It is a verb in Lamed He, and drops its 77 final in the future. Vide rule 102. 39.573") and he divided. 1 convers. Num. 19. 572' is the 3d pers. m.

. , light was separated from the chaos, so on the second was air; and this division was effected by an expansion, as ypa signifies; there is obvious impropriety therefore in the use of the term firmament here, as if the heavens were a solid body, and the stars and planets attached

to it.

40. W& which. Also who, whom, that. A relative of every gender, num. ber, and person. Vide rules 134, 135. As a verb to go before, to prosper, to esteem. As a noun, a stes, progress, succe88. As a particle, where, because, that, as, when.

41. nnna under. g at or from. Rules 176. 145. nnn under. Reject

6 And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.

7 And God made the firmament and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were aboye the firmament; and it was so.

8 And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.

9 And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together into one place and let the dry land appear: and it was so.

also the formative prefixed. Rule 189. 194. then place 3 before the two radicals, vid. rule 200, and the root will be found to be noi to descend.

42. yph the expanse.prefixed, vid. rule 175, sometimes has the sense of a pronoun or article, that or the, and seems to be abridged from 48, which is used in the same sense, and as a verb signifies intervene, or interpose. 4x preceding, or prefixed, signifies also to, among, towards, at, near, as to, for, according to, instead of, about, with, within, after, &c. **py, vide num. 35. 39.*

43. Syn above, o prefixed. Rules 176. 145. From 1p or nuo to distribute; it has various meanings, from, without, before, against, more than, from being; and is also negative, lesi, not, by upon, above, vide în num. 13. Syns from above, from upon, more than, near, &c.

44. p 80. From pa to prepare. 1 DIN after that time. fph therefore. is by wherefore, or accordingly. p vy to this time. fa also significs, certainly, surely, thus, because, and in Psalm cxxvii. 2. instead of so, it should be rendered justly or rightly, for ya as a noun signifies right; unless "3 but is the true reading, which is not supported.

45. 30 second. For the formative 'vide rule 168. From now to repeat. Rule 200. Vide the table at num. 486.

46. up" shall be gathered together. For 17p' vid. rule 102. It is the 3d pers. m. plur. fut. Niphal of 11p to collect. It agrees with o'pn. Rule 127.

44. 5x to. See in num. 42. Sometimes it is negative, not, bui, &c. At other times it is used before the object of a verb, as nnum. 4.

48. Dipe place. ” is formative. Rule 178. So is 1. Rules 158, 159. From op to be established. By rule 195.

* When either of the letters 2, 3, or are prefixed to a noun, they. usually exclude n emphatic.








10 אחד 34 ותראה 49 היבשה 50 ויהי 22 כן: 44 ויקרא 29

אלהים 3 ליבשה 50 ארץ 7 ולמקוה 51 המים 18 קרא 29

quera 29



11 ימים 52 וירא 24 אלהים 3 כי 25 טוב: 26 ויאמר 19

ēmim ulemeqnuē arets libeshe Alèim

7 3
.thub ki Alzim uira ipim

9 3
osheb desha ēarets tedesha Alzim

peri oshē peri




אלהים תדשא 53 הארץ 8 דשא 54 עשב 55 מזריע 56


זרע 57 עץ 58 פרי 59 עשה 60 פרי 59 למינו 61 אשר 40


49. Arni and shall appear. I and. 7877 is the 3d pers. fem. sing. fut. Niphal of 77x7 to see. It agrees with pox understood. Rule 127.

50. noin the dry scil. yn land. 77 emphatic. R. 150. 77 postfixed formative. Rule 153. 107' a noun fem. from wi' to be dry.

51.ppy and the gathering together of. 1 and, the, Num. 42. o is formative. Rule 178.771po confluence, from 7p to collect. Vide num. 46.

52. D'B' the seas. Vide num. 18. This contrast with bo preceding fixes the distinction between 'n water and D' sea.

53. xvin shall bring forth. The 3d pers. fem. sing. fut. Kal of NVT to spring up. It agrees


. 54. 807 grass, the tender herb. A noun from 107. Vide num. 53. 55. Ivy the herb. A noun. As a verb, to produce vegetation.

56. in producing seed. Particip. Benoni masc. sing. Hiphil of yo to sow or to produce seed. Rule 75.

57. Yn seed. A noun masc. from the same root. Num. 56.

58. ry the tree of. A noun masc. from 7788 to fix, make firm, or steady.*

59. 99 fruit. A noun masc. sing. 'is formative. Rule 171. From 1799 to produce. Hence postea "10 a bull, plural o'ng. Also 7770 a heifer.

60. Wy bearing. Participle Benoni Kal masc. 1 omitted by rule 78. From nwy to bear.

*199 ry is here the tree of fruit, that is the

fruit-tree; but the same

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