Documents of the Senate of the State of New York, Volym 1

E. Croswell, 1834
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Sida 29 - States is requested to communicate these resolutions to the governors of the several States, with a request that they will lay the same before the Legislatures thereof respectively.
Sida 4 - That the deposits of the money of the United States, in places in which the said bank and branches thereof may be established, shall be made in said bank of branches thereof, unless the Secretary of the Treasury shall at any time otherwise order and direct...
Sida 40 - Resolved, That the president is hereby authorized to cause to be prepared and circulated such documents and papers as may communicate to the people information in regard to the nature and operations of the bank.
Sida 18 - The president again repeats that he begs his cabinet to consider the proposed measure as his own, in the support of which he shall require no one of them to make a sacrifice of opinion or principle. Its responsibility has been assumed, after the most mature deliberation and reflection, as necessary to preserve the morals of the people, the freedom of the press and the purity of the elective franchise...
Sida 17 - It is the desire of the President that the control of the banks and the currency shall, as far as possible, be entirely separated from the political power of the country as well as wrested from an institution which has already attempted to subject the Government to its will. In his opinion the action of the General Government on this subject ought not to extend beyond the grant in the Constitution, which only authorizes Congress "to coin money and regulate the value thereof...
Sida 4 - Island. 2. The state of New York shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of and over the wharves, docks, and improvements made and to be made...
Sida 3 - I shall be grateful and happy; if not, I shall find in the motives which impel me ample grounds for contentment and peace." He was sustained by a just people, and he desires to evince his gratitude, by carrying into effect their decision so far as it depends upon him.
Sida 11 - ... in obedience to the charter and the existing regulations, the board not only overruled their attempt, but altered the rule so as to make it conform to the practice, in direct violation of one of the most important provisions of the charter which gave them existence. It has long been known that the president of the bank, by his single will, originates and executes many of the most important measures connected with the management and...
Sida 35 - Not less than seven directors shall constitute a board for the transaction of business, of whom the president shall always be one, except in case of sickness, or necessary absence: in which case his place may be supplied by any other director whom he, by writing under his hand, shall nominate for the purpose.
Sida 5 - York, or fastened to a wharf adjoining thereto ; or unless such person shall be under arrest, or such property shall be under seizure by virtue of process or authority of the State of New York.

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