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ANECDOTE of Archbishop Tillotson

a Scotch officerin .

Mr. Robinson
- Sir Isaac Newton !

The Princess Dowager of Wales
Marive aux

- George II.

Anecdotes, Literary, -Rochefoucault-Johnson-Da Vinca—Theo-

doric-Singular change of fortune-Effects of superstition 311,312
Animadversions on the Hoxton Sudent's Remarks
Amicus, Letter on the animadversions of
Air, pressure of the s

t or
elasticity of the --
Atheists, an address to
Atmosphere, altitude of the

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Preceptor, No. 11.

No. III.

Prophecy, pretenders to

Prophecies now fulfilling, remarks on

Prayer, an uncommon one . . -

Praying for the damned

Perseverance, hint on

POETRY.-From a Father to his Daughter, 37, The Morals of Cato

tensorius, 38. On Friendship, 32. Epitaplı for Athanasius's Creed,

40. On a good Conscience, ibid. From a Brother to his Sisters, 77.

Recipe for Connubial Happiness, 79.. An Epigram, 85. A young

Man's Wish, 117. Essay on Friendship, 119, 159. Invocation to

Peace, 158. Versification of Ps. civ. 152. Thoughts which occurred

to a Husband while his Wife was in great Agony in Labour, 199.

Death-bed Repentance, 237. A Fragment from a serious musical

Entertainment, 240. To a Friend on his Marriage, 278. The

Christian addressed by his Watch, 279.. Epitaph on S. Love, 280.

Acrostic, 317. Confidence in God in a Thunder Storm, ibid.
Liberality encouraged, 318. An Ejaculation, 319. Verses on
Marriage, ibid. Sonnet, 320. Dependence on God, 957. On the.
On the Morning, ibid. Ancient and Modern Intolerance, 158. On
a Spider's Web, 359. Versus to a young new married Pair, ibida
Peculiarity of the Chinese Language, 360. Providence, 395. A
Dialogue between the Hospital and New Playhouse, at Birmingham,
396. Lines on the Death of a Child, 398 A Winier Thoughi, 349.
On the Death of an amiable Wife, 400. Epitaph by Sierne, inid.
The Wicked taken in their own Devices, 436. Ambition's Reward,
ibid. An Apostrophe to Love, 437. Unity of God and Glory of
Christ, 438. On the early Singing of the larky 439. On a Sleeping
Infant, 440. A Morning Thought, ibid. An Evening Thoughi,
ibid. The Wish, 470. Anllyann, 471. Visit of Hope to Sydney
Cove, 472.

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Queries, Typical y

. diese
Query on Divine Justice, and Answer

Scarlett's Testament, 275. i Answered.
Questions on future Punishment, 313. Answered
Question on 2 Tim. iii. ty.

- 34
- John, v.-7. p. 346 Answered
- the Atonement, 34. Answered

- God's repenting, 196. Answered


the proper Attitude for Praying, 108. Answered 350

the Resurrection, 300. Answered

434, 357
Satisfaction for Sin, 375. Answered


- Existence of Evil Spirits

- Word Antichrist


- the future State of Brutes


- Mat. xii. 31, 32.


-- by a Sussex Fariner answered
Qualifications essential to a Commentator on the Holy Scriptures 66

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Reprobation, Letter IV. on

Robinson Crusoe and his Man Friday

- Remarks on

Request of A, B, C. to the Trinitarians, &c.
Reproof of Drunkenness
Repentance, Sentences on
Rowlés, Remarks on his Pamphlet against the Restoration


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