The Adirondack, Or Life in the Woods

Baker and Scribner, 1851
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Sida 73 - With the loud streams : and often, at the hour When issue forth the first pale stars, is heard, Within the circuit of this fabric huge, One voice, the solitary raven, flying Athwart the concave of the dark blue dome, Unseen, perchance above all power of sight — An iron knell ! with echoes from afar Faint, and still fainter...
Sida 73 - Has not the soul, the being of your life, Received a shock of awful consciousness, In some calm season, when these lofty rocks At night's approach bring down the unclouded sky To rest upon their circumambient walls ; A temple framing of dimensions vast, And yet not too enormous for the sound Of human anthems, — choral song, or burst Sublime of instrumental harmony, To glorify...
Sida 101 - I following — when a step, A single step, that freed me from the skirts Of the blind vapour, opened to my view Glory beyond all glory ever seen By waking sense or by the dreaming soul!
Sida 210 - Whether the latter in his rage was bent on capturing his prize, and would retain his hold though at the hazard of his life, or whether in his terrible swoop he had struck his crooked talons so deep in the back of the salmon, he could not extricate himself, the hunter said he could not tell.
Sida 207 - One day, however, Beach was near losing his bold eagle. He was lying at anchor, fishing, when he saw his favorite bird, high up in heaven, slowly sweeping round and round in a huge circle, evidently awaiting the approach of a fish to the surface. For an hour or more, he thus sailed with motionless wings above the water, when all at once he stopped and hovered a moment with an excited gesture, then, rapid as a flash of lightning, and with a rush of his broad pinions, like the passage of a sudden gust...
Sida 101 - twas an unimaginable sight ! Clouds, mists, streams, watery rocks and emerald turf, Clouds of all tincture, rocks and sapphire sky Confused, commingled, mutually inflamed, Molten together, and composing thus, Each lost in each, that marvellous array Of temple, palace, citadel, and huge Fantastic pomp of structure without name, In fleecy folds voluminous enwrapped.
Sida 208 - Again they arose to the surface, and the strong bird spread his broad, dripping pinions, and gathering force with his rapid blows, raised the salmon half out of water. The weight, however, was too great for him, and he sank again to the surface, beating the water into foam about him. The salmon then made another dive, and they both went under, leaving only a few bubbles to tell where they had gone down. This time they were absent a full half minute, and Beach said he thought it was all over with,...

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