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given himself the trouble to peruse either Mr. Taylor's Dissertation,
or the introduction to his translation of the Hymns of Orpheus, he
would have found it most satisfactorily demonstrated that the
Orphic, Pythagoric, and Platonic philosophy, was one and the
same;" and that Jamblichus and Proclus say, “the Grecian theo-
logy was derived from Orpheus," all of which he knew before, but
which have nothing to do with the passage in question. If
J. J. W. could have infornied the writer who Orpheus was, and
whence he derived that philosophy, and what it was in his hands,
lre would have given hin better satisfaction than either Mr. Tay-
lor's Dissertation, or his introduction to Orpheus can, and it would
have been much more to the purpose: but he would require better
authorities than Jamblichus or Proclus. So much for the extra-
ordinary part of the affair.

" It appears, however," he continues, “ that this feeble attempt
to cast a slur on Mr. Taylor's invaluable labors is merely to pave
the way for the writer's own explication of the Mysteries, and
which is by far the strangest part of the whole affair." I confess I
am ignorant which it is that J. J. W. considers so strange, the
writer's paving the way to his explication with the question
alluded to, or the explication itself. If the former, I have only,
to say, that there is quite as much strangeness in J. J. W.'s paving
the way to apprise his readers, “who may not possess Mr. Tay-
lor's original Dissertation, that a second and enlarged edition was
given in Nos. 15. and 16. of the Pamphleteer,” by his “ few” but
very illiberal “words.” If the latter, until J. J. W. think

proper to point out to what parts, and for what reasons the term is applied, he can say nothing at all.

T. W.


This day is published, in one vol. 8vo. price 5s. in boards,

adapted to the Third Edition.

These Questions are intended to enable young men to prepare with
precision the subjects of the Preliminary Observations, and to assist
Teachers in the business of Examination.
R. Hunter, 72, St. Paul's Church Yard ; where may be bad Clavis

Gymnasii, 8s.6d.

This day is published, A New Edition, in one vol. royal

18mo. 58. THE FAMILY LIBRARY, No. III. Containing the LIFE OF ALEXANDER THE GREAT. By the Rev. JOHN WILLIAMS, M.A. Rector of the Edinburgh Academy.

John Murray, Albemarle Street. “ Whatever new light could be thrown on any particular point of Alexander's career, by a most strict examination of all the original writings of the Greeks and Romans, whatever could be gathered from the literature of the Arabs and Persians-above all, whatever the works of modern European travellers could supply, all this may be found concentrated in one handy little volume of the Family Library. We are greatly mistaken if this little volume do not become a school book. It is far better fitted for that purpose than any one of recent publication, with which we have chanced to meet. It will, no doubt, become a great favorite among young persons engaged in the delightful career of classical study; but we are bound to add, that it deserves a place in the collection of the more mature reader, and is in fact a permanent addition to the stock of standard histories in the English tongue.”—Literary Gazette.

“The present biography, from the pen of that well-known scholar and estimable gentleman, the Rev. Mr. Williams, is an attempt to supply, and we believe for the first time, that desideratum in English classical literature, a correct bistory of Alexander the Great. The task, one of no slight difficulty, has been executed with consummate skill; and is among the most fascinating specimens of biography we have ever had the good fortune to peruse."-Sun.

This day is published, in one large vol. royal 4to., price 91. 9s.

boards, a new Edition of A DICTIONARY, PERSIAN, ARABIC, AND

ENGLISH, with a Dissertation on the Languages, Literature, and Manners of Eastern Nations. By John RICHARDSON, Esq. F.S.A. &c. &c. revised and improved by CHARLES WILKINS, Esq. LL.D., F.R.S.; and now considerably enlarged by FRANCIS JOHNSON

London: Printed for Parbury, Allen, and Co.; T. Cadell; C. J. G. and F. Rivington; Longman, Rees, and Co.; John Richardson ; J. M. Richardson ; S. Bagster; J. Booker; Harding and Lepard ; J. Bohn; H. T. Hodgson; R. Scholey; Smith, Elder, and Co.; Howell and Co.; J, Cochran; and W. Mason.


GENERAL INDEX to the various Articles con-

tained in the Classical Journal from No. I. to

[The first figure 'denotes the volume and the second the page.]
Academic education in the university of Cambridge, on the present system of,

xxv. 327.
• Academic Errors,' notice of, xix. 290.
Adam's elegy on the death of Abel, xx. 394.
Adversaria Literaria, ix. 37. 588. X. 165. 339. si. 173. 358. xii. 209.450. xiii.

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Affinity of the Latin to the Teutonic and Celtic languages, iii. 117.
Africa, some observations respecting, xxxiv. 211.
African fragments, xxiii. 279. xxiv. 243. xxvii. 113. 248.
Agapæ, on the Christian, v. 311.
Albion identified with the Hyperborean island of Diodorus, iii. 176. 247.
Alchymy, autiquity of, xx. 75.
Algebraical problem, solution of Porson's, v. 201.
• Analecta Græca Minora,' defence of, xxv. 209.
Anatomy and physiology of the brain, x. 180.
Anaxagoras, sketch of the life and character of, xvii. 173.
• Ancient Alphabets and Hieroglyphics,' notice of Hanmer's, i. 61.
Ancient Alphabets, xxviii. 334.
Ancient and modern authors, observations on, vii. 240. ix. 129.
Ancient Chronology, remarks on, xxxiv. 103.
*Ancient Commerce,' notice of Vincent's, iii. 60.
Ancient customs, xi. 347.
Ancient geography, viü. 1. xvi. 257.
Ancient languages, on a new mode of pronouncing the, xxxviii. 140.
• Ancient Unedited Monuments,' notice of Millengen's, xxxii. 318. xxxiii. 346.
Anecdotes of remarkable females, viii. 29.
Anecdotes relating to Theopbilus, collected from Philostorgius, vii. 382.
Anglo-Saxon Church, xxxi. 232.
• Anglo-Saxon Grammar, introduction to the elements of,' notice of, xxxi. 121,
Annals and Antiquities of Rajast’han,' notice of, xl. 25.
Answer to an extract of a letter from Mr. Walckenaer, xxx. 394.
Answer to observations on the reply to Sir W. Drummond, xvi. 372.
• Antar, a Bedoueen Romance,' notice of, xix. 182.
Anticipations of futurity in epic poetry, i. 305.
Antique Metal Figure, found at Silchester, Hants, on an, iv. 490.
Antique ring, on an, iv. 128. 454. v. 177.
Antiquities, v. 262.
• Anti-Tooke,' notice of, xxx. 274.
Aphorisms by Dr. Parr, xxxv. 69.
Apologia Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ, xii. 456. xiii. 183.
Arabian anecdote, viii, 280.
Arabian forgery, instance of, xv. 279.
Arabian poem, account of an, i. 68.
Arabian story, xxi. 33.

[ocr errors]

Arabian tales, xii. 259.
Arabic language in Asia and Africa, on the prevalence of, xxxvii. 287.
Arabic MS. relative to the death of Mungo Park, on an, xxi. 299. xxiii. 292.
Arabic MS. XXX. 391.
• Arabic Syntax,' notice of, xii. 194.
Archæological Institute of Rome, xl. 337.
Aristotle, monuments of, xvii. 155.
* Aristoteles de Anima, &c. ex rec. Imm. Bekker,' notice of, xl. 176.
• Asiatic Researches,' on the sixth and seventh volumes of, v. 237.
Asiatic society, report of the, xxviii. 106.
Athenian elegance delineated, xxxvii. 21. 208. xxxviii. 40.
Attic Months, on the, ix. 324. X. 265.

BABYLON, xix. 321.
Babylon, notice of a second memoir of, xix. 179.
· Balthassaris Castilione Carmina,' notice of, xxxiii. 153. 286.
Barnes' works, catalogue of, xiii. 362.
Bayer and Bohusz, xxxvii. 221.
Bentley, life of Dr., v. 276.
Bentley defended from a charge of plagiarism, ix. 520.
Benwell, sone account of the Rev. Wm. xxxii. 330.
• Biblia Polyglotta Britannica,' plan and specimen of, iv. 493.

• Acta Apostolorum,' notice of, xxx. 381.
Age of Christ at the crucifixion, xxv. 169.
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Biblical Synonyma, vii. 202. ix. 215. x. 228. xii. 67. xiv. 241.
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Books illustrative of the Bible, notice of, viii. 135.
Cambridge MS. of the Four Gospels, remarks on, xii. 276.
Cherubim, conjectures respecting the, iv. 416. v. 105.
Christ's vest, iii. 358.
Chronology of the Holy Scriptures, on the, xxxix. 207.
Chronology of the tracts of St. Paul, x. 1.
Corroboration of the Pentateuch, analysis of Faber's, xxxii. 197.
Countries to which Solomon and Hiram sent their fleets for merchandise, on the,

xxiv. 17.
Creation, on the, v. 71. vi. 387.

Decalogue, the, xxxvi. 139.
Defence of Gabriel Sionita, remarks on, xü. 254.
Diacritical points, on the, ix. 255.
Dissertation on the 49th chapter of Genesis, iii. 387. supplement to the above,

v. 30.
Error relative to the time of the departure of the Israelites out of Egypt, xxix.

Fall of Man, a defence of the account of the, v. 93.
Genesis, 10th chapter, explained, iv. 14.

Goain' power of the Hebrew, viii. 97.
Greek Ritual, MS. fragment of a, xxii. 379.
Griesbach in sacred criticism, xxxiii. 136.
Hebrew Bible, list of the earliest printed editions of the, xxvii. 110.
• Hebrew Bible, notice of Frey's, v. 178.
Hebrew Bible, on Boothroyd's, viii. 386.
Hebrew Bible, on the points of the, viii. 114. xi. 66.
Hebrew Bible,' reply to critiques on Clarke's, iii. 428.
Hebrew Bible, various readings of the, xxvi. 63. xxviii. 16. xxix. 65. xxx.

Hebrew Criticism, introduction to, xxiv. 76.
• Hebrew Criticisms and Poetry,' on Dr. Clarke's, ii. 624. 850. iii. 87. 253.

iv. 168.
Hebrew Criticisms, ix. 359. x. 7. 335. xi. 104. 275. xiii. 49. 435. xiv. 109.

xv. 189. xxvii. 104.
Hebrew Descent of the Abyssinians, xii. 293.
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Hebrew Numerals, and different modes of notation, iv. 401. vi. 186.
Hebrew Scriptures, on the integrity of the, viii. 374. ix. 395.
Hebrew text, on the integrity of the, v. 61.
Hebrew text, answer to Mr. Bellamy on the integrity of the, X. 268. xi. 112.

xii. 77.
History of Balaam, on the, xiv. 65.
Hypotheses of Bryant and Faber reconciled, xix. 65.
Illustration of the First Book of Kings, iii. 266.
Illustration of Isaiah ii. 809,
Illustration of Jonah xxi. 337.
Illustration of a passage in the New Testament, vi. 294.
Illustration of St. Luke, ii. 588.
• Introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures,' notice of, xii. 240.
• Introduction to the Study of the Holy Scriptures,' notice of Horne’s, xx. 58.

xxiv. 426. xxvii. 124. xxxiv. 325.
Job, critical notice of Miss Smith's translation of the Book of, i. 162. 369.
Languages into which the translation of the Bible has been promoted by the

British and Foreign Bible Society, xxv.113.
Masora, the, xxxiv. 86. 216.
Mosaic Record, analysis of the first, xxxv. 257. xxxvi. 73.
Moses, meekness of, considered, xxvii. 227.
Moses, remarks on the introductory chapters of, xvi. 378.
Nachash,' on the Hebrew word, ii. 70.
• New Greek Testament,'notice of Valpy's, xxxix. 156.
New Testament, corrections of the translation of the, xiii. 145. xiv. 148. 374.

xvi. 274. xxi. 280. xxv. 225.
New Testament, notice of Van Ess's translation of the, xiv. 328.
New Testament, on some passages in the, xxix. 312.
New Testament, passages variously rendered, xxxii. 353. xxxiii. 162. xxxiv. 8.
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Obscure passages in the Bible translated, iv. 1.
Old Testament, on a revision of the translation of the, xx. 188. 225.
Old Testament, on Bellamy's new translation of the, xxvi. 125. 335.

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