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DEBEMUR morti nos nostraque.—To this law the Editors of the Classical Journal are willing to submit. This work has reached its 80th No.; a duration which its proprietors were far from anticipating on its establishment. Limited in its subjects, it is not calculated for general readers. No similar

work has been carried to such an extent.


• Miscellaneous Observations,' begun in 1732, the most successful, reached the 42nd No.; but the articles were sent gratuitously to that work; an easy mode of publication, which could not be always adopted in the present. The difficulty and expense of procuring a complete set has reduced the number of new subscribers, and without a regular series the utility would be diminished.

The Editors flatter themselves that they have

conferred a benefit of considerable value on the lite

VOL. XL. Cl. Jl. NO. LXXX.


rary world.

world. Criticisms on Classical and Theological subjects have produced a collision of sentiment, and tended to the investigation and elucidation of truth. The Editors have, as far as it was in their power, preserved a spirit of candor, and liberality; and have softened the asperity of attack, and the resentment of recrimination. Their only object has been the disinterested diffusion of literature: if they have not been altogether unsuccessful, they are sa

tisfied.--Hic cestus artemque reponunt.

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The Printer fears it will be difficult to procure a complete set, including the Supplement to the 19th No., and the Index to the first forty Nos. ; but several single Nos. may be had by an early applica

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