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A large proportion has been given had contracted to Europe. It is probto individuals on their own applica- ably recollected, that at the estabtion ; several to managers of charity lishment of our Society a donation schools and of missionary societies ; was made to it of l.100 sterling by the some to destitute seamen ; and a few British and Foreign Bible Society:to the soldiers stationed at Marble. Whilst this liberal act was received head, at the request of eir com- with gratitude, the opinion of many mander. The distribution has been was, that in the prosperous state of as cautious as is consistent with the this country, we ought not to emliberal principles of the Society. Biploy the funds of another for our bles are undoubtedly given, in some lief. Under these impressions, the instances, to those who should blush Trustees resolved to apply the donato receive them without an equiva- tion just named to the distribution of lent; but we have this consolation, the Bible in France ; and it is bethat we bestow a book which is the lieved, that better service cannot be best remedy for their sordidness, rendered to Christianity than by giv

In the course of the last year, the ing its records to a great people in the Trustees ordered the Treasurer to heart of Christendom, where the remit $822 to the American Bible prevalent ignorance of our religion Society at New-York. It will be almost surpasses belief. recollected, that when our Society A great excellence of Bible Socie. became auxiliary to the American, ties is the simplicity of their 'object; several donations were made for the but this produces a corresponding purpose of being forwarded to the lat- simplicity in their operations, which ter. On this account, the remittance makes the report of each year in a of the last year was larger than can great degree an echo of the last. be expected hereafter.

We regret

Your Committee have always labourthat we have not received the last ed to 'entrust Bibles to faithful hands ; report of

the National Institu- and having done this they have not tion. We continue to look to it been 'solicitous, nor have they been with strong hope, that it will hear able, to collect accounts of the effects an important part in the distribution of the distribution. The influence of of the Bible.

á Bible in an obscure family is necesDuring the last year, an earnest ap- sarily silent and without show. We plication was made to the Trustees infer that good is done from the naby a respected American in Paris, ture of the gift, and not from immefor the aid of this Society in distribu- diate and strongly marked. conseting the Scriptures in France. The quences. The mere presence of a Committee, to whom the subject was book, which is acknowledged to be referred, having considered the very from God, tends to keep alive in the depressed condition of Christianity in mind a feeling of obligation to him that country, the great scarcity of and an occasional perusal of the BiBibles and the difficulty of obtaining ble can hardly help giving some morthem among the common people, the al and religious ideas, which, in the influence which the French nation course of providence, may be subz will always have over the opinions jects of meditation and principles of and manners of the civilized world, a christian life. Let it not be objectand the peculiar importance of re- ed to us, that the circulation of the covering it to the knowledge and be- Bible has wrought no great change alief of the gospel, and having learned mong the poor; for does it seem to that an edition of the New Testament have wrought a greater among the had been commenced which required rich? The truth is, that in every class foreign assistance for its completion, it does much good by correcting and recommended to the Trustees an ap- refining public opinion, whilst in mapropriation of such funds, as could be ny individuals it works powerfully to conveniently spared, for this purpose. the saving of their souls.. The Bible It was also considered, that the pre- is not a mechanical and necessary sent was a favourable 'opportunity

It is counteracted continualfor repaying an obligation which we ly by passion, prejudice, misinter




pretation or neglect; but because it Joseph Hurd, Esq., Samuel Parkman, accomplishes less than we desire, let Esq., Joseph May, Esq., Henry Hill, us not overlook the immensely bene- Esq., Dea. John Simpkins, Hon. ficial change which it has produced Thomas Dawes, Samuel H. Walley, in the state of society, wherever it is Esq., Dea. Benjamin West, Dea. Jogenerally read; and let us continue siah Salisbury, Nathaniel P. Russell, to spread it, in the assurance that, in Esq. God's time, it will be better under- EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. stood and more deeply felt, and will Rev. William E. Channing, Ed. give a new face to the earth.

ward Tuckerman, Esq., Rev. Henry It is encouraging to know that the

Ware, jun. zeal which has broken forth on this subject is not shrinking, but rather

Donations to the Massachuserts Bible gains strength; that sovereigns, from

Society for the past year. policy and we will hope from princi

Collection after anniversary ple, are lending the splendour of

165 38 their names and examples to the

By Rev. J. White, from Fe. cause ; that revenues, once lavished

male Society, West Parish, on conquest and bloodshed, are now


14 12 in part consecrated to the spreading Female Society in Warwick, of the gospel of peace ; that great

by Mrs. Phebe Smith 20 men count it an honour to be enroll

Rey. Mr. Townsend, from ed among the patrons of Bible Socie

Young Ladies' Reading 30ties ; and that the different denomi

ciety, Sherburne nations of Christians, as if happy to

Rev. Mr. Parkman, from an find a common object, seem willing

Association of Ladies in Bosto postpone the advancement of their


19 66 peculiarities to the circulation of that

Rev. J. Pierce, cent contribuauthoritative book to which they all

tions in Brookline

31 73 profess to bow. Whilst worldly mo

Collection made in a small tives may have à share in this great


2 36 enterprize, we hail it as a pledge and

S. Salisbury, Esq.

50 promise of a more prosperous and

J. Howe, jun. peaceful state of the church, as the

Moses Everett dawning of a brighter day, in which

C. Guild

5 the knowledge of God shall fill the

Henry Cabot

5 earth, and Christians, drinking deep

E. Seayer ly into their Master's spirit, shall

Rev. E. Chaplin " love one another with a pure heart

James Mackay. fervently."


Thomas Cordis

5 Chairman of the Executive Com.

C. Thacher

John Ballard, jun. Officers of the Society elected on

Jos. Knapp

10 this anniversary.

J. Field

7 His Hon. William Phillips, Presi

John Gibson

3 dent; Rey. John T. Kirkland, D. D. John Thompson LL. D. Vice President; Rev. John

Jas. Everett Pierce, Recording Secretary : Rev, J. Bridge Francis Parkman, Cor. Secretary ;

E. Copeland Mr. John Tappan, Treasurer; Mr.

From a Friend in Sherburne John Grew, Assistant Treasurer.

by Mr. Townsend TRUSTEES.

Do. do. by Mr. Phelps Rev. James Freeman, D. D., Rev. Do. do. by Mr. Stedman 50 Eliphalet Porter, D. D., Rev. Abiel Do. do.

1 Holmes, D.D., Rev. Thomas Bald. Do. do.

1 win, D.D., Rev. Charles Lowell, Do. do.

5 Rev. Joshua Huntington, Chief Jus- Mrs. Wood by Rev. T. Gray 1 tice Parker, Hon. Peter C. Brooks, W.W. by do.

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3 135

Mrs. Sarah Child, do.

3 Donation from a Lady to do. Two ladies by Rev. Mr. Bartlett 4 by Rev. Mr. Stedman

2 A lady in Franklin

10 Mr. James Wild, as a Life Sub. Do. by Rev. Dr. Porter 2 50 scription to the MassachuR. C. Williams and Wm. T.

setts Bible Society

50 Andrews

3 Mrs. C. Codman, ditto James Bartlett

James Perkins, Esq. do. 50
Benjamin Harris
Jos. Mitchell

181 Samuel Clark


Annual Subscriptions. E. Doane, Esq. from the Barn- 256 annual Subscribers $2 512

stable Bible Society 230 45 T. Odiorne, Esq. from the Mal.


4 den Branch Society .80 88

5 440

10 20 $819 75 Life Subsoriptions, &c.

1131 Ebenezer Parker, Esq. as a Life Subscription to American

$2131 75 Bible Society

30 Permanent funds of the Massachusetts Bible Society, the intero

est only of which is to be expended. Three Massachusetts Bank shares, at par

1500 Fifteen Manufacturers and Mechanics Bank shares, at par

750 $800 U. S. six per cent. Stock, at par


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$3050 Statement of receipts and expenditures of the Massachusetts

Bible Society, from June, 1817, to June, 1818. Balance on hand from last year.

1514 99 Collected after anniversary sermon,

165 38 Received by E. Doane, Esq. from the Barnstable Bible Society 230

do. T. Odiorne from the Malden Branch Society Donations the past year

344 37 From 397 Annual Subscribers

1131 Life subscription and donation to American Bible Society

31 Life subscriptions to Massachusetts Bible Society

150 From auxiliary societies and various persons for sales of Bibles. 439 16 Dividends on Bank shares



$4220 79 Paid for $800 U. S. six per cent. Stock,

824 Bibles and Testaments, the past year,

1230 63 Binding do.


584 17 Freight, carting and porterage.

18 4 ie Printing Reports and Circulars,

35 87 W. Francis for delivering Reports,

5 J. Willard for collecting subscriptions,

51 25
Bill of Exchange remitted to Paris, as a donation from the
Massachusetts Bible Society to be used in publishing the
New Testament in Paris, by Frederic Leo,

444 44 This sum voted to the National Bible Society,

822 Balance in the Treasury,

205 39 Boston, June 1.

$422079 Errors Excepted.

JOHN TAPPAN, Treasurer.
JOHN GREW, Assistant Treasurer,



Moreover, a great portion of the ANONG the many institutions of children who attend sabbath schools the present day for improving the have ignorant parents, and many of character and condition of the inhab, them have vicious parents. The team Hants of our country, the Sabbath 'ligious instructions, and indeed any Schools are not the least important, useful instructions which the children The number of these schools has been shall receive, they may be the instruś greatly multiplied within a few years, ments of communicating to their para in several of the United States, as ents at home. Many striking and well as in Great Britain. We hope important instances bave already the plan will become universal been recorded of benefits which par throughout Christendom, and indeed ents have derived from sending throughout the world—not only in their children to sabbath schools. cities and populous towns, but in every Another consideration worthy of town and neighborhood in every aotice is this-Children require some country,

exercise on the Sabbath as well as The schools have already become on other days, and they are gratified so numerous in Philadelphia as to with novelty, variety and change. eomprize 5970 scholars, superintend. The Sabbath Schools add to the vari. ed by 556 instructers. Many of these ety of useful, virtuous and entertain. children would probably have grown ing exercises suitable for that day ; úp in ignorance, vice and irreligion, and if properly managed they may but for the advantages they derive contribute much towards rendering from the sabbath schools. If the “the Sabbath a delight" to children schools should be conducted with and young people. proper regard to decorum, virtue and religion, they will doubtless be a A REMARKABLE CONTRAST RELATE means of saving millions from perdition, as well as of rendering them “The following intelligence bas more happy and useful in the present been recently received and may be world. These schools are adapted relied on as authentic :-The legislanot only to improve the minds of the ture of Antigua, having held a conpupils but the minds of the multitude ference with the missionaries of the of instructers who are employed in Moravian brethren, to induce them these institutions. For there is per- to extend their missions there, and haps no way in which young people finding it out of their power, voted advance more rapidly than in the bu- them one thousand pounds to build a siness of teaching. They not only church and house, and three hundred increase their own stock of knowl. pounds per annum for the support edge by the practice of communica- of missionaries at one station ; grantting to others, but the more faštiful ing and offering as much crown land they are in the discharge of the daty, as should be wanted for that or other the more advantage they derive to stations ; and in the despatch to Lord themselves, by acquiring a facility in Bathurst, from the Government of communicating, and by having the Antigua, it is stated, that the legislainstructions which they impart to ture lamented their limited finances others impressed on their own minds. prevented their doing more, as they Such of these instructers, whether were persuaded, that to the laboure male or female, as shall become heads, of these missionaries they were mainof families, will be the better qualifi- ly indebted for a state of profound ed to teach the children which a gra- tranquillity, while other islands had cious providence shall commit to been exposed to revolt and insurrectheir care ; and the more likely they tion. The brethren have about will be to perform this duty with fi- twelve thousand negroes in their cordelity and advantage. While they gregation in that island." Phila. pap. are employed in bestowing favors on, Now behold the contrast: the children of others, they are lay

66 AFRICAN CHURCH, ing'up treasures for their own poster

Charlesion, June 9. ity,

One hundeed and fifty Nagrocer

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and Slaves, belonging to the African bought and sold as property, and Church were taken up on Sunday af great portion of them denied the ternoon by the city guard and lodged means of education and religious in. in the Guard-House. The city struction ! In what other region does Council yesterday morning sentenced Heaven behold such a mass of op. five of them, consisting of a Bishop pression and iniquity! and four Ministers to one month's In Charleston, it appears, a militaimprisonment, or to give security to ry guard is employed to interrupt the leave the stare. Eight other minis- religious meetings of the oppressed ters were also sentenced separately, Africans on the Sabbath ; and theit to receive ten lashes, or pay a fine of compassionate teachers are doomed five dollars.

Patriot. by the city Council to imprisonment, The account from Antigua is truly or banishment, corporal punishments gratifying ; it evinces a spirit of wis- or fines ! Thus the state of society dom and humanity. The account advances in the capital of South Carfrom Charleston is the reverse ; it olina! What will be their state at the evinces a spirit of folly and barbarity: end of the present century, if they “ Surely oppression maketh a wise continue to advance in this direct man mad.” Oppression has this ef- tion ? fect both on the oppressor and on the We know that the plea for this oppressed. The barbarous course as outrageous persecution is, that “ by dopted by the city Council is the sundry acts of the legislature, it is " Road to Ruin," as truly as the positively forbidden that slaves or course adopted at Antigua tends to free people of color should assemble conciliate the slaves and to prevent for the purpose of mental instruction, revolt and insurrection. Multiplying unless a majority of the asseu bly be the oppressions of the slaves, and composed of white people.” Such prohibiting their meeting for religious are the republican laws of South Carand moral instruction, are but treas- olina ! What law of Spain, Portuuring up wrath against a day of wrath gal, or of the Pope, or of the Inquisiwhich will assuredly overtake the op- tion, is more repugnant to the rights pressors. The cries of these Afri- of man? We do not wonder that cans cannot fail to "enter into the these oppressors of the Africans are ears of the Lord of Sabaoth ;" and al- afraid of their lives, nor that they though he bears long with oppressors think a military guard necessary for he will not bear always.

their protection. But the time will In the United States much has been come when a military guard will not said of the tyranny and oppression defend them, either from the upbraidexercised in other countries. Loudó ings of a self-comdemning conscience, ly have we boasted of our republican or from the anger of a righteous God. institutions, our liberty, and equal And, on the whole, it is hard to denights ; yet in this land of freedom termine, whether the slaves are enthere is perhaps, a greater number of titled to a greater share of our confellow beings held in absolute slavery cern than their unrelenting oppressthan in any other nation on which the sun is suffered to shine. Of this we may be very certain, that, in this

ORDINATION. world, the sun has no opportunity to The Rev. John Gorham Palfrey shine on another nation so palpably was on Wednesday 17th ult. ordaininconsistent as ours.

If but an indi ed as Pastor of the Church in Bratvidual pf our white citizens is depriv- tle-square. Prayer, by the Rev. Dr. ed of his personal rights in a foreign Thayer of Lancaster ; Sermon, by land, our country is filled with clam- the Rev. Dr. Porter ; Ordaining Prayor and threatenings of war from one er, by the Rev. President Kirkland; end to the other. But as a nation; Charge by the Rev. Dr. Osgood, of we can tamely behold a number of Medford; Right Hand of Fellowblack and colored people, greater ship by the Rev. Mr. Frothingham ; than the whole population of New Prayer, by the Rev. Mr. Colman, of England was in 1800, degraded to Hingham ; Benediction, by the Rev. the condition of slaves, liable to be Mr. Palfrey.


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