Bygone Warwickshire

William Andrews
S.R. Publishers, 1893 - 284 sidor

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Sida 85 - And loathed to see them overtaxed; but she Did more, and underwent, and overcame, The woman of a thousand summers back, Godiva, wife to that grim earl who ruled In Coventry: for when he laid a tax Upon his town, and all the mothers brought Their children...
Sida 113 - I lett it run alle over my Garden Walls, not onlie because my Bees love it, but because 'tis the Herb sacred to Remembrance, and, therefore, to Friendship, whence a Sprig of it hath a dumb Language that maketh it the chosen Emblem at our Funeral Wakes, and in our Buriall Grounds.
Sida 35 - The outer wall of this splendid and gigantic structure enclosed seven acres, a part of which was occupied by extensive stables, and by a pleasure garden, with its trim arbours and parterres, and the rest formed the large base-court, or outer-yard, of the noble castle.
Sida 41 - We cannot but add, that of this lordly palace, where princes feasted and heroes fought, now in the bloody earnest of storm and siege, and now in the games of chivalry, where beauty dealt the prize which valor won, all is now desolate.
Sida 267 - No one knew how deep it was; and it was mysterious, too, that it should be almost a perfect round, framed in with willows and tall reeds, so that the water was only to be seen when you got close to the brink.
Sida 86 - And from a heart as rough as Esau's hand, He answered, " Ride you naked through the town, And I repeal it ; " and nodding, as in scorn, He parted, with great strides among his dogs. So left alone, the passions of her mind, As winds from all the compass shift and blow, Made war upon each other for an hour, Till pity won. She sent a herald forth, And bade him cry, with sound of trumpet, all The hard condition ; but that she would loose The people : therefore, as they loved her well...
Sida 268 - ... a creature full of eager, passionate longings for all that was beautiful and glad ; thirsty for all knowledge; with an ear straining after dreamy music that died away and would not come near to her ; with a blind, unconscious yearning for something that would link together the wonderful impressions of this mysterious life, and give her soul a sense of home in it.
Sida 96 - I loved the man, and do honour his memory, on this side idolatry, as much as any. He was indeed honest, and of an. open and free nature ; had an excellent phantasy, brave notions, and gentle expressions...
Sida 36 - Lancaster,' had widely extended the castle, erecting that noble and massive pile which yet bears the name of Lancaster's Buildings ; and Leicester himself had outdone the former possessors, princely and powerful as they were, by erecting another immense structure, which now lies crushed under its own ruins, the monument of its owner's ambition. The external wall of this royal castle was, on the south and west sides...
Sida 265 - But he could not manage finance ; he knew values well, but he had no keenness of imagination for monetary results in the shape of profit and loss ; and having ascertained this to his cost, he determined to give up all forms of his beloved ' business,

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