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WHAT usually appears as a Preface to the volume of a periodical such as this, might with greater propriety be denominated a conclusion. It is generally a retrospective glance at the labours and experiences of the expiring year, with a few prospective allusions to the plans and peradventures of the future. And we are not disposed to find fault with the practice, or to desire a more formal course for our own adoption; for it is almost the only occasion when gratitude can be formally expressed for favours conferred-when claims can be urged and wishes made known with plainness of speech.

to come.

It is with some degree of sadness that we have looked over the pages of the volume just completed, for they remind us of the inroads that death has been making amongst us during the year that is past. These pages contain the contributions of some who have since been suddenly called away from the midst of us, and whose services the Church at the commencement of the year might have calculated upon for many days Besides the removal of two young and promising ministers, the Church has sustained the loss of at least four of her office-bearers, who have been closely identified with many of her early struggles, and who have ever cherished a warm and unabated interest in her prosperity and extension in this land. And among these, our closing number records the removal of one whose active and untiring zeal was known throughout all her borders. May these solemn intimations of the shortness of our few and fleeting years constrain us the more diligently to work while with us it is day; and may the Lord raise up other men with faith, and zeal, and love to supply the places of those who are gone!

To those who have kindly assisted us during the year-the Clerks of Presbyteries who have supplied us regularly with Reports, the Ministers and others who have furnished us with suitable papers, and to those who have engaged in the needed work of helping to promote our circulation, we render our sincere thanks.

It may appear to some but the repetition of an old complaint to refer in this place to our limited circulation. But we beg to remind them that the task has ever been an ungracious one to us, and such as we would not have returned to were necessity not laid upon us. The changes and removals that are constantly taking place in our congregations deprive us of many readers, and unless their places were filled by others, our work could not long be continued. For this end direct efforts are necessary, and these are most successfully made before the commencement of a new year. We, therefore, earnestly invite the co-operation of those who are interested in the important work which this publication is designed to promote. There is one way in which all our friends and readers may assist—by giving us a place in their supplications at a throne of grace; for if in our work we were more largely guided and assisted by the Spirit of God, our "Messenger" might become a successful preacher of righteousness" to many who have nothing more than a "name to live."

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LONDON, Dec. 1, 1854.


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Discontent, 110

Doddridge's Mother, 78

England's Present and Possible Future, 215

Falsehood in Children, and its Cure, 374
Fugians, the, 134

Harvey, Marion, 11

"He Careth for You," 80

Isaiah's Satire on Idolatry, 109

Jerusalem, Night Scene in, 167
Justice, or its Opposite, 274
Levity, 109

Listener, the Author of the, 303
Louisa Jewett, 278

Masses, a Ministry for the, 143
Minister of Christ, the, 72
Minister's Tears, the, 215

Missionaries, Sympathy with, 309
Mothers, our, 15

No Condemnation, 212
"Patriotic Fund," the, 372

Philadelphia, Reception of Dr. Duff in, 137
Poor, Sabbath Reading for the, 14
Praying Collier, the, 310

Prayer, Encouragement to, 45

Presbyterians, Union among Non-established, 241

Prisons, Religious Instruction in, 41

Miscellaneous Papers:—
Protestant Conference, 85
Pulpit and Press, 302
Random Recollections, 139
Reynolds, Edward, D.D., 339

Religious Anniversaries, results of the, 305

Russia, how they educate the people in, 168 Scandinavia, scraps from, 10, 42, 104 Sheffield, Presbyterianism in, 247

Stilling's Life, incidents in, 343

System and Principle, 48

Tell your Wife, 214

Turkey, the Bible in, 208

"Their works do follow them," 48 United States, Slavery in, 46

War, the details of, 165

Within a Day's journey of Jerusalem, 373

Word in Season, a, 79

Young Men, the influence of, 106


Chastening in Love, 142

Cottage Clock, the Old, 344

Crossing the Flood, 370

Christian's Death-chamber, the, 81

God's hand in all things, 142

I would not live alway, 15
Mitherless Bairn, the, 169
My Rest, 280

Pilgrim Fathers, landing of the, 311
She rests, 110

Small Beginnings, 108

"Thou maintainest my lot," 279 Time, 216

Correspondence, 16, 17, 18, 81, 111, 112, 286, 313, 376


Burns, Letters from Rev. W. C., 49, 217, 218 Charteris, Letters from Rev. W., 113,

220, 287, 346

China, progress of Gospel in, 345

Foreign Mission Committee, Annual Report of, 148

France, Missionary efforts in South of, 54 Home Mission Committee, Annual Report of, 150

India, the Gospel in, 318

Johnston,letters from Rev. James, 53, 83, 218 Young, letters from Dr., 51, 315

Mission ry Summary, 55, 83, 116, 184, 221, 249, 289,316

Presbyterian Church in England:

Annual accounts, 193-200

College Committee, Report of, 173

Collections and Donations, 25, 26, 59, 60, 87, 88, 121, 122, 156, 186, 187, 227, 228, 257, 292-3, 322, 353, 379

Our Missionaries in China, 378
Sabbath-schools, statistics of, 255, 256
State of Religion, Report on,
Synod, Meeting of, 145

Proceedings of, 170

Commission of, 225

Moderators of, 183


Presbytery of London, proceedings of, 27,

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