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It was owing to the exertions of this Bureau that the first convention of Chief's and Commissioners of Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States was had, and the purposes and objects of said convention are set forth very plainly and explicitly by the Hon. Carroll D. Wright, chief of the Massachusetts Bureau, in his fifteenh annual report to the Senate of his State, as follows, viz :

“In September, 1883, at the suggestion of Hon. H. A. Newman, of the Missouri Bureau of the Statistics of Labor, a convention of all the chiefs and commissioners of the various bureaus of the United States was organized at Columbus, Ohio, by the choice of Mr. Newman as president and Mr. Luskey, of the Ohio Bureau, as secretary. The second session of the convention was held at St. Louis, Missouri, June 9th, 1884, when matters of interest were discussed. The object of the convention is to bring the work of the various bureaus into harmony, and by consultation and the comparing of methods, secure the utmost efficiency in the administration of the various offices represented. Thirteen States are now represented in the convention, and by the recent act of Congress establishing a national bureau of statistics of labor, the United States will have representation.

The annual sessions of this convention, in my opinion, will be productive of much good to the statistical service of the Stales involved, and to the country at large. The next session will be holden in Boston, in June, 1885."

That the laboring classes of the country may be apprised of the proceedings of said conventions, we give the proceedings, in full, of the “Second Annual” convention, held in St. Louis, Missouri, in June last. In those States where the appropriations for the labor bureaus was sufficient, the proceedings were published in a separate pamphlet, and mailed to laborers.



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The second convention of the heads of the State Labor Statistical Bureaus of the United States convened in the city of St. Louis, the State of Missouri, in the hall of the Mechanics’ Exchange, on June 9, 1881, and was called to order at 2:15 P. M. by President H. A. Newman, Commissioner of the Missouri Bureau ; Henry Luskey, Commissioner of the Ohio Bureau, at the secretary's desk.

Mr. Patrick Mulcahy, president of the Merchants' Exchange, bid the gentlemen representing the Bureaus of the various States a hearty welcome, in a few well chosen remarks, and very kindly tendered the hall of the association presided over by him for the holding of the convention.

Upon the call of the States, the following were found to be represented :

Massachusetts, Carroll D. Wright.
Pennsylvania, Joel B. McCamant.
Ohio, Henry Luskey.
New Jersey, James Bisop.
Missouri, H. A. Newman.
New York, Charles F. Peck.
Michigan, John W. McGrath.
Iowa, E. R. Hutchins.
Maryland, Thos. C. Weeks.
Communications were presented and read as follows:


St. Louis, June 9, 1884.) To the Hon. President and Members of the Commissioners of Labor

Statistics of the U. S.:

GENTLEMEN-On behalf of the Mechanics' Exchange of St. Louis, you are invited to visit the various manufacturing establishments of the city, and also our large breweries, parks and fair grounds, on Tuesday afternoon, June 10. You are also invited to an excursion on the river, Wednesday afternoon, on the elegant steamer, Charles Morgan, tendered to the exchange for the occasion by her owner, Commodore P. P. Manion.


P. MULCAHY, Presidenl Mechanics' Exchange and Chairman Reception Committee. RICHARD WALSH,



St. Louis, June 9, 1884. To the Commissioners of Labor Statistics:

GENTLEMEN- I beg to tender you the freedom of our fair grounds during your stay in the city. I have the honor to be, your obedient servant,



Both of the communications were, on motion, received, and the thanks of the convention voted to the Mechanics’ Exchange and the St. Louis Agricultural and Mechanical Association for the very kind invitation extended.

Upon call of standing committees by the president, beginning with Committee on Rules, Mr. Wright submitted the following:

1. The Chiefs and Commissioners of State Bureaus of Statistics of Labor, or of the kindred Bureaus or Departments, and the chief offices of a National Bureau of Statistics of Labor, should one be established, shall constitute the National Convention of Chiefs and Commissioners of Bureaus of Statistics of Labor of the United States.

2. The officers of said convention shall be a president and secretary, and they shall be chosen, by ballot, at each annual session of the convention.

3. The convention shall meet annually, in the month of June, at the call of the president, at such place as shall have been selected by the convention ; such selection to be by ballot.

4. The proceedings of each session of the convention shall be printed under the direction of the secretary, and an edition published sufficient to cover the subscriptions of the members of the convention, the cost of publication to be borne by an assessment on each Bureau subscribing for copies in the proportion of its subscription to the whole number published.

5. The officers chosen at an annual session of the convention shall assume their duties at the following session.

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