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Sida 269 - ... one of the most important, and at the same time, one of the least expensive and troublesome, which we possess.
Sida 327 - Generally in all matters not herein-before particularly mentioned, in which there is any conflict or variance between the Rules of Equity and the Rules of the Common Law with reference to the same matter, the rules of Equity shall prevail.
Sida 27 - To remove a man who has committed no misdemeanour from the parish where he chooses to reside, is an evident violation of natural liberty and justice.
Sida 431 - Health find that any Premises therein are in a Condition or State dangerous to Health so as to be unfit for Human Habitation, he shall report the same in manner herein-after provided to the Local Authority.
Sida 301 - May 19 the Bill was read a second time in the House of Lords, the Bishop of London supporting it.
Sida 223 - That if any person born in Scotland or Ireland, or in the Isle of Man, or Scilly, or Jersey, or Guernsey, not settled in England, become chargeable to any parish in England, by reason of relief given to himself or herself, or to his wife, or to any legitimate or bastard child...
Sida 208 - An Act to amend the law relating to Divorce and Matrimonial Causes in England.
Sida 362 - State what (if any) amendments or alterations it would in their judgment be expedient to make in this Act, or otherwise relating to the administration of justice, and what other provisions (if any) which cannot be carried into effect without the authority of Parliament it would be expedient to make for the better administration of justice.
Sida 122 - Want of thoroughness and foundation ; want of system ; slovenliness and showy superficiality; inattention to rudiments ; undue time given to accomplishments, and those not taught intelligently or in any scientific manner ; want of organisation — these may sufficiently indicate the character of the complaints we have received in their most general aspect.
Sida 414 - The result of their inquiries will enable you to mature those means which may seem best fitted to place the internal government of corporate cities and towns upon a solid foundation, in respect of their finances, their judicature, and their police.

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