The chace. A poem. embellished with prints


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Sida 180 - Of all the brutes, Whether by Nature form'd, or by long use, This artful diver best can bear the want Of vital air. Unequal is the fight, Beneath the whelming element. Yet there He lives not long; but respiration needs At proper intervals.
Sida 64 - Inquisitive, nor leaves one turf untried, Till, conscious of the recent stains, his heart Beats quick; his snuffling nose, his active tail, Attest his joy; then, with deep opening mouth That makes the welkin tremble, he proclaims Th' audacious felon; foot by foot he marks His winding way, while all the listening crowd Applaud his reasonings.
Sida 77 - No widow's tears o'erflow, no secret curse Swells in the farmer's breast, which his pale lips Trembling conceal, by his fierce landlord aw'd : But courteous now he levels every fence, Joins in the common cry, and...
Sida 33 - But it is evident, that the art of hunting is very different now from what it was in his days, and very much altered and improved in thefe latter ages.
Sida 112 - Dispers'd, how busily this way, and that, They cross, examining with curious nose Each likely haunt. Hark ! on the drag I hear Their doubtful notes, preluding to a cry More nobly full, and swell'd with every mouth.
Sida 178 - Dispers'd, and leave a track oblique behind. Now on firm land they range ; then in the flood They plunge tumultuous ; or through reedy pools Rustling they work their way : no hole escapes Their curious search.
Sida 100 - So round some island's shore of large extent, Amid the gloomy horrors of the night. The billows breaking on the pointed rocks, Seem all one flame, and the bright circuit wide Appears a bulwark of surrounding fire.
Sida 144 - Draw on the margin of the stream, or cut The liquid wave with oary feet, that move In equal time. The gliding waters leave No trace behind, and his contracted pores But sparingly perspire : the huntsman strains His labouring lungs...
Sida 130 - His feather'd death into his brawny sides. But perilous th' attempt. For if the steed Haply too near approach, or the loose earth His footing fail, the watchful, angry beast Th' advantage spies, and at one sidelong glance Rips up his groin.
Sida 106 - Op'ning to right and left, the well-train'd troops Leave a large void for their retreating foes : Away they fly, on wings of fear upborne, To seek on distant hills their late abodes.

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