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464, C.

Offices of Christ explained and improved

Vid. the words King, Prieft, and Prophet.
Omnisciency of God, vid Knowledge.
Ordinances of the gospel, questions and answers concerniog
the nature and saving efficacy of them

Paftor, an evangelical one described by our Saviour 441
What is included io his ministerial faithfulness

449 The nature and emiocnt use of ministerial prudence to

him The glorious reward which a good one may expect 463 Several improvements which ministers should make of

Christ's description of bim Peace, of conscience, this privilege explained and improved 24 Perfection of believers at death, explained and improved 31 Perfeverance of saints, the grounds of its security explain

ed, with improvements Prayer, questions and answers concerning the nature god properties of it

127 The Lord's prayer our peculiar directory for perform

ing it, 130. Vid. Lord's prayer. To reason with God in it, is not only lawful, but our daty

135 Priest, how Christ executes the office of one explained

and improved Prophet, how Christ is one shewn with improvements Prudence, wherein ministers should exercise it with respect

to themselves Of ministers, in reference to their assisters and opposers 457






Ualifications, what are necessary for those who come
to the Lord's table


R REason, arguments persuading to hearken to it 337

It convinces fippers they must chuse reformation or ruin 338 Appeals to it for promoting reformation

340 The wickedness of warring agaiost its dictates Its censures of profane swearing and blasphemy

355 It severely condemnas drunkenness

371 The determination of it against uacleangels

384 Its condemnation of comity against godliness

393 Reformation of magners, necessary to prevent ruin The possibility and advantage of it

340 Appeals to reason for promoting it






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Repentance, the nature and necessity of that which is saving y8

The spring, the effect, and measure of the forrow of it 99 Rejt, that of believers, in death, explained and improved 34 Refurrection, the doctrine of it confirmed, explained, and improved

35 How Christ will acknowledge and acquit believers after it 36 Abbath, reasons of Gad's requiriog a weekly one 60 How it ought to be kept

62 Sacraments, what the word primarily signifies

109 Questions and answers concerning the efficacy of the gospel opes

The nature of them opened and applied
The number of them dctermined

Sacramental-meditations, &c. 120. Vid. Lord's supper.
Sanctification, the nature of it explained
Saving-faith, the preciousness of the least degree of it

Characters of its being true, though weak
It is exceeding comfortable to have it, though in the
lowest measure

285 Scripture, rules fit to be observed in the interpretation of it

203 Seal, upon the heart and

what it means

312 Sealing of the Spirit, the nature of it, and how it is performed

257 Why none have it till they believe

258 How all believers have it, and have it not How great a privilege it is

261 The distinguishing effects of it

262 Directions for getting, recovering, and securing it 264 Severity of God, how exercised towards Christ

276 Reasons of God's exercising it upon our Saviour 279 Inferences from Christ's enduring of it

281 Sins, the inequality of them evinced and improved 87 The exceeding evil and danger of them considered and improved

89 How we may escape God's wrath and cerse due for them gi Some too usually found in church-members

471 Son of God, why Christ is called God's own Son

274 How God spared him not Reasons of God's feverity towards him

279 Several useful lessons from God's not sparing him 281 How the divine feverity to him encourages the hope of




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Swearing, it is condemned by Datural reason and conscience

355 т TEars, whence they may be wanting where there is much Temptation, the petition against it in the Lord's prayer explained

152 Ten commandments, the sum of theti explained and im

proved The preface to them opened, with inferences from it The first of them explained and applied

50 The second expounded, with useful inferences

53 The third opened and improved

56 The fourth explained, with improvements

бо The fifth opened and applied

65 The fixth expounded and improved

70 The seventh explained and applied

75 The eighth explained and applied The ninth opened, with improvements of it The tenth explained and improved

The impossibility of perfectly keeping them in this life Thankfulness for supplies in neceflities

5 Fransubstantiation, the popish doctrine concerning it refuted 122

UNbelief, Chriftians have good reason to weep for the

285 Signs of the remainder of it in good people

287 Comfort for Christians under the lamented remains of it 288 Uncleanness, the great evil and danger of it

73 Union, with Christ, explication and improvemept of it Vocation, the concomitants of it, 10. Vid. Effe&tual calling,

W Wh

Ill of God, what is meant by it in the Lord's praġer 139

How we Chould do it on earth, as it is done in heaven 140 For redeeming fingers was moft plea fiog to Chrift 294 Word of God, how reading and hearing it conduce to fal. vation

102 · The manner of reading and hearing it aright

los Worship of God, reafors for a composed ferious fpirit in it 234

God's peculiar presence in it, explained and improved 241 The best Christians find the workings of saful corrup

tions therein



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