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Chose admirable! La religion Chrétienne qui ne semble § -
d'objet que la félicité de l'autre vie, fait encore notre bonheur dal,
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MoNTEsQUIEU; ESPRIT DEs LoIx, LIv. xxiv. cH. 3,

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SoME 3years ago the Author published a few brief reflections, entitled, A Cursory View of Civil Government. Upon this tract he has evercised the same right with that of a

man, who, having built a house which after

wards he finds small and inconvenient, pulls it

down, to erect a larger and more commodious one in its stead; at the same time endeavouring, with a prudent economy, to make the best use he can of the old materials. This seemed necessary to be premised, for the sake of a very few readers, who may have met with the above tract; to others, it can be n0 point either of curiosily 07”


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Árren many able attempts of political writers to show the influence of civil goverment upon the power and wealth of nations, I here presume to offer to the world a few thoughts upon the relation it bears to objects of far more importance, and from which all others must derive their value. Whoever shall look back on the extraordinary state of human affairs, a few years ago, when the whole frame of society seemed almost in danger of a dissolution, from the mischievous ferments occasioned by some novel principles of political and moral philosophy, will, I think, readily allow, that an endeavour to prevent a return of such disorders, by leading men to a view of their

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