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upon the excellence and value of the English National Church Establishment, together with the circumstances which impede its efficiency, and the best remedies for such defects.” But it is matter of deep regret to the Committee, that the Master of the Temple, from whom this important service was expected, has been prevented, by severe indisposition, from executing it during the present year. Upon this being announced to the Committee, in the end of the month of February, it became matter of much deliberation whether all idea of a course of Lectures, in the present season, should be abandoned; or whether some other individual, qualified for the work, should be sought out. Upon the whole, it was deemed advisable to delay the matter entirely until another year; the more especially; as it seemed probable that a course of Lectures, of a more popular character, and which would not supersede those originally contemplated by Mr. Benson, might possibly be brought forward in the present season, and become productive, under the Divine Blessing, of highly beneficial results. Under these impressions, the eyes of the Committee were directed to the Rev. Hugh M‘Neile."

Were I at liberty to publish the correspondence which took place upon the occasion here referred to, it would exculpate me, in some degree at least, from the charge of rashness and presumption in

complying with the reiterated request of these zealous gentlemen. They are cordially desirous to promote the best interests of the church and the country. Their proceedings necessarily involve them in a considerable expenditure; and I venture to avail myself of this opportunity, warmly to recommend their objects and funds to the support of churchmen.

I hope their expectations from the Master of the Temple may be realised; and that a defence of vastly more wisdom and erudition, than I can make the slightest pretensions to, may be raised around our venerated Church Establishment.

March 25, 1840.


Practical efficiency of the Church hindered by limitation in ex-

tent-The joint operation of the Church in its present di-

mensions, and of the Voluntary System, wholly inadequate

under existing circumstances-Proof in the actual state of

the country-Root of the whole evil, want of real confidence in

Revelation-- English gentlemen appealed to—Vain to expect

unanimity in the mode—Right to proceed notwithstanding,

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