Sidor som bilder

is unholy or impure; neither can it endure to be paraded before the world. It best loves to be undistinguished: it would not even be mentioned by name; but, like a heaven-born spirit, descending to earth on noiseless and viewless wings, it would take up its abode in the heart, causing it to overflow with thankfulness to God and charity to man, bursting forth from time to time into that temperate cheerfulness which is ever pleasing in the sight of the Creator.

We are taught, nay commanded, to invite this lovely spirit to dwell amongst us; and, at the same time, instructed that, fair as it may appear to us here, it will shine far brighter for those who, having victoriously passed through the trials and perils of this mortal life, are received at length into the joy of their Lord. That on earth it must, of necessity, be imperfect.

6 The highest mood allowed
To sinful creatures for all happiness
Worthy that holy name, seems steep'd in tears,
Like flowers in dew, or tinged with misty hues,
Like stars in halo."



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