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LABE, LOUIZE. Euvres. Reuues LACTANTIUS, FIRMIANUS. De et corrigées par ladite Dame. Lion, divinis institutionibus libri, etc. Lacpar Jan de Tournes, 1556. 8vo. tantii Firmiani de divinis instituti

onibus adversus gentes libri septem, First and rarest of all the editions. See nec non ejusdem ad Donatum de Brunet. Beautiful copy in old red mo ira dei liber unus, una cum libro de rocco, ruled.

opificio hominis ad Demetrianum finiLABOUREUR, JEAN LE. Re untur. Sub anno domini mcccclxv. lation du voyage de la Royne de Pontificatus Pauli pape II. anno ejus Pologne et du retour de Madame secundo. Indictione XIII die vero la Mareschalle de Guebriant, Am. antepenultima mensis Octobris. In bassadrice extraordinaire, et sur-in- venerabili monasterio Sublacensi. tendante de sa conduite, par la Deo gratias. Fol. Hongrie, L'Austriche, Styrie, Ca

First Edition. Generally considered rinthie, le Frioul et l'Italie. Avec

as the first book printed in Italy with a un discours historique de toutes les date. If the “ Donatus pro puerilis” was villes et Estats, par ou elle a passé. earlier printed in Italy, no copy of it has Et un traitté particulier du Royaume

ever been seen. There is some doubt as de Pologne. Paris, chez la Vefue Dampier and Lord Spencer conclude with

to the printers of this very rare work, Bp. Jean Camusat, 1647. 4to.

Meermann for Sweynheym and Pannartz, LACINIUS, Janus. Pretiosa

Bibl. Sp. I. 205. Freytag Adp. p. 208.

Audiffredi Ed. Rom. p. I. Of the few copies Margarita novella de Thesauro, ac which are known, the greater number want pretiosissimo Philosophorum Lapide. the Errata of two leaves. The present Artis hujus divinæ Typus, et metho- copy is quite complete and was obtained dus: collectanea ex Arnaldo, Rhay

at the Mac Carthy Sale. It is in beautiful

preservation. mundo, Rhasi, Alberto, et Michaele Scoto ; per Janum Lacinium Cala Divinarum Institutionum Libri brum nunc primum, cum lucuple- septem proxime castigati et aucti: et tissimo indice, in lucem edita. Ve- alia opera. Venetiis, in ædibus hanetiis, apud Aldi filios, 1546. 8vo. redum Aldi, et Andreæ soceri, 1535.


B. M.

B. M.

LAGNIET, JACQUES. Recueil authors owne last copie. London, by des plus illustres Proverbes divises Edm. Bollifant, 1596. 4to. Bl. L. en trois livres. Le premier contieut

The map at p. 1. and the Carde of Beales proverbes moraux (50). Le Se cons p. 71. are generally wanting, this cond, les proverbes joyeux et plai- copy has them both. sans (43). Le troisieme represente The third edition corrected la vie des Gueux en Proverbes (30). and enlarged. London, by R. HodgParis, (1657 &c.) 123 Plates. 4to. kinsonne, for D. Pakeman, n. d. 4to. Rare, see Brunet.

Dictionarium Angliæ TopograLA GRAVE, Poncet. Histoire phicum et Historicum. An Alphabegénérale des descentes faites tant en

tical Description of the Chief Places Angleterre qu'en France, depuis in England and Wales, with an acJules - Cesar jusqu'à nos jours. count of the most memorable Events Paris, 1803. Svo. 2 vol. in l.

which have distinguish'd the LAING, JAMES. De vita et mo

London, 1730. Portrait. 4to. L.P. ribus atque rebus gestis hæreticorum

LAMBE, John. A briefe denostri temporis &c. Traductis ex scription of the notorious life of sermone Gallico in Latinum, quibus John Lambe, otherwise called Docmulta addita sunt in priori editione tor Lambe. Together with his igquorundam, negligentia omissa. Au- nominious Death. Printed in Amsthore Jacobo Laingæo Scoto, Doc- terdam, 1628. 8vo. Twelve leaves. tore Sorbonico. Parisiis, apud Mich.

“ This copy had belonged first to Miss de Roigny, 1581. 8vo.

Gulston, and then to General Dowdswell, This volume contains the Lives of Luther, whose Sale it was purchased by Sturt. Carlostadius and Calvin.

No other copy of the original was known

to Sturt, except one that Thane had proDe vita et moribus Theodori cured, to make from it a Print of Dr. Bezæ, omnium hæreticorum nostri Lambe.

Sturt before he first sold this to Miss temporis facile principis, et aliorum hæreticorum brevis recitatio. Cui Gulston, printed forty copies of it, which

are now extremely scarce.” MS. note. adjectus est libellus, de morte patris Edmundi Campionis, et aliorum quo

LAMBERTO. Don Juan Lamrundum Catholicorum, qui in Anglia berto : or, a comical History of the pro fide Catholica interfecti fuerunt late Times. By Montelion, Knight primo die Decembris A. D. 1581. of the Oracle, &c. Two Parts. LonParisiis, apud Roigny, 1585. don, J. Brudenell, for Henry Marsh, 8vo.

1661. Wood cuts. 4to. LAMBARD, William. A per- Republicans is seldom to be found added

The second part of this Satire upon the ambulation of Kent :

conteining to the first. the description, hystorie, and customes of the Shyre. Collected and

LA MOTTE, SEIGNEUR DE. Les written (for the most part) in the facetieux deviz des cent et six Nouyeare 1570, by William Lambard of velles, Nouvelles, tres recreatives et Lincolnes Inne Gent. and nowe in

fort exemplaires pour recueiller les creased by the addition of some

bons et joyeux esprits Francoys, things which the Authour him selfe

veues et remises en leur naturel. hath obserued since that time. Paris, par Jean Longis, 1550. Svo. London, for Ralphe Newberie, 1576.

LANCELOT. Le Premier (Se4to. Bl. L.

cond et Troisieme) volume de LanFirst published in 1576 and celot du Lac nouvellement imprimé now increased and altered after the a Paris. Cy fine le derrenier volume

B. M.

B. M.

R. M.

B. M.

de la table ronde faisant mention des of the thirteenth Century. Dublin, fais et proesses de möseigur (sic) 1722. Svo. 4 vol. lancelot du lac et dautres plusieurs nobles et vaillans hommes ses co.


(Thom. Lanpaignos. Imprime a Paris ce derre- quette's Chronicle continued by nier jour dapuril mil quatre cccc

Cooper) Con-tenynge the whole dis

course of the histories as well of quatre vingtz et quatorze põranthoine Verard, Libraire (1494).

thys realme as all other countries Wood cuts. Fol. 3 vol. Bl. L.

etc. . . . . corrected and augmented unto the vii. yere of the raigne of

our most gracious Quene Elizabeth This copy is made up of the two editions

that nowe is. Anno 1565. the first of 1494, the third vol. being what Brunet considers of the first edition. The title is day of Auguste. 4to. B). L. also wanting to the first volume. LANDI, ORTENSIO. Sermoni

This is the fourth Edition; it is without Funebri de vari authori nella morte

printer's name and contains 384 leaves of

which the last eight are not numbered. de diversi animali. Vinegia, appresso This edition is carried on by the author, Gabriel Giolito, 1548. Svo.

Cooper, to the end of 1564, and therefore This first edition is rare, it was reprinted scribing this as the same as the edition of

Ames vol. III. p. 1614 is mistaken in dein Genoa, 1559.

1549. Thos. Lanquet was proceeding in - Varii Componimenti nuova

the 3rd Part of this Chronicle when he menti venuti in luce. Vinegia, Ga

died in 1545, Cooper continued it from

page 342 of this edition down to the year briel Giolito, 1552. 12ino.

1565. LANDINUS. Quæstiones et

LANSIUS, THOMAS. F. A. D. W. Disputationes Camaldulenses Chris- (Fridericus Achilles, Dux Würtemtophori Landini Florentini. S. 1. a.

bergiæ) Consultatio de principatu et typ. n. (sed Florentiæ). Fol.

inter Provincias Europæ.


Quarta prioribus auctior. Tubing, “ About 1468 Landino wrote his Dispu- typis Brunnianis, 1635. 8vo. tationes Camaldulenses. This work was first published without place or date but

Frederick Achilles Duke of Wirtemberg as Bandini supposes about 1472 or 1475. called an assembly of Nobles and others at This edition is extremely scarce. Bandini Tubingen in 1613, to discuss the compacould not find a copy in the Vatican Li rative merits and demerits of all the Kingbrary.” Roscoe's Lorenzo de Medici I. 103. doms of Europe. The Duke himself, his "In these Disputations Landino has de brother the Duke of Saxony, the Duke voted the 3rd, and 4th., to a critical dis of Sleswick - Holsatia, and other nobles sertation on Virgil whose works be after made public speeches on this occasion wards corrected and restored." Roscoe's pro et con. Lansius edited those speeches, Lorenzo, II. 64.

which must have been very popular as this

is a fourth edition. LANGLOIS, PIERRE. Discours des Hieroglyphes Ægyptiens, Em

LANSPERGIUS, JOANNES. An blemes, Devises et Armoiries, en

Epistle or Exhortation of Jesus semble 54 Tableaux Hieroglyphiques Christ to the Soule, that is devoutly

affected towards him. Wherein are pour exprimer toutes conceptions a la facon des Ægyptiens par figures tions teaching a man to know him

contained certaine divine inspiraet images des choses, etc. 1584. 4to.

self, and instructing him in the

perfection of true piety. Written LANIGAN, John. An eccle in Latin by the devout servant of siastical history of Ireland, from the Christ Joannes Lanspurgius a Charfirst introduction of Christianity ter house Monke. And translated among the Irish to the beginning into English by the Lord Philip

R. M.

R. M.

R. M.


Earle of Arundell. Permissu Su First Edition and the first book printed periorum, 1610. 12mo.

in Greek characters. Of the extraordinary

rarity of this book see Panzer, II. 25. Bibl. “Philip Howard, nineteenth Earl of Arun

Spenc. III. 76. Saxius Typ. Mediol. p. 461. del, was son of Thomas, Duke of Norfolk,

et 563. This is probably the finest copy and the Lady Mary Fitz-Allan. This book

in existence. and its author are unnoticed by Walpole or Park. The latter, and Mr. Heber, assure Compendium Octo Orationis me they have never heard of or seen an Partium et aliorum quorundam neother copy.” Note by Dr. Bliss.

cessariorum, (Gr. Lat.). Cum præLANZAVECHIA, ODOARDO. fatione Boni Accursii Pisani. Hoc Ragguaglio della Nobil Rotta data divinum opus impressum est Medioda Scozzesi a gl’Inglesi appresso la lani in kalendas octobres mccccLxxx. Citta di Duofres. Con prigionia di et interpretatum per Johannem Momolti Baroni principali fra de quali nachum Placentinum. 4to. un Cugino della Regina d'Inghil Second Edition; also of great rarity. terra. Bologna et Padua, 8. a.

cum præfat. Boni Acc. Pisani 4to.

(Gr. Lat.). Accedit De Nomine et This very curious and singular publica- Verbo Liber tertius (Gr.). Hoc dition is dated Di Brendai di Fiandra a di 4 vinum opus impressum est Vicentiæ di Maggio 1588. It describes the Execution of Queen Mary and an Action between

per magistrum Leonardum de Basilea the Scotch and English near Dumfries, in

MCCCCLXXXVIIII. 4to. which the English lost above 3000 men, Grammaticæ Græcæ Compenand Lord Suffolk their general was wounded

dium (Gr. Lat.). Vincentiæ,per

Leoand taken. It was probably written to

nardum de Basilea, MCCCCXCI. 4to. R. encourage the Spaniards by the lie.

This abridgement of Lascaris is very unLAON, J. DE, Sieur DAIGREMONT. Relation du Voyage des Francois fait au Cap de Nord en Amerique tina; et Alia Opuscula. Impressum

Erotemata cum Interpret. Lapar les soings de la Compagnie es

est Venetiis summo studio, litteris tablie à Paris, et sous la conduite

ac impensis, Aldi Manucii Romani, de M. de Royville leur General, avec

4to. une ample description du Pays, des

First Aldine Edition. Renouard's acmeurs et façons de vivre des Sau

count of this very rare edition is sufficiuages, et l'observation des hauteurs.

ently ample; he supposes this to have been Paris, chez Edme Pepingué, 1654.

begun before the Musæus and GaleomyoMap. Svo.

machia, but that those two were finished

before the Lascaris, but this opinion does LAPLAND. Kurke Beschriebung

not seem sufficiently sustained. The Apder Lappländer Sitten (Description pendix and two final leaves are found in of the Manners, Customs, and Mi

this copy though they are usually wanting. litary Exercises of the Laplanders) Erotemata (Gr. Lat.) et alia Stralsund, 1630. 4to.

Opuscula. Venet. apud Aldum. (S. LARRAMENDI, P. Manuel. El a.) 4to. R. M. Impossible Vencido. Arte de la

Second Aldine Edition. “Cette seconde

Salamanca, Lengua Bascongada.

edition d'Alde moins complete que celle

de 1512 est certainement imprimée entre 1729. 12mo.

1501 et 1503." Renouard. LASCARIS. Constantini Las

Græcæ Institutiones, et Primo, caris Grammatica Græca cum Præ De octo partibus orationis, de Confatione Demetrii Cretensis. Medio- structione, de nomine et verbo. De lani, Impressum per Magistrum Di- Pronomine secundum omnes græcoonysium Paravisinum, MCCCCLXXVI. rum dialektovç poetarumque condie xxx Januarii. 4to.

suetudinem. Quibus omnibus al


R. M.

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