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To the Editor of the Evangelical Magazine. Dear Sir,-Allow me to request a 'Tis hard to say whether this speaks place in your Magazine for a sermon, more glory to Christ, or comfort to Chriswhich, I have no doubt, will interest, as tians. I aim at both in the choice of well as edify your numerous readers. the subject : that I may be serviceable to

It was delivered by Mr. Matthew the honour of my Master, and may be a Henry, at Chester, on Feb. 5, 1709-10; helper of your joy. and was one of a set of “Sacramental How great is Christ who can do this : Discourses," preached by that eminent who has life in himself, and quickeneth man, in the ordinary course of his min- whom he will. It is God's prerogative to istry, "upon the Promises.” See his Life, raise the dead, 2 Cor. i. 9: and thie October, 1828, Note F. The "set," un- Jesus Christ doth. We are, therefore, happily, has been long broken and scat- sure he has a Divine power and domitered. I have made the transcript from nion; that he not only lives for evermore, the original, in Mr. Henry's own hand- but has the keys of death and the grave. writing, in my possession.

How happy are Christians for whom it The reverend preacher's diary for 1710 shall be done : Christ having undertaken contains the following entry: “Feb, 5, to do it, who is true to his word, and will Lord's day. Expounded Numb. iii., Rev. i. not fail his people. Christ is here dePreached, John vi. 40, I will raise him.' claring the decree, Psa. ii. 7: the counSome enlargements at the table of the sels of peace, Zech. vi. 13. See Matt. Lord. Praised be my God.” The ori- xi. 27. ginal MSS.

The covenant of redemption between I am, very truly, yours, the Father and the Son we have in ver.

John BICKERTON WILLIAMS. 39 : the private instruction which Christ The Hall, Wem, Dec. 9, 1846.

received that he should be sure to save all the elect, and lose none of them, John

xvii. 6. He had them committed to him John vi. 40_" And I will raise him up as a Trust, as scholars to a Teacher, patiat the last day."

ents to a Physician, with a charge that




they should all be forthcoming : allude to him up." 'Tis worth while to make it Gen. xliii. 9.

sure. It is " all our salvation." The covenant of grace between God All that believe in Christ shall parand man we have here. “ This is the take of this joyful resurrection, He will of him that sent me, that every one speaks of this in the 36th verse; of some which seeth the Son and believeth on that saw him, and believed not : but him, may have everlasting life, and I happy those that have not seen, and yet will raise him up at the last day." have believed, John xx. 29. “Whoso

1. The revealed will of God: he has eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, appointed a general offer of life and sal- hath eternal life; and I will raise him up vation to be made upon gospel terms, at the last day,"ver. 54. By faith in Christ, that hereby those who were given to as justifying, we become entitled to it: Christ might be brought to him-every by this faith, as it sanctifies, we are fitted one that sees the Son, and believes on for it. By faith we are united to Christ, him. Eternal life may be had. The way have fellowship with him: are interested of the tree of life which was blocked up in his resurrection. is laid open again. We may have, every 2. All that are now raised from the one of us, a fair throw for heaven; a fair death of sin to the life of righteousness. offer is made of it. Our happiness de- This is the first resurrection, Rev. xx. 6. pends not upon chance, but choice-our Though they were dead in trespasses and own choice. Every one may have it, sins, they are now quickened: “For if Mark xvi. 15 : “He said unto them, Go we have been planted together in the ye into all the world, and preach the likeness of his death, we shall be also in gospel to every creature.” Rev. xxii. 17: the likeness of his resurrection, Rom. “ The Spirit and the Bride say, Come. vi. 5. You are now called to "arise And let him that heareth say, Come. And from the dead,” Eph. v. 14. If that call let him that is athirst come: and whoso- be effectual, then the call at the great day ever will, let him take the water of life will be joyful: raised out of "the dust," freely.” It is to be had upon condition | Isa. lii. 2. of believing in Jesus Christ : “sees the 3. All that live under the conduct and Son,” that is, believes on him. Believing government of the Spirit; that live after is seeing.

the Spirit, and mind spiritual things, (see 2. The undertaking of Christ : "I will Rom. viii. 10, 11:) that govern themselves raise him up at the last day.”

by the rule of the Scripture, and the new Doctrine. Jesus Christ has promised creation. Think not to live with the unto all believers that he will raise them up just, and yet rise again with the just. at the last day.

No. Psa. i. 5. We shall not rise with The general resurrection of the dead is Christ : for we are not risen with Christ, an article of our creed: a main article, unless we seek the things that are above, John v. 28, 29. The Jews expected it. Col. iji, 1, 2, Jesus and the resurrection went toge- 4. All that are pressing forward tother, Acts xvii. 18: the future state : ward the mark, though weak and weary, another life after this.

and rid but little ground, yet "reaching The particular resurrection of believers forth,” Phil. iii. 11, 12, 13: that have is an article of the covenant. Compare their eye upon heaven, and are aiming at ver. 39, with the text. A joyful, blessed, re- it: would be perfect in holiness: would surrection is called the resurrection, Phil. be ever with the Lord; and have eir iii. ll. And that is that which the apos- eye ever towards hinn, aiming at his tle discourseth of, 1 Cor. xv.

glory, and pleased with his favour. proper subject for Lord's days, and the Shew II. Who it is that promiseth it,

Christ has here said "I will raise biin Shew I. Who shall be raised-—"raise ! up." His sufficiency is our great en

'Tis a

Lord's supper.

couragement to trust to the promise: of the trumpet that shall sound in that "Who art thou, Lord ?"

day. He spake, and it was done. 1. It is he by whom God at first made 6. It is he that was himself raised from the worlds. Not only the great world, the dead. This is the great confirmation but the little world—man! Heb. i. 2. He of this promise. There is such a neceswithout whom not anything was made. sary connection between the two, that, He, by whom the wonders of the first not only if Christ had not risen we could day were wrought, Gen. i. 2, 3; John not rise, Isa. xxvi. 19. But if we do not i. 3. By him no doubt the wonders of rise Christ is not risen, 1 Cor. xv. 13—for the last day will be wrought. He raised there had been no occasion for his rising. man at first out of the dust, Gen. ii. 7, He rose by his own power: thereand breathed life into him, and, therefore, fore, he can raise us, John X. 18. He can again.

would himself rebuild the temple of his 2. It is he that, as Mediator, has life body, John ii. 19; and, therefore, sure in himself, and power to quicken whom can raise up the tabernacles of our bodies. he will, John v. 21, 26 : has all power in In his resurrection he obtained heaven and earth. So that both the soul eternal redemption for us. That was the that is gone to heaven, and the body great proof of the acceptance of his satisthat lies in the earth, are both within faction. In undertaking to raise behis jurisdiction. He came to give life lievers, he did but promise to take out a to the world: to give it more abund benefit he himself had purchased. antly, John X. 10. In him is life. All He triumphed over death : abolished things are delivered to him, Matt. xi. it, 2 Tim. i. 10 : broke the power of it : 27.

altered the property of it: overcame him 3. It is he that is charged by the that had the power of death. Father to raise them up, and has under

He rose as

our Head : the first taken it, v. 39. It is for, and in consi- | fruits : and he rose on the very day that deration of that, that he is entrusted with the first fruits were offered. (See 1 Cor. his power, and invested in his glory. We xv. 20.) He is the first-begotten from may be sure the Father committed the the dead, Col. i. 18; Rev. i. 5. We rise trust to one that was mighty, Psa. Ixxxix. in the virtue of his resurrection, 1 Thess. 19: to one able to save, Heb. vii. 25. iv. 14; Acts xxvi. 23. He would not have undertaken it, but Shew III. When this promise is to be that he was both able and willing and performed—“at the last day.The Jewish considered the thing.

doctors talked of a resurrection at the 4. It is he that hath all the angels in first appearing of the Messiah, as some heaven at bis command to be employed now : but Christ tells them it must be at in it. They are made subject to him: the "last day." that is, to the great design of his media- 1. There will come a day that will be tion, 1 Pet. iii. 22. He speaks much of the last day. As sure as we see this day, this, Matt. xiii. 39, 41; Matt xvi. 27; we shall see that. The day of our death Matt. xxiv. 31. They fly swiftly. The will be our last day as to this world; but angels attended Christ's sepulchre when time itself, as it had a first day, shall be rose ; so they will the graves of all the have a last: shall be no more, Rev. x. 6. saints. Christ is called in this matter, the The sun, the faithful measurer of time, Archangel, 1 Thess. iv. 16.

shall be turned into darkness. It will be 5. It is he that, when he was here a great day. upon earth, did raise many to life. These 2. Jesus Christ will appear, and be we have an account of. There might be active in that day. It is the day of the more, Matt. xi. 5. One was raised that Lord. His day that is coming. This had been dead four days. His calling agrees with Job's creed, Job xix. 25, &c. Lazarus, come forth,” was a specimen Till then the heavens must contain him.

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“Then cometh the enil," I Cor. xv. 24. , world, 2 Tim. iv. 10: from falling away. The mystery of God finished.

I will raise them up-above the world, as 3. Then believers shall be raised. Till an earnest and pledge of their being then they must rest, Rev, vi. 11. They raised up in that day. Christ has undermust wait. The day is fixed in the taken to do all, and it is our unspeakable counsel of God. The time of it is un- comfort that our salvation is lodged in known to us, Dan, xii. 13. But Enoch, bis hands, who is "able to save to the the seventh from Adam, prophesied of it. uttermost:" who will never lose his hold, It is hastening on.

These are the latter nor forsake the work of his own hands, days, 1 Tim. iv. 1 ; 2 Tim. iii, 1–“the (See Jolin xiv. 3.) He that is the author last day.” What will it be to you? will be the finisher, Heb. xii. 2. He is

Shew IV. What is included in it. the Alpha and the Omega.

Christ never engaged for believers that (3) That he will secure the soul in its

they shall not die. He said not so: but separate state. Being by his Spirit prethey shall not die for ever. They shall pared for, it shall be, by his angels, carnot die the second death. Death shall ried to, his bosom, Psa. xlix. 15. The not be death to them. It is unstrung souls of believers shall not be lost. They and disarmed.

are housed, 2 Cor. v. l. They are with 1. In general it signifies the com- Christ, Phil. i. 23, “Present with the pleting of his undertaking. Therefore Lord.” It shall be in a state suited to this only is mentioned as the crown and its nature, therefore not asleep or inacperfection of all. He will not have ac- tive, Rev. xiv. 13; 1 Pet, i. 9. complished his whole work till then : and (4.) That he will bring the soul with “His work is perfect.” He will go him at his second coming, 1 Thes. iv. 14; through with it. Then, and not till then, bring it with the angels that shall come death, the last of his enemies, will be with him to grace the solemnity. Not conquered and destroyed, 1 Cor. xv. 26, one soul that was committed to him will 52. Death has, indeed, no more domi- be missing. nion over him, Rom. vi. 9. But it has (5.) That he will reunite the body to dominion under him. Its life is pro- the soul. This is especially meant. It longed for a time; but then it shall be is raising the dead. quite abolished. Then, and not till then, He will find out the body where it the bodies of the saints, the last branch is. The bodies of the saints are under a of his trust left exposed, shall be gathered guard in the grave. That that is dust up, and all the saints that were given shall never become the serpent's meat. hiin shall be gathered to him as their Though the bones be scattered, bone great centre.

shall return to bone-though mingled 2. It includes particularly all that is with common dust. Though the dust of necessary to the completing of the saint's saints be mingled with the dust of sinhappiness. He that undertakes to do ners, they shall be distinguished. He this, undertakes to do all that is neces- knows how to separate between the presary in order to it. In promising this to cious and the vile. Though worms have a believer he promiseth,

destroyed the body-yet, says Job, in my (1.) That he will prepare them for flesh shall I see God, Job xix. 26. The eternal life : will make them meet for the body is a part of the man, and, thereglorious resurrection, Luke xx. 36. In fore, a part of the purchase and charge promising to bring forth the topstone, he of the Lord Jesus. It pertains to the promiseth to lay all the other stones of promises, and, therefore, shall be looked this building.

after. He will lose none of his right, (2) 'That he will preserve them to it: (See ver. 39.) He undertakes not only to will secure them from the assaults of lose none--no persons--but nothing : no Satan: keep them from this present part of the person ; but present it entire.

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