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tish Bible monopoly, and succeeded. To | kindness may dictate, for Day and Sunday. secure to the public the advantages of the schools--the families of the congregation breaking up of the monopoly, he organized and the destitute poor in the neighbourhood the Free Bible Press Company; and he has -to be given away, or to be resold. The succeeded in effecting for Scotland, and for fullest confidence is placed by the Committee England and Wales, the above important in the kind and zealous service of every reductions. Two things have resulted from minister, of every congregation, in accomhis incessant labours. First, the increased plishing this good work. The Committee circulation of the Scriptures beyond the will guarantee the execution of the orders most sanguine expectations of the Committee that may be forwarded to them, and will be of the Bible Society, and of the friends of happy to receive Post-office orders (payable the Bible generally; and, second, he has at the General Post office, St. Martin's-lesaved to the public on what has been sold, grand, to either of the Secretaries), or cash even within the last two years, as compared payments, that as little delay as possible with the former prices, above 100,0001. ; may be incurred in affording that prompt and this amount will accumulate annually relief to Dr. Thomson wbich his great sacri. in proportion to the augmented circulation fices and services claim of the Christians of that shall take place. But in effecting these Great Britain. We remain, objects (through circumstances, the detail of

Your faithful servants, which is here unnecessary) he has exposed ROBERT AINSLIE,

Hon. Secs. himself and his family to ruin; and can ABERCROMBY GORDON, S only be relieved by the kind and prompt aid

COMMITTEE. of every one who sympathises with the great work he has accomplished for man.

Rev. Dr. ARCHER. | Rev. Joux BURNET. , BEAUMONT.

W. CHALMERS. kind. With a generosity and devotement of


ROBERT ECKETT. property altogether unparalleled, Dr. Thom


A. L. GORDON. son and his family embarked their property



B. S. HOLLIS. in the enterprise to cheapen the Bible; ex


Joix KENNEDY. pecting nothing more than a common rate


W. NICOLSON. of interest for their capital. They had no



JAMES SHERMAS. free contributions to fall back upon. They


, ARTHUR TIDMAX. sold what they printed at so small a profit, R. AINSLIE.

HENRY BIDGOOD, Esq. thát, without injuring the fair interests of JOHN BAKEWELL. | J. M. HARE, Esq.


Jouk SMITX, Esq. trade, they brought them within the reach

, Tuos. BINNEY. | E. SWAINE, Esq. of the poorest in the land. The Bible So.

,, JOHN BLACKBURN. | Joix WILKS, Esq. ciety then reduced its prices. The School

(With power to add to their number.) Bible formerly sold by that Society at 38.4d., but by Dr. Thomson at ls. 1 d., is now

CATALOGUE. sold by that institution at 10d.; and the

POCKET BIBLES. School Testament, which formerly sold at

24mo size, Pearl type.

$. d. 1s. 3d., but by Dr. Thomson at 690., is now

| Sheep..........

.... 0 84 Roan, gilt.......

0 10 sold by that Institution at 4d. The loss to

Morocco ...... the Bible Society is great, but it can be Morocco, elegant ............. made up out of its free contributions. Dr.

With Four Maps, 4d. additional. Thomson has no such resources, and he has

24mo, Ruby type. therefore in two editions, and these the

Sheep ... . .....

Roan, gilt.............* most popular, been exposed either to a

Morocco heavy loss, or to the annihilation of his sales Morocco, elegant... of those editions. The loss of the market

With Four Maps, 4d. additional. by being thus undersold, and the pressure *16mo, PEARL TYPE, WITH MARGINAL of commercial difficulties, have placed Dr.

REFERENCES. Thomson in a most painful position. Seve

Roan, gilt, 28. 6.; morocco, 4s.; Inorocco,

elegant, 4s. 5d.; morocco, best flexible, 4s. 6d. With ral meetings of gentlemen favourable to the

Eight Maps, 6d. additional. most extensive circulation of the Scriptures This is an elegant Pocket Bible, peculiarly suited have been held. A Committee has been as a present to the Young. appointed ; and, it appearing to that Com. SCHOOL BIBLE.--NONPAREIL TYPE. 12mo, mittee that the stock on hand amounts to Sheep, Is. 1 d.; coloured sheep, Is. 3d.; upwards of 10,0001., it has been resolved to

roan, gilt, 1s. 6d. give the widest circulation to this brief NONPAREIL, 12mo, WITH VARIOUS statement of facts; and, as a means of im.


Shrep, Is. 4d.; coloured sheep, Is. 60.; roan, gilt, 2s. mediate relief, earnestly, and respectfully to

** The Translators seem to have assuined that request that Bibles and Testaments may be "the diversity of senses in the margin," where, as purchased by every congregation in the they express it, "there is great probability for kingdom, to the extent, if possible, of 51.,

each," should be always printed with the text; and

learned readers know that the best translation is and to any larger amount that ability and often given in the margin.

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my name, there am I in the midst of them," *Octavo, Small Pica type. 8. d.

Matt. xxiii. 19, 20. Sheep...

4 0 Coloured sheep

4 4

The brethren who met in London in Coloured calf

............................ 5 7 1846, to form the Evangelical Alliance, Coloured calf, gilt edges

6 0

recorded their sentiments on this matter in Morocco Morocco, elegant

the following resolution : " That as the Royal 8vo, Small Pica type, with References.

Christian union which this alliance desires Plain calf

to promote can only be obtained through Coloured call ............................................. Morocco ...

the blessed energy of the Holy Spirit, it be Morocco, elegant

12 9

recommended to the members présent, and

absent brethren, to make this matter the •PULPIT OR FAMILY BIBLE. Royal quarto, pica type, with Brown's Marginal subject of simultaneous weekly petition at

References, and Brief Illustrative Notes. the throne of grace in their closets and Calf, 135. 4d.; coloured calf, 148. 6d.; coloured families, and the forenoon of Monday is calf, gilt edges, 17s. ; morocco, 178.; morocco, tooled, 198.; morocco, elegant, 20s.

suggested as the time for that purpose :

And that it be further recommended, that POCKET TESTAMENTS. * Diamond type, 48mo.

the week beginning with the first Lord's. Roan, sprinkled edges ............................. 0 39 day in January in each year, be observed by Roan, gilt edges ................................. ... ... 045 the members and friends of the Alliance Morocco

1 0 Morocco, elegant

througbout the world, as a season for con

1 *Pearl type, 32mo.

cert in prayer in bebalf of the grand objects Roan, sprinkled edges ............................... 033 contemplated by the Alliance." Roan, gilt edges

At the Conference by which the British Morocco

.................................... 10 Morocco, elegant........

Organization was constituted, that resolu1 1

tion was introduced into the fundamental SCHOOL TESTAMENTS. * Brevier type, 12mo.--Sheep, 6d.; coloured

laws. The Executive Council of the Orsheep, 7 d.

ganization have instructed their Committee *Minion type, 18mo.-Sheep, 6fd.; coloured to call the particular attention of brethren sheep, 7d.

throughout the world, and especially in the LARGE TYPE TESTAMENT FOR FAMILY British empire, to the latter suggestion.

Octavo.-Sheep, Is. 6d.; coloured sheep, 1s. 9d.

If at any time special intercession be
Presbyterian Congregations may have Bibles

demanded, it is at the present. The year and Testaments with the Scotch Psalms attached ; which is closing leaves on its record events or the Scotch Psalms separately, in various sizes of strange and momentous character. The of type, and styles of binding. N.B.-of those books marked the stock is larger infidelity have been busily at work among

emissaries of irreligion, superstition, and than of those which are not so marked ; and it would very much facilitate the object of this appli- the people of this land. On the Continent cation, if purchasers would, in making out their the heralds of the truth bave stood in the orders, kindly insert a larger number of the books

midst of convulsions requiring firm principle so marked than of the others.

and strong faith.

A long and trying conflict appears to lie

before the faithful. Concerning its end no EVANGELICAL ALLIANCE.-BRITISH

believer doubts that it will advance His ORGANIZATION.

glory who ruleth over all, and maketh even

the wrath of man to praise him. But while Dear Brethren,-God has instituted an the battle rages—to abide steadfast at bis inseparable connection between the duties post, to endure hardness, to overcome the and the privileges of his people—between world, to resist the devil-must be the the means and the enjoyments of grace. concern of the sincere servant of God. This is especially true of the duty of prayer. Such is not the time for fellow.pilgrims He has been pleased to convert the prompt- to wander in scattered companies over the ing of necessity and desire into the occasion plain. For their very salvation they must of commanded fellowship with himself, the consolidate their ranks, and keep the unity Father of mercies ; and with his Son, the of the spirit in the bond of peace. Cardinal Mediator through whom his benefits are principles, precious hopes, are at stake ; and bestowed.

they must not be sacrificed for mutual jea. He has attached special promises to spe- lousies and strifes. cial supplications. And there is a peculiar No member of Christ's body can be guiltemphasis in the assurance of audience and lessly inactive, while formalism, superstianswer to the united entreaties of his saints. tion, infidelity, latitudinaranism, and proThe Lord Jesus has said, “ If two of you faneness are setting in with renewed and sball agree on earth as touching anything menacing activity, under every form of cothat they shall ask, it shall be done for vert and avowed operation, upon a thoughtthem of my Father, which is in heaven : for less world and a trembling church. And if where two or three are gathered together in the people of the Lord yield not to the

impulse of love, they may have to feel the grace; that the perturbations of kingdoms, constraint of necessity, urging them into and the strivings of the people, may be closer and more manifest unity for the made subservient to the triumph of the defence of the gospel.

King of kings and Lord of lords; and that But a united church will be powerless the whole church may receive those abun. against these adversaries, unless animated dant measures of grace by which it will be and sustained by the Holy Spirit of promise. prepared for earnest co-operation in every We are invited to urge our claim to His bene. work of faith. So love shall abound and diction, as part of our covenanted inherit. truth prevail. ance. Does the enemy come in like a flood ? The posture of humble dependance, of "The Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a earnest entreaty, is the best preparation for standard against him," Isa. lix. 16. Is the duty and trial. For "all things, whatsoever progress of pure and undefiled religion ye shall ask in prayer believing ye sball impeded or endangered ?Thus saith receive," Matt. xxi. 22. “What things the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, and his soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe Maker, Ask me of things to come concern that ye receive them, and ye shall bare ing my sons, and concerning the work of them," Mark xi. 24. Therefore, “this is my hands command ye me,” Isa. xlv. 11. the confidence that we have in Him, that, if To restore those who are humbled because we ask anything according to his will, he of their insufficiency, all-sufficiency for all heareth us : and if we know that he hear us, things is guaranteed through the power of whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the Holy Ghost. For this God will be the petitions that we desired of him," I inquired 'of; and when inquired of, their John v. 14, 15. Advocate will not fail “ thoroughly to plead in this confidence come before God. their cause."--" Verily, verily, I say unto Consecrate the beginning of the year to your you, Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in Lord, and to you it shall be a happy year. my name, he will give it you. Ask, and ye Plead that it may be to the whole Israel of shall receive, that your joy may be full," God a year of enlarged prosperity. May John xvi. 23, 24. It was when the infant “the eyes of the Lord be always" npon church “all continued with one accord in you aud upon all the saints, “ from the be. prayer and supplication,and while “they ginning of the year unto the end of the were all with one accord in one place, " year," Deut. x. 12. The Lord fulfil all that “they were all filled with the Holy your petitions. Amen. Ghost," Acts i. 14 ; ii. 1. 4;- and thus

By order of the Executive Council, were prepared to extend the word of life

CULLING E. EARDLEY, Chairman. among the nations.

EDWARD BICKERSTETH, Permit us, therefore, affectionately to


Honorary remind you of the annual engagement con.

David KING,

Secretaries. templated by the resolution to which we

EDWARD STEANE, have referred. We trust that you will be

William Bevan, Office Secretary. able in every place to gather around the

Henry Du Puy, Corresponding Sec. throne of grace many of the Lord's people, not excluding those who, though they hesi.

London, Nov. 5th, 1847. tate to join the Alliance, may be inclined to embrace this opportunity of showing their love to the saints. We desire that the thou. sands of Israel should put Him in remem

THE PROTESTANT UNION. brance who is the only resource in the cloudy and dark day.

Ministers of religion and churches of May we have grace in all these exercises Christ !- we invoke your attention to a to subordinate the minor arrangements subject of no mean importance. which distinguish the sections of the Chris. It needs no argument in defence and tian confederation to the greater principles support of Life Assurance Societies ;-tbeir in which we are agreed! It is because of 'utility is beyond dispute. No common these that the enemies of our God and of authority has said, “That there is nothing his Christ make common cause against us. in the commercial world which approaches, Important though our methods of admini- even remotely, to the security of a wellstration be, in their proper relations--what established and prudently-managed Assarare they in comparison of the ark of God | ance Society." and the cross of Christ ?

In the constitution of the Protestant Beloved, pray without ceasing, with united Union will be found principles and proimportunity, with expecting faith; that the visions proper to itself. Its members are overflowings of error, and delusion, and composed exclusively of ministers of reli. wickedness may be restrained ; that the ad. gion, including all denominations,) of well. versaries may be subdued by the power of accredited character. Its annuities range from 101. to 501., while provision is made cannot tell. It is equally possible, that for the children of such as may die and they may be left within a single remove of leave no widow.

pauperism itself. We would beseech our It being ascertained, on the most satis- ministerial brethren not to expose their factory data, that from their known habits families to this hazard. Let the younger and modes of life, the temperate and the ministers especially enrol themselves as religious offer preferable lives for assurance, members. Tbe advantages are decidedly in the rates of premium are graduated on the their favour. No one, if possible, should lowest scale compatible with the safety of let the day of his ordination, and above all the Institution.

the day of his marriage, pass away, without There is no Proprietary. All surplus finding his life assured. funds are divided among the members, and There are, however, not a few holy and are applied either in the reduction of the laborious men, who, out of their scanty premium, or in the form of a bonus to be | provision, are wholly unable to avail them added to the policy, provided it does not selves of these advantages. We appeal to exceed 501.

the Churches and Congregations. Ye know But more distinctly to specify some of after what manner these servants of Christ its advantages ;-A minister ordained and have been with you, at all seasons, serving married at the age of twenty-five, is anxious the Lord with all humility of mind. Ye to insure his life for an annuity of 501., wbat know how they have devoted their best premium must be pay? Taking for granted days and energies to your service,- how that his wife is not younger than himself, bis willing they have been to spend and be annual subscription would be 101. ls. 8d. spent, in promoting your highest interests. Should he die in the course of the year, it is Is it too much to expect some little effort true that his widow would only receive one on their behalf? Would it be laying too half or two-thirds of her annuity, till such heavy a burden on you, to ask you to insure time as the deduction amounted to four years' the life of your pastors ? Could not this annuity. It is, however, competent for any be done with comparative ease by the larger party or parties on her behalf, at once to number of our churches and congregations ? pay the four years' annuity, from which Might not a few of the more wealthy commoment she would be entitled to the full bine to effect this end? What a solace annual amount of 501. during life. Assum. would it be to the man of God! what a ing that she live thirty years after her hus. 1 satisfaction to your own minds! band's death in widowhood, tben, for the! We solemnly deprecate the possibility of small payment of 2001., she would be the our widows and children being thrown as a recipient of 1,5001.

burden on the churches which we have Again :-Suppose that a member die after served, after that service is finished ;-and being inrolled for sixteen or twenty years, still more the possibility of their being left leaving no widow, but one child-that child to all the vicissitudes and uncertainties of is entitled to the sum of 2001. ; or if there public charity. Let suitable provision be be four or more children, then the sum of made for them while we are with them. If 4001, is equally divided amongst them, un Providence has denied adequate means to less the deceased parent may have otherwise | the minister, we claim the help of the directed in writing.

churches. To this, in virtue of his labours, These are features which belong to no he is most righteously entitled ;-and from other assurance society in the kingdom; our heart we do believe that there is justice and to whom are such advantages proffered enough, as well as piety enough, to concede

-To the Ministers of Religion. There is the right, and prompt to action. R. no body of men more devoted and laborious It is scarcely necessary to add, that the -but none for whom is made so small and excellent secretary, the Rev. John Hunt, of scanty provision. The great majority of Brixton Rise, will be most happy to furnish them live restricted, and die poor. This is all information touching the constitution their glory. They make the sacrifice for and provisions of the Society. Christ's sake. But with this Institution before him, where is the man that would leave his widow and her little ones to the cold and precarious charity of this cold and

REMOVAL. precarious world? Availing himself of the provisions here proffered, what a burden The Rev. Henry Howard, of Rillington, would it take from the mind, amid the in the East Riding of Yorkshire, has repressure of his sacred duties l_what anxiety ceived, and accepted, a cordial and unanifrom his spirit in the article of death! It mous invitation from the church and con. is just possible, that the loved ones whom gregation assembling in Ebenezer Chapel, we leave behind may be enfolded in the Whittlesea, Cambridgeshire, vacant by the arms of a pure and lofty benevolence;--We death of the Rev. Wm. Evenett, who had

been the esteemed pastor for the period spects of extended usefulness, and ministerial of thirty-four years. Mr. Howard entered comfort. In this settlement, the church on his pastoral labours the first sabbath in has received the answers to continued supNovember, with highly encouraging pro- | plication and effectual prayer.

General Chronicle.


ances that have occurred to drive the evan.

gelists from the place are innumerable. OCCASIONAL REPORT OF THE EVANGELIZ.

Hardly a week passes that Divine worship ATION COMMITTEE OF THE CHURCH OF

is not disturbed by a mob; and the presence LYONS, FRANCE.

of a police-officer at the chapel door has (Continued from page 664.)

been frequently insufficient to maintain In the interior of the city we have the order. The persons who have emo braced like blessings on our labours to record. In the gospel are immediately deprived of a part of the town in which the nobility their employment, or any other means of principally reside, and the Jesuits' college support which can be taken away. We is situated, and where, until recently, our felt, that, after so many difficulties had been labours had been the least successful, one of resisted, this station should not be abanour colporteurs has been selling, daily, doned. Much seed has been sown; there more New Testaments than all the others | are still some few persons there unshaken together, and several families have been by persecution, and many Nicodemuses. instructed in the gospel. Our chapel has The municipal authorities have hitherto been better filled this summer than any protected our worship against a fanaticised similar season heretofore; and the truth population. These circumstances bave inhas been widely disseminated. We have duced us to persevere ; and we feel assured reprinted two excellent tracts : “ The True that our friends will think we have done Cross,” by the Rev. Dr. Malan ; and “ The Doctrine of Scripture on the Worship The following is an account of one of the of Mary,” by Mons. Bost. These have conversions that have taken place there :been abundantly distributed at the chapel A colporteur one day entered the shop of and elsewhere. Our girls' school is giving Mons. F., and offered him the New Testaus much satisfaction, by the serious imprese ment. Mons. F. refused, but subsequently sions shown by several of the scholars. The bought one, thinking it would serve bim to adult school has also been blessed this year refute the Protestants. He began to read for several young men.

his book, at first with mistrust; but, little The colportage is going on round Lyons by little, he took a liking to it, and at in an encouraging manner. Instead of length it interested him very much. Still allowing our agents to spread over large he felt some scruples; if the book taught tracts of country, we have found it advan him to pray and to resist sin, it also protageous to concentrate their efforts on par duced another effect, and was detaching bim ticular districts. They take the addresses from the Romish church. Mons. F. could of the persons who purchase the Scriptures ; not believe that his ancient church could they return frequently to these houses, and be in error; the book no doubt was false. they water what has been sown. By these Faithfal to his church, he left off reading means, doors are opened for the gospel, his book, and ordered his wife to make and the work gradually spreads.

away with it; he wished never to see it any We cannot include in this report, a notice more. On this he left his house, but had of all our stations in the neighbourhood of not gone far, before he returned, and asked Lyons, but we shall mention a new locality for the book again. His first order had not wbich our committee has taken charge of, been accomplished; his wife had not de. agreeably to arrangement with the society stroyed it. On recovering it, he pressed it which was labouring there.' Tarare is one to his lips, and embraced it as a friend of the most difficult stations in France, but whom he had lost but recovered, and deter. for which we hope the more as our faith is mined never to lose sight of it again. He more tried. Most of the agents who have continued to read, and for some time relaboured in this mountainous district have doubled his devotional practices in the exposed their lives for the Lord Jesus Romish church. He endeavoured to com. Christ, and since the work commenced, bat his own sins; and accomplished, by three and a half years since, the disturbo | mere devotion, acts of superstition that the

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