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the beginning, and in reserve to be made LECT. manifest to the world in the latter days. '

This argument, clear and irresistible as it certainly is, will one day appear to the Jews as it does to us; when the scales of blindness shall fall from their eyes : and then it may be thought the greatest wonder of all, that they who had the old teftament in their hands for eighteen hundred years, should never have seen the use of it before.

L2 : LECT.





LECT. T HE Scripture is the authentic his

1 tory of God's Providence ever since man had a being; and in the condact of God's Providence toward man, there is an uniformity of design, which hath proceeded according to the same laws of eternal justice and wisdom in all ages of the world: from which confideration it fola lows, that what God did in times past was an earnest, a pattern, and a sign, of what he might be expected to do in times to come. The godly were delivered, the wicked punished, the proud abased, the humble exalted, under lie circumstances and after like forms at different periods of time. Thus it hath been, and thus it will



be: therefore things past are referred to LECT. in the scripture as figures of things to come, and so the history of the bible becomes a chain of prophecy, and is actually applied as such by the scripture itself; as we shall see from a variety of examples.


I reckon two sorts of historical figures, the one general, the other particular ; the former being references to the history of places, and of such events as related to a people at large, or even to the whole world; the latter refering us to the lives, actions,

sufferings and successes of individual per· fons. Thus the faints of old were pro

phetical in their actions as well as in their words: of which some striking examples will occur to us as we proceed,

One of the most early and memorable events of the Scripture is that of the de. struction of the world by the Flood; from which Noah and his family were saved in an Ark, supported by those same waters which destroyod the world of the ungodly, This history of the Salvation of Noah is




LECT. applied by St. Peter as a figure of that Kan Salvation which we now obtain as the

family of Jesus Christ in the Ark of the Church by the waters of Baptism: the long suffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was preparing, wherein few, that is eight souls were saved by water. A like figure whereunto, even Baptisin doth now save us by the Resurrection of fesus Chrift*. By which it is to be understood, that the salvation of Christians by Jesus Christ, and the salvation of Noah's family, are two events of the like form and figure; the former a sign of the latter. And a wonderful sign it was, if we look into the particulars. Here was a judgement which extended to a whole world; a condemnation that passed upon all, ex. cept those who were of the family of Noah : as the wrath of God and a future judgment upon fin, to be executed by fire, is denounced against all mankind, except those who shall belong to the family of Jesus Christ. As an Ark was prepared by Noah, so hath Christ prepared his Church, * Pct. iii. 20, 25.'



to conduct us in safety through the waves LEÇT. of trouble and the perils of the world, in which so many are loft. And as the waters of the flood carried Noah and his family into a new world after the old was drowned; so do the waters of Baptism carry us into a new state with Jesus Christ, who passed over the waves of death and is risen from the dead. And this practical inference is to be made in favour of the ordinance of the Church; that as the ark could not be saved but by water, so must all the Church of Christ be baptised. So plainly doth this whole figure speak the doctrine of the Christian Salvation, that it is applied for instruction in the office of Baptism, where we are taught to pray, that the child may be received into the Ark of Christos. Church, and therein pass through the waves of this troublesome world. Many other particulars belonging to this figure will explain themselves when the general sense of the figure is understood; and therefore I need pursue it no further.

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