It's a Dance

Barclay Press, 2007 - 292 sidor
Luke is a journalist at a local newspaper in Southern California doing a series of articles on churches in the area. As he interviews Nate, pastor of a nontraditional church that operates a pub, he learns more why than who, what, when, and where.Patrick Oden, a first-time author, uses a fictitious church and fictitious people to write a nonfiction book about the Holy Spirit. Oden destroys the myth that solid Christian doctrine is only communicated in a didactic style. The personalities of the people and the conversational style turn theology into an enlightening, fascinating read.

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Looking for Something New
Focusing on Jesus
Breaking the Boundaries between Sacred and Secular
Drawing Us into Community
Empowering for Right Living
Welcoming Strangers
Spurring Us to Give
Provoking Participation
Inciting Creativity
Leading as a Body
Uniting Us through Worship
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