The Dublin University Magazine: A Literary and Political Journal, Volym 26

W. Curry, jun., and Company, 1845

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Sida 8 - By necessaries I understand not only the commodities which are indispensably necessary for the support of life, but whatever the custom of the country renders it indecent for creditable people, even of the lowest order, to be without.
Sida 147 - To hear him speak, and sweetly smile, You were in Paradise the while. A sweet attractive kind of grace ; A full assurance given by looks ; Continual comfort in a face, The lineaments of Gospel books — I trow that count'nance cannot lye, Whose thoughts are legible in the eye.
Sida 238 - This same Hezekiah also stopped the upper watercourse of Gihon, and brought it straight down to the west side of the city of David.
Sida 62 - We know our duty to our sovereign, and are loyal. We know our duty to ourselves, and are resolved to be- free. We seek for our rights, and no more than our rights; and in so just a pursuit, we should doubt the being of a Providence if we doubted of success.
Sida 167 - You know I always seek in what I see the manifestation of something beyond the present and tangible object ; and as we do not agree in physiognomy, so we may not agree now.

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