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LONDON: Printed by :). Strangeways and H. E. Walden, 28 Castle Street,

Leicester Square.

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N this reproduction of the first edition of the collected Works of Shakespeare, the

, prime object has been to secure its entire identity with the Original. It is well known that there exists in the Original a great variety of errors; but, not one of these has here been corrected. Whatever the defects of the Volume, it was felt that if reproduced at all it must be reproduced intact as it was first put forth in 1623, and that if the least “license of ink” were assumed, all reliance upon its identity would be destroyed. Notwithstanding its defects, it should not be forgotten that the Folio of 1623 is the most important edition extant; for, as Mr. Howard Staunton has well observed, it is “ the only authority we possess for above one-half of Shakespeare's plays, and a very important one for those which had been published before its appearance." Yet while, for the reasons given, the blemishes must be allowed to remain, they have not been unheeded. On the hint of Horne Tooke (Diversions of Purley, part ii. p. 52, edit. 1805), they have all been noted with a view to a comprehensive list of corrigenda.

After accuracy, the next object is to place within eafy attainment of the many a book the possession of which has hitherto been restricted to the very fortunate few. Henceforth for less than two pounds may be secured, in a perfect state, the coveted of all English book-collectors,-a Volume which in the Original, and in a condition more or less of defacement and repair, would be considered cheap at a hundred; and this in form and condition more pleasing to the eye--a "cheerful semblance” of its prototype - and much

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