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His garment was dip. His humanity with ped in blood. · which he was cloth

ed, suffers a bloody

death. He is condemned by He is condemned, Potiphar, and no and nobody speaks one pleads in his be- in his defence. half. He suffers in silence. He suffers all kinds

of injuries without

complaint. Placed between two Placed between two criminals, he fore, thieves, he foretells tells the advance to the one the hapment of one, and the piness of Paradise, approaching death and lets the other of the other.

die impenitent. He lies three years in He lies three days in prison.

the grave. lie arrives at glory It behoved Christ to by sufferings and suffer and so to en. humiliations.

ter into his glory. He is set over the He is made head of house of Pharaoh, the church, and all und all Egypt. creatures are subject

to him, He is called the Sa. He is called Jesus, viour of the world. and is indeed the

only one by whom

we can be saved. All bend the knee be. Every creature must fore him.

bow at the name of

Jesus. : : The famine extends Poverty and error are through all coun. universally preva. tries : there is no lent: truth and grace bread but in Egypt, are found only in where Joseph go- the church, where verns.

Jesus Christ reigns.

All who apply to Pha. There is no salvation, raoh are sent back no grace, but by Jeto Josepl..

sus Christ. All the neighbouring All nations enter inpeople come into E. to tbe church to obgypt to buy corn. tain salvation. Joseph's brethren The Jews will one come to him, own day return to Jesus him, fall down be Christ, own him, fore him, and are worship him, and be settled in Egypt. established in his




If there were no sabbaths here,
Dead the saints would soon appear ;
But the sacred day's return,
Helps the flame of grace to burn.

Bow'd beneath a weight of cares,
And opprest with worldly fears ;
How reviving is the rest,
Of the day our God has blest.

Joyful to his house we go;
Gladly join the church below;
There unite in accents sweet,
Humbly worship at his feet.
0! how cheering to the mind, .
When the rich and poor combin'd;
Their Creator's praises sound,
Who for man a Saviour found.

Thus. I'll spend the sabbath day,
Then my mind can soar away;
Taste the joys of that repose,
Which the church triumphant knows.

When the dark and heavy cloud
Lifts on high its changing form ;
And above us pealing loud
Rolls the thunder of the storm ;
Do not fear the lightning's flash ;
God directs it where to fall :
Do not fear the thunder's crash,
For your Saviour rules it al}. i
Only fear and love the Lord :
Lift your heart to him in prayer ,
Kest upon your Saviour's word...
God will for his children care.

1ΟΤΑ. * A. Foster, Printer, Kirkby Lonsdale.

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ON CONFIRMATION. There is no event of greater moment to young people, than that of confirmation. Perhaps this paper may fall into the hands of some, who are about to appear before the Bishop. Allow me to · speak a word to you on the subject. I would do what in ine lies, to prevent your receiving this rite of our church without knowing its meaning, or profiting by its advantages.

In baptism, you know, your godfathers and godmothers promised on your behalf, and in your stead, all that is needful for the true children of Goi in Christ Jesus to attend to. They dhil

this for you, because you were too young to do it for yourselves. You could not then know what it is to believe, or to obey: but a Christian parcrt is supposed to wish, that his children should as early as possible enter within the bonds of the Christian covenant; and therefore your parents appointed sponsors for you, who solemnly vowed and promised before God those things, which would have been required of you on your entrance into the Christian church, if you had been of age when baptized, to understand them. But as you leave the period of childhood, your sponsors cease to answer for you ; and now you are expected to take upon yourselves the vow and promise which they made for you. In the rite of “confirmation" you do with your own knowledge and consent, as your own act and deed, 'confirm” and ratify the vow and promise which they made on your behalf.

What a solemn period then is this! What an awful work in which you are engaged! Would that all my young readers might be led to a serious thought about their undertaking; that while they reap its blessings, they may be kept from the guilt of treating it in a light and wanton manner.

But what did your godfathers and godmothers then for you? They did

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